Can You Imagine What a Great Leader Might Say Right Now?

Great leaders show us tomorrow will be better than today because we control the future. Having a better tomorrow is a decision we get to make. We decide what happens next.

Great leaders face down our enemies and attack them relentlessly.

What enemies I am writing of?

The enemies of all mankind, fear and resentment.

Fear and resentment are the only things that stand between us and a better tomorrow. Sure our problems are complex, but we will overcome our obstacles only after we face our fears and let go of our resentments.

There is nothing more dangerous than a “leader” who uses fear and resentment to get what he wants. Great things happen when people act with passion, vision, and courage. Destruction happens when people act in fear and anger.

The first measure of great leadership is courage. However, having courage oneself isn’t enough. A leader, after all, is only one person. A leader can accomplish nothing without many people willing to act. So a great leader must have the ability to instill courage in others.

As you listen to leaders around the world speak about our current situation, do they have vision, passion, and do they inspire courageous action? There is a leadership vacuum just waiting to be filled, isn’t there? Who is going to step up?

Can you imagine what a great leader might say right now?

We are at a crossroad, one way is the path of fear the other is the path of courage. Which way will we go?

6 thoughts on “Can You Imagine What a Great Leader Might Say Right Now?”

  1. The best thing I heard at these times is from my present CEO : Walter Scott : “It is what it is….”……………just makes things dumb proof and we move on to the next challenge to make things better…….

  2. Does this post mean that somebody is regretting their recent vote in the last election? Only “government” is capable of solving this “crises”? Please.

  3. Marc,

    Are you asking if I voted for Obama? I did not, and I regret nothing. However, once it was clear Obama was going to win, I had high hopes for him. I hoped he would be intelligent and wise and pragmatic. He hasn’t been any of those things and his rhetoric is getting increasingly shrill. He isn’t leading, he is following in some very shallow footsteps that led to disaster in the past and he is using fear and insecurity to sell his plan, just like Bush and Paulson did in September.

    I find Obama’s use of fear tactics completely irresponsible. I found Bush using the same tactics equally irresponsible.

    But this post applies to more than just politicians and just Obama. It applies to all leaders in all situations.

  4. Steve, nice post. It’s very true the only thing stopping us from living in peace is fear and resentment. I think the opposites of those are courage and forgiveness. We could all use a little more of both.


  5. Hi Steve,

    This will come across as cynical but after two decades of being compelled to vote (in Australia it is compulsory to vote – yes it is a democracy – and political promises mean sweet FA in my country), I don’t believe that there are any great political leaders left. The 24/7 media mill needs fresh gristle – this demands a mouthpiece mouthing hollow promises and platitudes – not a considered and long term approach to the betterment of society. As an outsider Obama seems to be all sizzle and no steak.

    I’m can’t see a great leader coming along until someone has the stones to be for the betterment for society – not for the betterment of the business interests who continually lobby government.


  6. Nowadays, so much is said about leadership. A leader always offers hope and provides guidance for the creation of better. I believe appropriate leadership styles should be based upon the situations. If you want to be a perfect leader to judge the situation and act accordingly, the World is waiting. – Sam

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