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Who Else Wants to Help Create Happiness and Spread Joy?

For the last couple of weeks, at every business I visit, I look for positives about the person helping me, make note of his/her name, and take two minutes to leave positive comments. Most places have comment cards, but some don’t. At places that don’t have comment cards, I make a mental note of the location, the person and their strengths, and leave a positive comment about the person on the businesses website later.

In my experience, most people leave negative comments, so I decided to use this as an exercise to strengthen my positive thinking muscles and spread harmony, happiness, and joy in the process.

Here is one example from a McDonalds Restaurant – I know McDonalds isn’t politically correct, but I’m not politically correct, so put down the flamethrower 🙂

I submitted this to the McDonalds website:

One of the best experiences I have ever had at McDonalds:

A wonderful woman named Cordelia took our order. I had two small children with me that were acting up. She was patient, kind, and empathic.

My son lost his Happy Meal toy in the play area and was bawling. Cordelia brought him a new toy and brought a smile to his face.

My son spilled milk all over the play area floor, and Cordelia cheerfully mopped up the mess we made. She did it with a smile, kind words, and an aura of happiness that I rarely see.

Cordelia is a fantastic employee. Please take care of her.
Steve Olson

And I received this response:

Hello Steve:

Thank you for taking the time to share your complimentary comments with McDonald’s. It’s a rare person who takes the time to compliment. Thank you for being that person!

Please be assured that your nice comments will be shared with the franchise owner and restaurant team of the McDonald’s you mentioned. I know they’ll appreciate the time you took to share your comments with us.

Again, Steve, we know you have many choices when making your dining-out decisions, and we truly appreciate your choosing McDonald’s. We look forward to serving you again soon under the Golden Arches.

McDonald’s Customer Response Center

My wife and I worked service jobs for years (including McDonalds), and honestly, an awful lot of people treat you like crap. At one job, my wife served large groups of professional athletes (who ate for free), and they treated the waitresses like dirt and stiffed them on the tip. From experience, I know it’s difficult to think positive when you get so much negative feedback.

So this holiday season, will you help me appreciate the unappreciated, the people we take for granted everyday?

In about five minutes a day, you can help others feel great and it won’t cost you a penny.

Steve Pavlina suggests doing the same thing this holiday season – Heart Centered Motivation.

Leave a comment if you plan to help spread the love.

Season of GratitudeThis has been submitted to the Season of Gratitude Series. You can participate by sharing your gratitude moment, reading about others, or commenting. Click here for details.

More About the Target – Wal-Mart Post

The Target Store post has become popular beyond my wildest dreams, so I wanted to tell you why I did it. I felt I needed to tell you what I learned about myself – I feel good at Target Stores and rotten at Wal-Mart. I didn’t intend for it to be a scientific study. I took it as a personal opportunity to share my inner world with you.

I understand the economic reason Wal-Mart exists and flourishes, I believe in the free market, so my reason kept telling me my feelings about Wal-Mart were invalid, so I kept returning to Wal-Mart trying to prove my reason correct, and my emotions wrong, like returning to an abusive relationship hoping things would change. I’ve discovered, in the long-run, my emotions always win. I couldn’t find peace until I listened to and understood my emotions. The post was inspired in a moment in September when my wife and I were leaving Wal-Mart, and I said to her “I feel like I am going to be sick. Why do we keep coming here?” It dawned on me – we were acting insane – doing the same thing and expecting different results.

If you can identify something in your environment that makes you feel ill, look for a positive alternative. When I made a final decision to never shop at Wal-Mart again, it was like distancing myself from any negative influence, my negativity decreased and my hope and joy increased.

Oh! And there is another reason I posted it. I believe the world would be a better place if fewer people shopped at Wal-Mart.

Updated 'About' Page

When I started this blog, I didn’t plan the subjects of my posts, but I did intend for them to be about something interesting, helpful, inspiring, valuable, or funny about my journey through life. I planned for each of my posts to have a personal side, about my inner life

Now this blog is evolving and growing and I decided to update the About information. I added a picture and some other things.

But the main addition is a clarification of what I am trying to accomplish with this blog.

In a nutshell…

As my family and I travel through life, improving, discovering, and accomplishing goals, I will share specific things we learn or have learned that I feel can help others live a happy, content, productive, rich, growth oriented life. And I desire to do it in an interesting, entertaining, and thought provoking way. We are going to question the world as we pursue personal freedom and share the answers we receive with you.

Thanks for visiting – I am very thankful for all of you (even the trolls – you’re like the little devil on my shoulder)

First Post

Chris (my spouse) and I are on a quest… 

A quest for personal freedom.

  • The freedom to live as we wish to live
  • The freedom to think our own thoughts
  • The freedom to schedule our own time
  • The freedom to create
  • The freedom to lead
  • The freedom to nurture our children and allow them to remain free and independent spirits
  • The freedom to be ourselves every moment of everyday
  • The freedom to explore
  • Financial freedom

I recently realized that we have been on this journey since the day we were born. I plan to use this weblog to share our journey with you as it progresses. To share our successes and our temporary setbacks, in detail, so that our experiences can inspire you to live life as it was truly meant to be lived – free.