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  1. Nice idea! I don’t see a lot of video yet on eBay even though it’s becoming somewhat easier for a seller to create. It looked good but I don’t think that video adds much value to the product. What is refreshing to see are the actual products on hand and the seller’s workspace. This lends credence to your business and inspires confidence in the buyer, which is becoming more important on eBay due to a growing number of dropshippers that may not be able to deliver and the number of hobby sellers that may not deliver a quality product. Great idea that could give you that edge and set you apart from the growing flock of media sellers.

  2. Steve —

    Not much to add beyond what Sue said above … I do wonder if you were thinking of adding some branding (logo, maybe a little music stab?). If you have some editing capabilities, maybe intercutting some close-ups of the product would add to the overall message.

    By the way — I was big Fireball XL5 nut (a Gerry/Sylvia Anderson production also) as a kid, and bought the set a little over a year ago. I think I paid the same amount for the 5 DVD set as you’re offering for the complete Thunderbirds. Hmmmm ….

  3. Steve: To clarify, do people access the videos via a link within the eBay listing that you have hosted on YouTube? If so, I assume you’ve already verified that it’s allowed with the eBay Terms of Service.

    It’d be interesting to somehow test this. In other words, see whether your pitch with and without video performed better. Perhaps you can compare two auctions that are exactly the same except one has the video and the other doesn’t?

  4. @Sue, Thanks for the feedback. It is nice to be able to show prospective buyers that we have real tangible business and workspace.

    @Daniel, I might add the branding if I can get it down to reasonable amount of time. I want to be able to create on of these video quickly.

    @Jason, We embedded it on the ebay auction and we did verify eBay TOS and we’re good. We are trying to find way to measure. I’ll talk to Christine about running two auctions.

  5. I think it’s a great idea for selling things that you have limited qualtities of or are collector’s items – exactly like the set you are talking about in the video. To me it adds that extra bit of credibility – especially on ebay. I remember that show and would LOVE to buy it! Any chance you will have the OBAMA spiderman comics? They are not for sale in Canada! My 5 year old son loves Spiderman and they are learning about Obama in school. This would be a chance to get him interested in politics early.

    Kim Maksymuik

  6. Great idea, Steve. Here are my suggestions on the video.

    The video starts to go dark at about the 36 second mark. After that you have a sinister look on your face with all the shading.

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