Why People Believe Money is the Root of all Evil

#1 False Belief: Money is the root of all evil
First – I know this is not the actual quote. But I believed the misquote and internalized it. I am not alone. The words people choose indicate they have internalized a similar belief. The phrase I hear the most is ‘filthy rich’. Politicians use language that leads me to believe they understand millions of people have internalized this belief too. When a politician says that she is going to “fight for you the working family that has no voice”, I cringe. I’ve been there and lived working class life. It’s irresponsible to exploit people’s envy and misguided belief that they are powerless and dependent. We are all powerful and independent! Everyone of us! I wish a politician would say this instead – You are powerful; every one of you. Stop looking outside of yourself for money and power. Stop waiting for something or someone to come along by chance and bestow money and power upon you. You already have money and power; it is inside of you. You just need to release it into the world. Don’t look to me to do that. I can’t do it for you. Only you can do it for yourself. – I’d vote for that politician.

To give you an understanding of how I acquired the belief that money was evil, I need to give you some context. I spent my teenage years in Bloomington MN, the largest suburb of the Twin Cities. It was and still is an economically diverse city.

Today I reject most social labels, but for the sake of illustration and history, I will use these generalized social classes:

  • Poor
  • Working Class
  • Middle Class
  • Rich

In my formative years, I viewed the world through this social lens. I didn’t understand it at the time. But looking back, I can clearly understand my myopic view.

Poor people lived in welfare projects like this:
The Projects
Or apartments like this:

Working class people lived in houses like this:

Middle class people lived in houses like this:

Rich people lived in houses like this:

I know all of this is relative, and we were all rich by worldwide standards. All my ‘poor’ friends had three TVs, cable television, and a fridge full of Mountain Dew and Budweiser. But that’s not my point. My point is the above social construct was embedded in my sub-conscious and I perceived clear boundaries and differences.

I was working class. My family may argue that we were middle class, but based on where and how we lived, I’d say we were working class and I identified with other working class kids. My wife said I could have titled the last post (10 Things I Wish I had Never Believed) – The 10 Great Working Class Lies. But I thought the beliefs transcended basic class constructs. But essentially, she was right.

Many adults and kids in my life used terms like these:

  • He’s filthy rich
  • That house is a waste of space, can you imagine the heat bill
  • He’s got money coming out his ass
  • Whadda ya think money grows on trees
  • He’s got money to burn
  • It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven (I know… I know… It’s misquoted…chill out)
  • How much money does a person need?
  • He could use twenty dollar bills for toilet paper
  • Republicans are for the rich
  • Democrats look out for the workin’ man
  • What a bunch of Fat Cats
  • F***ing cake-eaters
  • There so rich they think their S**t don’t stink

My favorite was, “I wouldn’t say they’re rich, I’d say they’re comfortable.” You could use this one to acknowledge someone was doing well financialy without applying the pejorative term – rich.

I could probably think of a lot more, but I’ll spare you. In working class culture, if you didn’t work hard for your money, people implied something was wrong with you. If you had great wealth, you were either a spoiled brat or a crook. It would have been shameful, embarrassing, and insulting to be called rich. Right now as I write this, I can feel the shame associated with the idea of being rich.

Another thing adults told us – America’s going downhill, you are going to be the first generation that didn’t have it better than your parents. How depressing is that? That’s like saying – you don’t have a chance so don’t be too disappointed when you fail. I heard this repeated at school, on TV, at church, and at home.

Now imagine it’s 1982. Half your friend’s dads are unemployed (national unemployment is at 10% and interest rates are 16%). The country is at the end of the first wave of mass de-industrialization. Your family is pinching every penny, and it’s the first quarter of 8th grade…

Setting – 1980s public school science classroom…

They paired us up in science class alphabetically by last name, so my science partner was Amy Olson. After a month, I noticed that Amy hadn’t worn the same clothes twice. So I asked her, “What’s up Amy? You haven’t worn the same clothes all year. How big’s your wardrobe?”

Amy said, “Oh, I don’t have a wardrobe, I get new clothes everyday.”

In disbelief I said, “What!? You get new clothes everyday? Who the hell buys all your clothes?”

Amy replied, “My mom’s personal shopper.”

I said, “You gotta be freaking kidding me. A personal shopper!? What do you do with your clothes once you’ve worn them once?”

Amy said, “We give ‘em to charity.”

At that point, I hated her with a deep gut felt hatred. I remember the moment in HD and 5.1 surround. I can feel twinges of hate and disgust as I write this and it scares me. I asked the teacher to move me and I never spoke to Amy again. So Amy, if you ever read this, I’m sorry I hated you and I no longer hate you. Please forgive me.

That same year a kid said quite innocently, “I’m going to the Caribbean for my spring trip. Where are you going for your spring trip?”
I responded, “Go F yourself – freak.”

A few years later another kid got a new Porsche 911 for his 16th birthday. Working class students ran keys down the sides of the car in the high school parking lot until he quit driving it to school.

You’re probably thinking – what were kids that rich doing in public school? In Minnesota, twenty-five years ago, most of the local private schools had the reputation for taking the public school rejects. If public school expelled you, you’d land in Catholic School. It’s the opposite today.

This was life for me twenty-five years ago. I can only imagine what it is like for kids today.

Like many of those around me, I suffered from Zero-Sum thinking. The more money one person has the less someone else has. Zero-Sum thinking creates a hostile social environment and a feeling of helplessness. Zero-Sum may be true in a Kleptocracy but it isn’t true in a free-market. In a free-market, your creations grow the economic pie and everyone benefits.

Over the years, this internalized belief has manifested different ways. I found it impossible to be happy for someone else when he succeeded in making money. I always thought he sold-out, did something crooked, or just got lucky. But the worst part was, I believed other peoples successes were at my expense. The belief stopped me from doing anything creative. Why be creative? It might lead to wealth, which is evil. So I sat around miserable, driving a delivery truck, and wondering why the world kept changing and I was still the same.

My awakening was slow. It took years of work to drop the belief. Sometimes I still feel the anger, hate, and insecurity when I see someone else succeed. But today, I usually recognize those feelings, acknowledge them, and consciously tell myself that someone else’s success is an opportunity to share in their joy and learn how they did it.

Today I frequently see the belief manifested in this question:

How much money does a person need anyway?

It’s a fallacious question. In Minnesota, you don’t personally need any money. I could quit my job, leave my family, and stay at the Dorothy Day Center in downtown St. Paul. The charity would feed and clothe me and give me shelter at night. If they didn’t do it, the government would. Since you don’t need any money, what is a better question to ask yourself?

How about this…

What do I want to accomplish with my life and how much money will it take?

Aim, think, and plan for that number, even if it’s a billion dollars.

Believing money was evil led me to act horrible and feel terrible. I believe millions of people still hold this belief today and it binds them in the chains of servitude and criminality. The envy this belief creates results in hatred, anger, crime, and a host of financial and social problems.

By hating the wealthy, I thought I was fighting evil, but I wasn’t – I became evil.

Steve Pavlia has a great post about why making money is not immoral.

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58 thoughts on “Why People Believe Money is the Root of all Evil”

  1. I agree.
    I think people are afraid of what they don’t know and they are ending up hating it and getting the opposite results of what they could have gotten if they were more open.

    I think that people want to have money but they are ashamed and feel that the society will call them greedy and come up with excuses like : people are hungry in the world and all you can think of is your self.

    I love money and what it can do for you.

    there is no reason to be afraid.

    Thank you for your insightful posts.

  2. Money isn’t an inherently evil thing, nor should capitalism be regarded as the height of human civilization. It has its problems. Careful not to become an ideologue of the opposite extreme. Just do the best you can…that’s all anybody can do.

  3. I also dont think money is the source of evil, and just because a person has a fancy car or a nice house does not mean he is rich, he just priorities to spend on those things. Also have people never heard of credit cards! I have a large screen TV, am i rich, no i put it on my abacus credit card

    Basically dont judge a book by its cover

  4. I once heard a pastor give a sermon about money, and one thing he said has always stayed with me. I’m bound to misquote his exact words, but it was something along the lines of…

    …making lots of money isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be…

    What he was alluding to was people’s unhealthy obsession with money and materialism. I’m not a person to judge, a person is entitled to make and spend their money as they please, yet it is sometimes disheartening to see individuals make money to be the focus of life. I believe Jim Collins said it best in his book “Good to Great” (again, I’m bound to misquote his exact words),

    Money is to business like water is to the body, it’s critical but shouldn’t be the focus of life.

    Someone please correct the quote as I know it’s probably wrong. Yet I like to think that if you set out to be the best at what you love to do, money will follow – yet it’s not the focus of your life. I know this is a bit idealistic, but hopefully there’s some truth to it.

  5. Steve, very insightful words. I’ve been thinking about a similar post for my blog. I’m amazed at how we can be handicapped mentally by conventional wisdom, most of which is wrong. A lot of our ability to succeed and fail is right inside of our thinking.

    I look forward to your commentary on the other 9 lies.

  6. Steve, I do believe that envy is a large part of the negative feelings, and it’s masked by finding reasons to put down the rich – “what’s he need so much money, for?” If people really thought they were better off not having money, then they would be happier and feel sorry for those with money. But the biggest problem, as you’ve stated, is that those without money don’t feel that anything can be done about their condition. I’ve seen this with relatives – it’s an attitude you can feel when you’re around them, even without the subject being mentioned.

    Incidentally, I live in the Bay Area, CA, and the contrast between poor and rich over here is pretty dramatic. (Your picture of the projects actually looks pretty nice :-))

  7. I was just curious, what made you change your thinking about economics being a zero sum game? I am still under the impression that money is in fact evil not because people wanting to live a rich full life are evil and selfish, but money is evil by design. Have you looked into the process of money creation in the U.S. and other countries? I think you might be suprised if you haven’t. My understanding of the situation is that when we make money we are taking it from others, and that even when “new money” is inserted into the economy we still go deeper into debt to the banking cabal that is highly influential to say the least in our society. Any return comments would be appreciated.

  8. That is far to complex a subject to answer in a comment. But I will point you to some great resources on money and free-markets. We live in a free-market system and a global economy, so the better you understand those concepts the better you can harness your own potential to create value in the world.

    Napoleon Hill has a very clear example of the power of money in the book “Think and Grow Rich.” He explains how money enables you to have the breakfast you like. His example is brilliant.

    Read the works of Milton Friedman.

    Read Johan Norberg, he is a Swedish Liberal that wrote In Defense of Global Capitalism.

    Anyway, maybe we disagree and I’m okay with that.

    I understand what you are saying about the bankers and the debt. And I think it is partially true…

    But the question is this, what is the next best alternative? Socialism, Communism, massive central government? Maybe it is something we have never thought of. There isn’t an easy answer to the issue of wealth distribution.

    My only argument is this: The better you understand our system, the more you can create for yourself and others. If you do it in a responsible way, there is nothing wrong with that. Money isn’t evil or good, it is an invention, an idea, and some people that have a lot of money might act evil, but I know of plenty of people that don’t have much money that act just as evil. Money isn’t the problem, people’s intentions are the problem.

  9. That is far to complex a subject to answer in a comment. But I will point you to some great resources on money and free-markets. We live in a free-market system and a global economy, so the better you understand those concepts the better you can harness your own potential to create value in the world.

    Napoleon Hill has a very clear example of the power of money in the book “Think and Grow Rich.” He explains how money enables you to have the breakfast you like. His example is brilliant.

    Read the works of Milton Friedman.

    Read Johan Norberg, he is a Swedish Liberal that wrote In Defense of Global Capitalism.

    Anyway, maybe we disagree and I’m okay with that.

    I understand what you are saying about the bankers and the debt. And I think it is partially true…

    But the question is this, what is the next best alternative? Socialism, Communism, massive central government? Maybe it is something we have never thought of. There isn’t an easy answer to the issue of wealth distribution.

    It isn’t money that is evil, it’s the actions you take with your money that can be evil.

  10. “Like many of those around me, I suffered from Zero-Sum thinking. The more money one person has the less someone else has. Zero-Sum thinking creates a hostile social environment and a feeling of helplessness. Zero-Sum may be true in a Kleptocracy but it isn’t true in a free-market. In a free-market, your creations grow the economic pie and everyone benefits.”

    Money is a token used as intermediary to make trade possible. Today’s currency system all over the world is *ABSOLUTE FRAUD* !!!! Read the following carefully you will never say “free market” exist today anywhere in the world.

    I know this because i have seen economy work without paper currency in my village in India in the 1960’s. Paper currency became popular only after 1970 when Govt. forced farmers to accept paper currency using levy system to forcibly buy 50% of the rice production and pay them in paper currency so farmers were forced to accept and use paper currency. Before this, rice was used as currency in our village all traders accepted rice, only when you go to the town the paper currency became the de-facto medium of exchange. People of the village was fully insulated from vagaries paper currency, the traders took the risk of currency value fluctuations due to inflation. Farmers had to content only with the nature, if the weather was good they could produce more rice and they could buy more things.

    The energy content of the 1 Kg rice is same even today, where as the value of currency keep changing every day, it is difficult for an average person to keep track of the value of currency. To keep track of value of rice is very easy isn’t it? How will you use a meter scale to measure length, if the length of meter scale keep changing every day? That is why we have standards like meter, kg, sec etc isn’t it?

    Now suppose you have two currencies one the value keep changing every day the other the value is constant, which one will you accept to trade your goods and services? I will only accept the constant value currency, how about you?

    For a currency to be valid it should be defined in terms of food/fuel or energy and the issuer should have redemption obligation. Redemption obligation is necessary because currency is a token, for tokens to be valid it need to be redeemed with what it represents eg. food/fuel something which humans can really use we can eat food, we can use fuel to produce food got it? Gold cannot be used as a natural currency since it does not have any inherent energy essential for human survival. Gold can become a valid currency only when someone guaranties redemption against food/fuel otherwise it is absolute fake token/currency.

    A market becomes “free market” only when a “valid currency” is used for transactions!

    Now suppose the entire food production in the world is one pizza and someone bought a major chunk with fake currency, then other will have less isn’t it? Economics is a zero-sum game as long as food/fuel production in the world is limited, it can only become non-zero sum only if there is unlimited production of food/fuel.

    Now to understand why American economy is fully dependent on oil, it takes about 17 calories of energy in USA to produce 1 calorie of food. This means you cannot produce any food without oil import….. or your food production is negative profit business.

    To understand more about what will happen if real producers of wealth accept fake paper currency (without redemption obligation) go read this http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?NewsID=1049554 it is not one story do the search your self http://www.google.co.in/search?hl=en&q=farmer+suicides+india&btnG=Search&meta= you will see 1000’s of stories, one farmer is committing suicide every 8 hours in India.

    These are the farmers who create REAL wealth use less energy to create more energy/food, farming is a positive profit business in India, the energy output > energy input. Then these farmers should be wealthy isn’t it? So why are they committing suicide? think…..

    Now suppose if these farmers stop accepting fake currency without redemption obligation, all suicides will stop isn’t it? Many so called rich people will start begging on the streets because they don’t have anything of value to buy food they are RICH only because they are part of fake currency racket!

    Tell us can “free-market” exist without REAL currency with redemption obligation in terms of food/fuel?

  11. First of all, I love The Secret and applying the Law of Attraction has changed my life. Secondly, this post resonates with me big time. You know how you have a revelation — like a brick in the face — you just have a realization that you can’t BELIEVE you didn’t see before? I had one last year. I realized that I had this unbelievable paradigm about money… I always felt (I say FELT because it’s irrational, illogical, emotional) that my “pot” of money was limited and finite.

    For example, every time I spent money, I felt that I was “depleting my pot.” It literally never occurred to me that money is in infinite supply! Now to those who use and understand the Law of Attraction and who have a healthy relationship with money, this may seem incredibly, well… stupid. And this thought just hit me BLAM all of a sudden! I thought, “Oh my God, THIS is why paying my bills has always been so emotionally taxing!” It’s because I felt that I was draining a finite pot of money! It never occurred to me that as money goes OUT, money also comes IN. Well duh, right?

    Thankfully I have been working on my money issues that are ingrained in me from childhood and am more prosperous, both inside and out, than I’ve ever been, and I continue to get moreso every day because I know that money is always flowing infinitely to those who attract it.

  12. dear steve

    i believe you missed a point:
    we do live in a zero-sum game.
    wealth derives from selling goods, which are produced from natural resources. of course, dealing with investments or money produces wealth as well – but derivative finance is always based on wealth stemming from selling goods – so to conclude this, in the case of most major economies, like in the US, we are all very dependent on oil.
    we live in a world where most of these resources are limited, and non-renewable.
    or are you riding a horse instead of a car?
    this control of most resources by a few, leads me, and billions of others, to the conclusion, that on a global scale, the rich and mighty are living on the backs of the poor, and have been doing so for millennia.
    i think you neo-conservative liberals will all find out someday soon enough.
    this is not a threat, just a bitter statement.
    a good day to you…

  13. Er… aren’t we forgetting something. The saying goes “The LOVE of money is the rot of all evil” i.e. avarice, greed etc. Any look at history and you’ll see that there has been a lot of people doing a lot of rather nasty things all for the pursuit of money. It is the MORAL ISSUE OF THE ACTIONS OF THE RICH & POWERFUL that is in question in this saying, not the actions of money itself which is ridiculous.

    Those who have the wealth and power which places them in a position to make decisions which affect nations etc, the way they reach these positions, what they do whilst trying and the basic principle that these people have put themselves and their geed ahead of others, which is against Christian principles (where this saying originated) and is therefore immoral and the root of all evil. Consider the way corpoations work in terms of their actions which affect real people: car companies prefering to pay compensation to the dead rather than fix a problem with the car because it’s cheaper, coporations allowing equipment on oil rigs to fail because a refit of the rig is too expensive compared to the compensation for the victims of the disaster and the calculated amount of oil still in the ground. I could go on. The mafia, for instance, are an organisation designed for the same ends as a corporation, i.e. a continual and increasing profit and who would argue that their actions have ever been completely ethical? Steve above got it right. To be honest I don’t believe the nerve of the rich demanding that the poor not resent them because this will never happen because the resentment comes from within (feelings of guilt, inadequacy etc) as well as from without (contemptuous actions and attitudes of the rich towards the poor). I don’t think the rich can deny the latter as it’s the rich that have always sacrificed the poor for what they want- Presidents, emperors, kings & queens all send poor men to die for their causes, not to enrich the poor man & his family’s life because they’re screwed when he’s dead.

  14. Money isn’t the root of all evil? You’ve never been denied health care because of lack of insurance, have you? It’s been made very clear to me that only those with money have value. “Walter Chan” (above) apparently has never been denied, either. I’ve even known people who have committed suicide because they were denied care and/or the insurance company refused to help (one was a cancer case; I say this because people are more sympathetic toward cancer than people who are depressed and suicidal, which people have also killed themselves – and others – because of denial of care over MONEY). Money itself isn’t evil because it’s a physical object. Placing money – a physical object – in front of people is. It’s people who are evil, and it’s reflected best in their relations with money. Seriously, no cure for the common cold? People believe that because it earns Sudafed and Nyquil and all those folks more money. No cure for AIDS? Magic Johnson doesn’t have it anymore, but how much does he have in the bank?

  15. Christine,

    About ten years ago I had to have a major surgery without medical insurance. I was not denied any care including hospitization. It is illegal to deny people health care because of lack of insurance.

    My best friend got cancer without medical insurance, and he recieved excellent care. He also had major surgery.

    Both of us were very poor at the time.

    Both our cases were in Minnesota so I don’t know how it is in other states, but here it isn’t a problem. Yes, you will incur alot of debt, but you will get care.

    Maybe instead of screaming about universal health care, we could explain to people the basics of economics. For example… Do you expect to be paid for the work you do? Well, so does everybody else. So what makes you believe health care should be free? It’s a service just like anything else.

    Yes people kill themselves and others over money, love, hate, depression, etc. But the problem isn’t money. The problem is the way we view money. We think it is a measure of our value as a person. That is a hoax. A massive lie. It is simply a measure of your purchasing power, which is really nothing to kill yourself over. You can get care, but you’ll also get a pile of debt. For some people that’s too much to live with – I guess.

  16. I believe money is evil. It’s easy to suggest that you can live with no money what-so-ever but that’s one person, have a look in the inner city where people struggle to survive because there are more homeless than the system can support.

    It’s somewhat of a loop but most crimes are committed purely for the gain of money or to attain a ‘product’. It is human greed that makes us want more money and it is human greed the causes the corporations to advertise their products at us all day everyday, everywhere we go. So a person may sell drugs to afford to buy a certain car and fashionable clothes which they associate with wealth.

    In the end the reason for each action is the desire for money or the desire to appear to have money.

    Don’t forget also that money should represent your worth to society. If you provide something that helps everyone in their daily life you should be wealthy. If however, you’re the son of a tobacco company executive I don’t feel wealth befits you.

    Money grows in the hands of the rich and dwindles in the hands of the poor. Those who are born poor are therefore forced to live with tight fists to achieve a level of comfort that many rich people could literally afford to simply give away.

    I think the only way these issues can be resolved is to discard the current system of currency. Your wealth will have to be based on your contribution to society and nothing else.

    Money is evil.

    As a point of interest I was born into a poor family and have managed to step up several financial rungs. I’ve seen both sides of the fence.

  17. “Napoleon Hill has a very clear example of the power of money in the book “Think and Grow Rich.” He explains how money enables you to have the breakfast you like. His example is brilliant.”

    Thumbs up just for bringing up that book! A great self motivation book, didnt care much about using it to make money, but it was great for understand how humands work and why we are in the positions we are. Another great book, just for life is “The Way Home or face the Fire” available as a free ebook at http://www.thewayhomeorfacethefire.info, covers this and pretty much everything I’ve seen you talking about on this site.. like the public school systems blog…

    I agree with alot of your points, that money necc is not the root of all evil – but I also think we’ll be better of as a society if money was not the center of it, or not part of it at all.

  18. I think that all of this is pretty funny! I don’t think that money is the root of all evil. But I do think that the “love” of money is the root of all evil. More and more people on here are either bitching about what is being said, or agreeing and telling their life stories, if you want to make a blog go to myspace, no one wants to hear about your life!

  19. Of course it isn’t money that is the root of all evil, “money isn’t everything”, a quote used mostly by those who have all they need. Tell that to a starving child. Money is to be used, people are to be loved, but sadly there are many who love money, and use people!

  20. What’s sad is that this whole misconception that “money is the root of all evil” is based on a misquote. The actual quote is:

    “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”

    Money itself is not the problem. The problem is when a person willing to sacrifice what really matters in life because they love money more than those things… or when a person is willing to sacrifice their principles in order to get more money… or when a person is stingy with their money rather than being a compassionate giver to those in need.

  21. Someone had also mentioned we need money for educatoin and insurance, well that wouldn’t be a problem if we lived in another country where it is FREE! and I am not talking a communist country either, there are countries where the things that matter are low cost or free, but we happen to live in crappy America, and believe me, I am not proud to be an American. I was born and raised here, but our country is incredibly greedy. I am a white female, born and raised in America, but I am ashamed of my heritage. If I were black or hispanic, then I could be proud of something, for they work hard for what they have. The only thing white trash knows what to do is steal. First of all, they had to steal land from the Native Americans. And if that was not enough, the low life white trash had to go to another country and steal people from their native country (Africa) so they can serve us. Only to treat them poorly, enslave them, and beat them, and kill them. So no, I have no respect for white trash, even though I sadly enough am white, but I hate my heritage and my country and am not proud of it. By the way, Bush sucks also!

  22. What was the quote in Hamlet “Nothing is right or wrong but thinking makes it so” this quote sums up this conversation well. It is obvious money can not be good or evil – what people do with it makes it evil. To further this line of reasoning we need to examine how everyones actions and reactions to money is good or evil or positive and negative. I think the moral of the story is to see how our attitude towards something can create a negative response. Negative response leads to negative reactions. After some time, we will notice we can not change some things in life (how others react) and so we change what we can control – our attitude.

    Live, Laugh and Love – as it is the only thing we have.

  23. Money is the root of all success with the rigth determination and a little bit of money. I didnt agree that some people are filthy rich. I have had rich friends, were i grew up with the working family. One of my friends father was a surgeon, he made good money and he bought some apts in Los Angeles. That man struggled to keep his tenants happy, people were always constantly distroying his property which resulted in him spending his money to repair it. In th end he would end up with a very small amount of profit. So there ya go. A surgeon who owned apartments was strugglin with money. Ha.

  24. I dont believe money is the root of all evil beacaue people do good things with money. Its the love and need of money that is the root of all evil. People love to have power and respect and they feel they need huge lump sums of it to get just that. Now im 15 and have no job but my friends have money and even other strangers may have more money than me but i still get respect. So therefore it is not MONEY that is the root of evil, but the LOVE OF MONEY!

  25. Learn what money is first, then you can knowingly speak about it.
    Google search the phase “Money as Debt” and watch the video by
    Paul Grignon’s 47-minute animated presentation of “Money as Debt” tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being CREATED. Explains the present unsustainable monetary system of the USA / World.
    Note: 1st 12 seconds of the video is without sound or picture.

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  27. Your description of the class system; although generalised; was far to inacturate for me.

    lumpen proletarians
    Working Class
    Upper Working Class
    Lower Middle Class
    Upper Middle Class
    Upper Class

    Also please note that you can have all the money in the world and still be a lumpen, as a rapper.

    Or have next to no money and be staunchly upper class, as the famous british lord who decided to give his money to charity and live in a charity.

  28. Money think about it, what is it? Why do we need it? To gain further in life? To help those in need? Money is just a creation of man and nothing when you really think about it. Gold is worthy value because some guy said it was. the dollar bill, pound, gems, gold, etc only means something because in the past someone said it ment something. It’s said that in order to help feed someone or help people who are suffering we have to have paper, in a world that we called “civilized” that is pathetic.

  29. I think money is evil, it’s worth anything. It’s little pieces of paper.

    In the sixth grade my school had this thing called the munion market. If you were good you got munions to spend, if you were bad you got them taken away. When they held the munion markets everyone would bring in there old stuff and sell it for munions. The first couple times it went well kids were selling there stuff and they were getting munions.
    The last munion market was at the end of the year, very last day. It started out like everyother munion market, kids selling there old stuff for munions, the usual. I knew kids that sold their playstations and other valuable items and had alot of munions and no stuff. And then someone realized that munions aren’t worth anything! It was chaos, there were fights to get people stuff back, kids throwing munions everywhere.
    What happens when everyone realizes that money isn’t worth anything? Its just pieces of paper that are only worth something because we believe it is worth something. So thats why I believe that money is evil because it is decietful.

    So why do we still use it when it will all come crashing down on us one day? What is it worth?

  30. Hi Steve, The original quote is from the bible and has been really taken out of context over the years because God say he wants people to prosper and be in good health. The original states that it is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. That brings a whole new aspect to it. There is nothing inherently wrong with money at all, besides it is physically dirty sometimes. 🙂

  31. Money isnt evil. The one with alot of money can use it for good or evil. And because most people think money is evil that says enough of the most handling it. If you got 700billion you could share some so others can prosper too. having a nice car or 20 of them aint nothing wrong but if you have alot of money and by that i mean a imcome of something like 100 million a month they should take the money and leaving a income of 100 million a month without hurting your busines and if you lose money they help you rebuild the busines at the amount what you where sharing. Sometimes you need to push the people in the right direction.

  32. I think power is the route to all evil, however power is a good thing, when it is used correctly. Money is not the only power there is, and it cannot buy every source of power. You seem to have had a problem with people having more than you. Its called jealousy. You seemed to have had a need to rank people below you, thats probably insecurity. Either way both are normal in school aged kids, and in everybody else. Its what you do with those fellings that may get you into trouble.

  33. Very, very good article right here. I truly feel where this fellow was coming from. The issue I think in reality is not the money but the FREEDUMB. Men now have no Idea as to what is the difference between FUN and a FUNDAMENTAL. The AMERICAN (really all government sponsored education) education system is in no way out to teach a child how to truly be FUNDAMENTALISTS, if anything we aspire for the Pretty Happy & Dumb position of PhD or some other sort of DEGREE. The issue with education now is humanity is being fed to much A-Z and 0-9 bullshit. Children are forced to eat the fat of the fatum, fate. I mean it’s nice knowing Christopher Columbus came to do the pillaging and plundering in 1492 but seriously, how is that going to bring someone happiness, for isn’t that what America was about, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. And all is great in this FREEDUMB zone but why then stop only in words, why not make it action. Numerology is being played heavily in our society. Kind of makes me think that Zodiac principles have been applied to the early start of education. I mean, all men are sun(s) passing through a massive cosmos of stars and noisy information, but yet still it seems the idea that at 18 we have to go and just get off the learning train, in the pursuit of MONEY, is but a guise or more so in my eyes a trap. I mean to think that maturity is to be forced is to enslave all, bad enough life is instilled with points yet the only points circling around lay up within our grey matter. Money is, and never was, REAL. This high fledged talk of MONEY THIS AND MONEY THAT is to bring an individual down. It’s as though the future needs to subdue the past some how for it fears that the accomplishments of future experiences will obscure their accomplishments. Money isn’t real, as so much as Grades aren’t really real either. A is Awesome, B is Better, C is Content, D is Dumb, E is Egotistical, F is Fuck up, and I mean literally speaking if they had gotten to Z they would’ve either labelled a child Zonked or perhaps Zany. PHREESMART is but the only liberation that will come of all men, not this fallacious FREEDUMB bullshit. From what I’ve seen in life their is four quarters of individuals when it comes to money. Those who make it, those who spend it, those who steal it, and those who don’t even pay a cent’s worth of attention to it. Those four quarters of make up the whole of society. Add an education system that chastises and abrades the feelings of the youth for mere mistakes and you have a very high Zero-Sum mentality floating about. All men have talent, it’s looking at you every day in the mirror, sad thing is though, the government took all that you see in front of you and told you that what was in front of you was mainly described as F-A-C-E. That is not, and never will be, concrete reality. Artists, musicians and PHREESMART thinkers know this. We all could’ve been skyscrapers in our endeavors for knowledge and what else accompanied it, yet still Profe$$or$ turned to Pro$titute$ in the pimp out game of government, for all governments know that when men can drop the facade of F-A-C-E, and put up the actual thing….. well all I can say to that is, look at the works in the time of the Renaissance. Nowadays the only flat framed pictures men ascribe to are but what the flat screen T.Vs produce. All of Humanity is induced in Me/Dia, it’s just the SYSTEM that doesn’t allow men to be SYSTEMLESS. Enough wasting energy, life has more to offer than bleating like a sheep who is only being taken care of to be fleeced, and then diced into mince meat. Money isn’t real pholks, Freedumb doesn’t care about us(1st-12th free, after that $$$$$), Phreesmart is the path of all beings that have a wanting of not seeing the light or the dark, but that of the gray.

    Sorry for any typos or malfunctions, I don’t really like to proofread, it’s kind of like going back and studying what really never gave two shit’s about YOU in the first place.

    Copy a dictionary. Become ambidextrous. Stare death in the face, leave delightful destruction in your wake.

    Shout out to God (aka me). S/He’s in you to, you just got to drop the whole authoritarian mind set.

    Pzzzz be with you, just don’t sleep, rest. Death is but the only time you truly will get to Zzzzzzzz…..


    Phreesmart – 1st grade to Infinity.

  34. “Money is the Root of all Evil” is from bible, 1 Timothy 6:10. However, it’s not a complete sentence. The full sentence is, “FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evils…” Problem is people often omitted “LOVE OF”. “Love of money” and “money” are two different terms. “Love of money” means greedness. “Money” is just a medium of exchange.

  35. Money is the root of all evil because the concept of money and creating social classes because of the selfish motivation it allows as a social engineering tool becomes inherently self defeating. It has no connection with nature, we exploit x amount of resources and think we can put a dollar value to it and never give it a 2nd thought until it is gone. Money allows governments to act without justification and with a means to an end approach. Money allows for socially debilitating practises to run rampant as the whole pursuit of materialism is condoned and encouraged under a monetary system. It promotes scarcity and cannot survive unless one group of people are subservient to another. Therefore it is at its core surviving because of the concept that many must be subservient for only a few to enjoy the abundance that can be horded when one has enough of it. In practise money does not work to elevate society and eliminate social problems, like poverty and crime derived from the further pursuit of money through exploitation.

  36. Money is something one has. Whatever one has can be taken away.

    The problem with money is that society has made money the cornerstone of dignity.

    As I speak, thousands of gallons of oil, a naturally occurring substance that is created over millions of years, is being leaked into the ocean and is killing thousands upon thousands of environmental lives, but cannot be stopped – all because of money. The earth was alive, it would be crying in shame for what we have done to it.

    As I speak, thousands of lives around the world are suffering and dying because there is no money to buy fundamental resources to support them. On another note, thousands of people are making ridiculous amounts of money to fund their material luxuries, which, by the way will never make them happy, completely ignorant of how devastating their wealth is to others.

    As I speak, our rights as dignified human beings and citizens of an “oh so great” nation are being distorted, all under the basis of money and the desire to have more.

    Money has caused wars that kill thousands of innocent people. Money has made people ignore probably the greatest environmental threat that the human race faces today (global warming) truly exposing their lack of logic to realize that without an earth and humans to base it on, money has no purpose.

    So I guess saying that money being the root of all evil is not only true, but it is also a massive understatement. Money is not the root of all evil. Money is the foundation for the majority of everything bad humans have ever done to nature and each other in modern society.

  37. I think this is your way of coping with the guilt of everyone who hasn’t been as successful as yourself.

  38. I think part of the problem is that this is often (as it is here) misquoted. The original quote is that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

    I think you’ll reconsider when viewed through this lens – the love of money. All evil comes from that principal: greed. Greed for power, beauty, etc. It’s most often gained through wanting MORE.

  39. Everyone is greedy. If we weren’t, there would be no wealthy people. Surely someone dying of starvation needs money more than a wealthy person does. Most don’t give it to them because we are selfish and greedy. So get off your high horse. If Ginger’s argument is true then she must conclude that greed is the root of all evil, not just “love of money.”

  40. you say that money isn’t the root of all evil… yet it is… there is no reason to have money what so ever… i mean all it is, is a piece of paper with green print on it… it’s really, truly worthless… but the government gives it all this power… but honestly without it we’d be just fine… i mean people didn’t always have money… and if we didn’t have it than we could find other ways to buy things… it’s called trade… much simpler… but the government makes money worth so much… and you know why? because money is just one of the many things the government uses to try and control us… and in case you haven’t noticed… it’s working… soon dollar bills won’t even exist anymore… because all our “money” will just be a code… along with all of our information… because they “need” it for billing purposes or whatever…. and the government will slowly start to get rid of the one’s who aren’t useful to them… rich people and celebrities will be just fine… but as for the rest of us who are barely scraping by… we’ll either be used as servants… or they’ll just completely destroy us… but lucky for the rich people… they will be unharmed… the american holocaust is approaching… prepare yourselves people… seriously… i’m not kidding… and you may think i’m crazy… but really i don’t care if you do… because at least i tried to warn you… and if you don’t believe me than fine don’t… you will be sorry though… that’s for sure… and for those who do believe… i suggest you start preparing…. join in on the rebellion… or become rich… but whatever you decide… do it fast… because (and i know this definitely sounds crazy, but trust me i’m far from crazy) the end for us is near… don’t believe what the adults or the government tell you…. it’s all lies… they’ve been lying from the start… and that’s the truth… do the research and you’ll know what i mean… i can’t say much more… because if so they’ll come after me… because i’ve been exposed to all their secrets… and that’s all i can say… make a decision and make sure it’s the right one…

  41. I’m reading an excellent western novel called Tragg’s Choice and mentioned to my husband that I think the author is writing on the theme of ‘money is the root of all evil’–but then questioned the validity of the saying and its origin. It applies to the above novel but is not universally true (as in extremes of quest for power, revenge, lust, sado/masochism, etc.). Evil has many faces.

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