Contribute to the Great Cubicle Escape

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Help Others Reach Their Goals

One of my passions is helping others achieve their dreams. My friend Dereck dreams of leaving his cubicle and biking across the country. And he’s struggled getting his dream off the ground.

I suggest you take the time to read his entire story, it’s among the best on the internet.

I have never asked for a dollar from you, although many of you have asked me how you can donate to this site. Now, I ask you, donate what you can to Dereck, and help him achieve his dream.

Here’s what he is suggesting:

If everyone can participate by doing the list of just three things below, we can raise the money soon enough for me to go before winter arrives:

  1. Try to raise just five dollars
  2. Try to find just two other bloggers who will commit to this list of three
  3. Try to do this list in two days

Donate here. No donation is too small.

If you take the simple steps above, and Dereck confirms it on his blog, I will add your site to the list of contributors below.


Orna Ross (She got it started with $100.00!)
Writer Dad
Beth Partin
Persistent Illusion
Indigo Spot
Learning to Say Yes

This is what Dereck has raised to date


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