Best Stuff of the Week 3-25-07

Important Financial Lessons My Childhood Taught Me – This is by far my favorite discovery of the week.

Connecting to Your Inner Core – Steven is right. It’s so easy to lose track of what is important.

Being Weird Works – Believe it or not… Sometimes I wish I was even weirder. I like weird people.

Why the A-List Doesn’t Matter – Because you matter far more.

The Elite Retreat Roundup – Wendy gives us the scoop on Guy Kawasaki, Darren Rowse, and many others.

How To Turn Your Daughter into a Whore in Two Steps – I know… I know… It’s kinda negative. But I liked the post. Coming from a teacher it carries weight.

How a Community College Chess Team Whipped the Ivy League – I love an underdog; besides think of the money you’ll save sending your kids to community college.

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