Are Bloggers Pushing Society Closer to a Technological Singularity?

Singularity? That’s a pretty geeky word isn’t it? If you are familiar with it at all, you’re probably an astrophysicist or an astronomy/sci-fi buff. But what does it mean to bloggers? You are creating a new era by creating global, collective, shared, intelligence.

Reason Magazine has a fantastic article with futurists regarding the possibility of a major positive upheaval in the structure of society, due to our growing interconnectedness.

From the article:

There is a national interest, and not just in America, in providing the illusion of freedom for the millions of people who need to be happy and creative to make the economy go. Those people are more diverse and distributed and resourceful and even coordinated than any government.

That’s a power we already have in free markets. Computer networks, supporting data
and social networks, give this trend an enormous boost. In the end that illusion of freedom may have to be more like the real thing than any society has ever achieved in the past, something that could satisfy a new kind of populism, a populism powered by deep knowledge, self-interest so broad as to reasonably be called tolerance, and an automatic, preternatural vigilance.

6 thoughts on “Are Bloggers Pushing Society Closer to a Technological Singularity?”

  1. Steve, I guess self-interest already started to broaden. If this broadening will bring tolerance, that is to be seen. Usually I tend to dislike the term ‘tolerance’. It showed up as a clumsy substitute for love during the reorganization of major moral values. And also trough this mentioned “illusion of freedom” another major clumsiness is showing up. Freedom – social freedom – and its carrying memes are trying their best to survive. But does this singularity bring a better quality of life?

  2. I found the idea of a technological singularity fascinating. With the rapid change and interconnectedness, I wonder where this is all leading. How many people out there remember the days before the internet. I mean really remember it. We’ve come so far, so fast, and now we are moving faster… and faster… and faster… but where are we going?

  3. Steve, this notion of singularity also engenders the spirit of individual difference. People participating in social media have something to say. It’s a chance to have a personal say which was muffled by just a few voices in past. It is truly an interesting adventure and I’m riding the waves. You?

  4. Once the main stream population finds blogs and the internet in general things are going to get huge. I think most smart people prefer reading a great blog to a newspaper or magazine already. Why? Because bloggers aren’t restrained by a corporate influence, they’re free to tell the truth and inject their personality.

    Right now the top bloggers are all relegated to technology, entertainment, and business stuff for the most part. We’re still in the infancy of all this. Once everyone is reading blogs, the top bloggers will be among the most influential people in the world.

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