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6 Truths to Wake Up to Right Now

This is a guest post by Glen Allsopp from PluginID. There are times in life where we get ‘wake up calls’ to the harsh reality of what is out there and realise we need to make changes to our current situation. Whether it is the death of someone close to you or seeing other people […]

You Are What You Choose To Do Next

Social sorting keeps us from becoming the people we were meant to be. What you really are, can’t be classified by anyone but you. Your social status is a mental abstraction. It may be collective, but it is still an abstraction. When you were in high school, you weren’t a jock, a burnout, a punker, […]

When Did Your Life "Jump the Shark?"

This is a guest post by Daniel Brenton author of The Meaning of Existence (and all that). I am a late bloomer. I don’t feel particularly old, but I must acknowledge that I was born in the second half of the Twentieth Century — with a little room to spare. And I must confess it […]

Do you want to know why Americans eat anti-depessants like Cheetos at a Super Bowl party? Have you heard of the game “Ain’t it Awful?” It isn’t a board game or a video game or a TV game show, it’s a conversational game we play with ourselves, our friends, our families, and our society as […]

Do you want to build the life of your dreams? Do you want to learn how do it from experienced teachers? Men and women who have proven themselves? You can find the answers in Jonathan Fields new book, Career Renegade: How To Make A Living Doing What You Love. I read an advance copy of […]

My writer friend Daniel Brenton, posted this video on his blog. Do you want to see the gifts you have clearer than you’ve ever seen them before? Watch this: Tweet

Do you want to know the formula I used to go from destitution, without a dollar in my pocket to having a beautiful wife, two children, a rewarding career, and a home based business, a change so dramatic that my descriptions of it on this blog will never do it justice? Do you want to […]

Delay Gratification – Now!

Thanks to Copyblogger, I found a great blog, the CEO Blog – Time Leadership written by Jim Estill CEO of Synnex Canada. Jim’s post on Copyblogger – Shorter is Better was tearing it up on Twitter a few days ago. Graywolf (Michael Gray) wrote, “ if you read only one post this day, this month […]

Photo by Tomoyoshi Have you set a goal (like a business plan or a weight loss regimen) in a burst of energy and excitement, only to find after a few weeks the excitement fades? Your progress slows, then stops, and you regress to where you started? Unfortunately, for many of us, this has become a […]

How to Build Confidence

What is confidence? It is believeing in yourself It is believing in others It is trust It is faith How do you build it? By learning to think any way you want to. Let me explain. Tweet

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