Christine's Books is Giving Away Free Personal Development Books on Twitter

Free Personal Development Books

Christine’s Books is proud to announce our weekly Twitter giveaway.

If you don’t know what Twitter is or how it works, learn about Twitter here, then join twitter and follow @christinesbooks here.

Every Tuesday is Personal Development Tuesday at Christine’s Books where we will give away a book from our Personal Development/Self-Help library. (If it goes well we may add more! We’re thinking about Fitness Fridays and maybe more!)

Here’s how it works:

  • Follow Christine’s Books on Twitter.
  • Every Tuesday we will send out a tweet in the morning that reads, “Personal Development Tuesday @christinesbooks, RT to enter to win a free copy of selected PD books <link here>”
  • Retweet the above tweet to enter. If you don’t know what retweeting is, it’s simple, you can learn about retweeting here.
  • Around 10 PM Central Time each Tuesday we will select a random retweeter as our winner. We will send a tweet naming the winning retweeter.
  • The winner can select one book from the list of books below. We will ship the one selected book, free of all charges to any location worldwide.

The books we are offering this Personal Development Tuesday — 2-10-09 are:

40 Days to Personal Revolution: A Breakthrough Program to Radically Change Your Body and Awaken the Sacred Within Your Soul Baron Baptiste
Fireside 2004-01-06 074322759X / 9780743227599 First Edition Hardcover New Hardcover
In 40 Days to Personal Revolution, Baron Baptiste — one of the world’s most beloved master yoga teachers — inspires us to transform more than body and mind: He gives us the tools we need to set ourselves free to live the healthful life we’ve always imagined. In the next 40 days you will create a whole new way of being and living. Tapping ancient wisdom and his own personal experience, Baron has created a relevant and completely practical program that will lead you to the clarity of mind, body, and spirit that awaits on the other side of your revolution.

Soul to Soul: Communications from the Heart Gary Zukav
Free Press 2007-10-23 0743237005 / 9780743237000 First Edition Hardcover New Hardcover
With the publication of his revolutionary work The Seat of the Soul, Zukav emerged as an important leader in the world of spiritual development, and it became one of the all-time successful books of its kind. Each of Zukav’s subsequent books, all of them bestsellers in their own right, has explored different aspects of that seminal work, offering detailed explanations and practical applications of his original vision.Soul to Soul represents a giant step forward in the expression of his work, providing penetrating insights that illuminate our lives. It is divided into two sections. Part One, “Soul Subjects,” consists of fifty brief, perceptive, and compelling chapters that encourage us to examine our own experiences in new and perhaps life-changing ways. Part Two, “Soul Questions,” is different from anything Zukav has written before. Combining profound spiritual and psychological insights, Zukav answers nearly one hundred important questions about life. Each chapter ends with a challenge to readers to experiment with the insight that has been given and make it their own.

Trust Your Gut: How the Power of Intuition Can Grow Your Business Lynn A. Robinson
Kaplan Business 2006-10-31 1419584405 / 9781419584404 Hardcover New Hardcover
In businesses big and small, making decisions comes with the territory. But how do you routinely make decisions that enhance, not diminish, the bottom line? According to major thought leaders like the authors of Blink, Megatrends and Winning, “intuition” is the answer. But those books are all about the “what” of intuition. In Trust Your Gut and Grow Your Business: How to Listen to Your Inner CEO, business consultant Lynn Robinson gives us the “how” part of accessing this incredibly valuable inner resource to make quicker, stronger, better decisions on a regular basis. Offering the same strategies that Robinson’s Fortune 500 and small business clients call upon, Trust Your Gut and Grow Your Business teaches those looking to succeed how to make winning decisions about their work, business and life through the following techniques: -Why enthusiasm is a message from your intuition that can help you nail the sale. (Hint: It’s not as obvious as you think!)-The five questions to ask your intuition when you’re making a decision.-The 90-second activity you must do every day to achieve your goals easily and effortlessly.-How to motivate prospects to take action.-How to recognize the “power hunches” that will direct you to success and add to your bottom line.

Addicted to Hurry (Spiritual Strategies for slowing down) Kirk Byron Jones
Judson Press 2003 0739439499 / 9780739439494 Hardcover New Hardcover
Book Club Edition — Author Kirk Byron Jones has written a much-needed resource that debunks the “need for speed” mentality that so many people have embraced as a part of their everyday lives. This book goes beyond social and psychological analysis to include spiritual perspectives on the dangers of letting hurry become a chronic condition. Jones presents a well developed three-pronged response to the problem of addiction to hurry. Included in each chapter are helpful questions that allow readers to identify their current pace of life and assist them in cultivating their own sacred, savoring pace. Addicted to Hurry is ideal for anyone desiring to lead a more calm and satisfying life and a great gift for those who seem to be burning out from the frantic pace at work or at home.

The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything Stephen M.R. Covey; Foreword-Stephen R. Covey; Contributor-Rebecca R. Merrill
Free Press 2006-10-17 074329730X / 9780743297301 First Edition Hardcover Used: Like New Hardcover
From Stephen R. Covey’s eldest son comes a revolutionary new path towards productivity and satisfaction. Trust, says Stephen M.R. Covey, is the very basis of the new global economy, and he shows how trust—and the speed at which it is established with clients, employees and constituents—is the essential ingredient for any high–performance, successful organization.For business leaders and public figures in any arena, The Speed of Trust offers an unprecedented and eminently practical look at exactly how trust functions in our every transaction and relationship—from the most personal to the broadest, most indirect interaction—and how to establish trust immediately so that you and your organization can forego the time–killing, bureaucratic check–and–balance processes so often deployed in lieu of actual trust.

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