Ergotron – Ergonomic Wellness Through Innovation

You guys out in the blogosphere spend a ton of time on your computers and you need to take care of your neck and your eyes and your back and your wrists and well… yourself, because hours in front of a computer can wreak havoc on your body.

We have some cool things going on at Ergotron (that’s where I work) that will help keep you well when you spend time at your laptop or desktop.

We just created this hilarious video (it’s funny – it really is – I swear – watch it) which clearly illustrates why you need to go dual with a laptop and monitor and get them off your desk and make them height adjustable:

Another cool thing is… we have a CEO who blogs! When Joel took the leadership position at Ergotron he created a set of expectations and behaviors he felt we must embrace to become a great company. #7 is We Will Accept No Walls or Barriers Between Us and Our Customers. His openness to blogging reflects our principles and is one the reasons I am proud to say I work at Ergotron.

4 thoughts on “Ergotron – Ergonomic Wellness Through Innovation”

  1. Our CEO blogs, but only on the intranet. Still, it’s an easy way for him to keep us up to date about what he’s doing. Our old CEO barely said hello to people in the hallway so this guy is fantastic in comparison.

  2. Hahaha, Steve, yeah, that’s one funny video. Are they employees (in the video) or actors? I wonder if you conduct a poll of which scenes cause people to laugh the most, which scenes win. I can think of three.

    I’m sure you know of this already, but here’s a link to OSHA’s ergonomic solutions page on computer workstations.

  3. So I was sitting on a hospital examination table this morning when I looked over at the device supporting some of the medical equipment by the doctor’s computer. On the side it said, “Ergotron.”

    It took me a few minutes to figure out why I recognized it, then I remembered this post. Same company? Besides badass monitor risers, do you guys make mechanical supports for the medical industry?

    Oh and hey, thanks for the mention in your recent post. I think your views on the evolving media are decisive.

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