Are We Cheating Our Boys Out Of An Education?

Let’s explore the dysfunction of our education system.

The Last Psychiatrist writes about the lengthening of childhood and the damage it is causing our children and our society. The Last Psychiatrist specifically addresses the phenomenon of “Redshirting Kindergartners” which means starting them at 6 instead of 5. This gives them advantages in sports and in academics. It is especially popular with upper income white parents. “Kindergarten Redshirting” happens far more often with boys than girls.

I’m glad The Last Psychiatrist writes anonymously, she speaks heresy. From the post:

Why boys?

It’s obvious to anyone who has ever seen a boy that they appear, as compared to a similarly aged girl, completely retarded.  So it makes sense that affluent parents– any parents– who have the option, will redshirt their five year old boy and hope he gets another year of maturity under his belt so that– and this is my point– he can keep up with the girls. So the problem isn’t simply that boys mature slower than girls, it is that they are required to perform the same exact skills at the same exact time.  Any surprise boys hate school more, “ADHD” is more prevalent, etc?

What’s interesting and upsetting about the discussion of redshirting is that it is phrased in terms of class differences, which are the consequence; and not gender differences, which are a source.  The problem isn’t redshirting, the problem is the school.

Why else are parents doing it? Athletics and…

you have the problem of the parents themselves who are looking for every advantage to give their kids because they don’t know what else to do, they can’t judge what’s valuable or not.  So they look around at other kids and parents, and compete.  They don’t know what the point of an education is, so they say “get into a good college.”  That’s the goal of 18+ years of education.  That single outcome.

For what? They pretend that they have to do these things because the other kids do have these advantages, but they have no faith in the kids themselves– that their outcome will be largely independent of what college they go to or even if they go to college.

College is, in a word, a scam; everything that promotes that goal is therefore doubly so.

I’m a doctor– no one has ever asked where I went to college; no one has ever asked how I did in high school chemistry.   You can argue these things were important then, to get into medical school, but they really weren’t.  Getting Bs instead of As may have meant I went to a different school, but not that I wouldn’t have been a doctor, or a good one, or a bad one.  And since my real education didn’t come from the schools anyway, it’s moot.

Ah! A doctor who speaks the truth. Read the entire post here.

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  1. Wow. Fantastic article. I graduated homeschool last year, and our philosophy was completely similar to the one explained by the doctor. We expect children to all function in the exact same way, to “mature” at the same time, and to have the exact same skills as everyone else. To our school system, the perfect child is seen as a mixture between a sheep and a robot.

    A fantastic video recorded at one of the acclaimed TED conferences:

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