7 thoughts on “Do You Want To Learn How All This Social Media Stuff Works?”

  1. Aric,

    You can view it anyway you choose. I also view it as way to meet people without going to parties. I think Perry was trying to get the message through to the sales types.

    Yes I do appreciate that link. Debt does create fear and servitude.

  2. I like what he said about, would you try to sell stuff at a party. That’s so true, nobody wants to hear it, unless they ask you. You might get a few people that way, but in the long run, you’ll end short, real short. Thanks for the video : )

  3. That’s what is so annoying about some network marketers. Not all, but some. Many don’t wait to get to know you. They aren’t socially friendly. Too much in your face sales pitching.

  4. That was genuinely brilliant. Thank you for posting that: go to a party, invite some friends home, give them something they might appreciate, and be available to help them if the need arises.

    Here’s the key: do this on line and make the time in your day to cultivate the friends on the social networking sites. Not that easy.

  5. Marc,

    No doubt, it is difficult to cultivate real friendships on the internet. I’m told going to blogging and social media conventions really helps. I haven’t done it yet though. But I really feel like I’ve connected with some people via this last two years blogging.

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