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Violent Acres has been one of my favorites for a couple of years. But in her rant Personal Branding is a Load of Garbage, she writes…

Apparently, Dan Schawbel is a self described ‘personal branding
expert.’ Less hip members of society might be wondering now what,
exactly, is ‘personal branding.’ Lucky for us all, douche bag Dan
Schawbel defines this little bit of idiocy for us.

All of this goobly-gook is a clever way of saying that instead of going
to the effort to become a certain sort of person, we can just insist
that we are that sort of person until others give in and believe us.
Instead of developing our personalities into something with substance,
we can simply buy all of the proper accessories needed to project the
right ‘image.’

I have to call hypocrisy here, this is coming from a woman that writes posts about how she likes… well… you’ll have to read it (not for the prudish). Of course, she doesn’t put her name on her writing, BECAUSE IT WOULD RUIN HER PERSONAL BRAND!

It is kinda like Amanda Chapel using Twitter and Blogging (Strumpette) to tell us how worthless social media is.

Maybe they should both hop on Al Gore’s private jet and fly to Earth Day.

On a related note:

O’ Reilly asks if the Web 2.0 party is over.

Bruce at Keener Living writes about how important it is to allow yourself to fascinated. He reminds us how we take amazing simple things we do and see for granted. Some people think this is tripe, but that’s because they don’t want to think about it – creativity, origins, and consciousness. All amazing mysteries. No one can explain these things without using mysticism or dumb random luck. I find the discussion humbling.

Leo gives young people advice on starting a writing career. He’s a successful writer with 18 years experience. Leo is master at writing consistently useful, inspiring content.

I recently found Alex Blackwell’s blog the Bridgemaker. I can really identify with his message:

Bridgemakers learn compassion through their own endurance of pain. We all have the capacity to be Bridgemakers when we make the choice to show compassion and grace to others.

Shilpan Patel asks us to reject the cult of celebrity. The cult isfueled by exploiting the mediocrity of our own lives, and creating a fantasy land of exciting real-life soap opera stars, while at the same time insuring that we stay mediocre and addicted to watching someone else live. But instead of living in this media created la la land, we need to break the chains of self-imposed mediocrity and boredom and create remarkable lives for ourselves. Turn off your TV. Turn off your news. Live in your real environment, not in the MSMs artifical, contrived, mental prison. It is designed to keep fat, dumb, addicted, and frightened.

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  1. After connecting with you on mybloglog, I saw your post and rebuttal to Dan Schawbel’s personal branding expertise. It’s an easy misconception made easier if you neither look closely nor seek to understand ‘personal branding’. I believe she did neither. One of Dan’s first steps is that you not mask who you are, but discover who you are, what your values and principles truly are, and only then seek to use the resources of online social media.

    I spent over an hour yesterday talking with Dan Schawbel on BlogTalk Radio. You can listen here: I hope to post my notes from our conversation later today, tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing her post and your rebuttal.

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