For People Pursuing Freedom

This is a true story you can use to stress the importance of education to your children. When I was 19 I worked for a seafood restaurant as a prep cook, but specifically, I sliced and hand peeled thousands of individual shrimp 12-14 hours a day, six days a week. We were a bunch of […]

Fighting Poverty

Paul Tough wrote a phenomenal article for the New York Times magazine in which he tells the story of Ruby Payne who harnessed the Law of Attraction to start a multi-million dollar business, change her life, and fight poverty. By accident, over thirty years ago, she discovered vast differences in the way poor, middle class, […]

What kind of person could you get to run a small business if you told them that when they came in they couldn’t get rid of people that they thought weren’t any good? Not really great ones because if you’re really smart you go, ‘I can’t win.’ – Steve Jobs refering to public schools The […]

Do you have questions about intelligence? What does it mean to be intelligent? Why are so many highly intelligent people unhappy? What is the link between high intelligence and insanity? Why don’t precocious children become successful adults? Why do so many people with below average intelligence think they are highly intelligent? Why do so many […]

Real World Careers

In 10 Things I Wish I had Never Believed – I said I wished I had never believed a person couldn’t be successful without a college degree and went on to post the follow up 10 Tips to Secure a Management Position Without a College Degree. A new book on this subject was released this […]

My Escape from the Culture of Fear

I am about share with you a powerful discovery I made about myself. I write about it with the desire that this self-discovery will be as valuable to you as it was to me. I think there is something strange about the way I learn. I just began to figure this out in the last […]

“It has been said that whoever asks about our childhood wants to know something about our soul. Society must take time to inquire.” – Isa Helfield 2001 Let me bare my soul for you. When you read about the problems with American education, you usually read statistics about literacy and dropout rates. But those statistics […]

I know this will work for you, because it worked for me and I’ve seen it work for dozens of others. Warning: I gave these tips to a co-worker when she asked how she could get off the factory floor and into cubicle world. She listened to tips 5-8, and interrupted me saying, “But I […]

The Seven-Lesson School Teacher

My wife sent me this email the day after we watched ‘The Secret’ together. Are we born onto earth knowing the laws of attraction? Babies are loved by most, they attract people, people want to be near them, people want to hold them, they feel the energy babies give out and feel refreshed. What do […]

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