Are You a Career Renegade? Check Out Jonathan Fields New Site.

If you haven’t heard about this fantastic new site already, go check it out. It’s called Career Renegade and it is run by Johnathan Fields.

Many of you have lost your jobs, others are worried about losing yours soon. The news keeps telling us the economy is spiraling out of control. But it is a choice to view it as a disaster or an opportunity. It doesn’t matter how you choose to view it, what is happening is what is happening. Jonathan wrote The Firefly Manifesto which could help you re-frame your fear into hope. If you are feeling the slightest bit fearful or depressed about the economy, I suggest you read it.

On his site Johnathan profiles people who have turned adversity into opportunity. In his first installment he talks to Naomi Dunford who was once a pregnant, 17 year-old high school dropout. She now runs a $200,000 business from her kitchen table. Check her out at

I can’t tell you how much I love to read these stories.

Hat Tip to Brian Clark at Copyblogger.

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