Do you find it nearly impossible to get through all the crap you need to do so you can get to the stuff you want to do? Avanoo gives us the answer to this problem in the best blog post for the month of August.

Who is going to kick Google’s butt and become the next killer web app? Robert Scoble thinks he knows. I think he may be right!

So what’s scarce now? Respect. Honesty. Good judgment… says Seth Godin, find out how you can capitalize on your character traits.

Falling real estate prices are good for about 70% of the population. Does that sound like crazy talk? It isn’t. Time magazine published an op/ed piece with a new perspective. I rarely agree with this yahoo (Kinsley), but this time he’s right and I’ve been saying it for the last seven years. The skyrocketing real estate market is bad for most of us.

Afraid of globalization and outsourcing? Is America being sold out to foreigners? No. It’s fearmongering nonsense. We heard it in the 80s – Japan was going to dominate the world and wipe out our economy. In Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Peter Drucker brilliantly countered every one of the fearmongers of the 1980s and 90s and each of Peter’s predictions has been proven correct. It’s the same today, we hear all the nay sayers foretelling doom and gloom for America… China and India are going to wipe us out economically. Bunk. We are helping each other grow. Wipro just out-sourced 500 jobs from India to Atlanta because of the high cost of labor in India. The cost of labor is rising everywhere in the world. Prosperity is spreading everywhere. Good, it’s about time.

The old industrial workday schedule (9-5) should die. We live in a creative, networked, always on, world economy. We need to maximize ourselves by working when we are most productive.

Want to set up a home based business/office but you have doubts and questions? put together a goldmine of information that may answer your questions.

Do you think the US national debt is out of control? That we are mortgaging the our grandchildren’s future? That the economy is going to come crashing down so dramatically that it will make the Great Depression look like Michigan Wolverines home opener? While the national debt is bad, it’s better than deflation. Steven Conover the Skeptical Optimist gives us an idea why the doom and gloomers are wrong. Everyone could use a little Marco economic education. The national debt is not analogous with your personal debt or your business debt. It is a completely different animal.

It’s back to school tomorrow for our public school children. My condolences… :-P

For all my regular visitors – I appreciate your patience with my infrequent posts recently. I’ve been buried in other commitments and I decided to wait until I had something to say rather than waste your time with filler posts.