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This site is a journal of my discoveries and experiences on my quest for personal freedom. My wife is on the same quest, so I will include many of Chris’ discoveries along the way as well. To be honest, I never expect to reach a destination named Personal Freedom, it is a journey not a destination. I believe that as I work toward my goal of personal freedom, my freedom will grow indefinitely, if I persist.

As my family and I travel through life, improving, discovering, and accomplishing goals, I will share specific things we learn or have learned in the past that I feel can help others live a happy, content, productive, rich, growth oriented life. SteveAnd I desire to do it in an interesting, entertaining, and thought provoking way. We are going to question the world as we pursue personal freedom and share the answers we receive with you.

Maybe it’s a midlife crisis, but I have begun to question everything. Is a job necessary? Why do I get up and go to work everyday? Is there a better way to live? I like my job. I work at a great company and earn a good salary. I live in a nice, safe neighborhood. But still, I ask why do I do it? Is there a better way to live? Have I programmed myself to believe this is the only safe way to live? Is there a way to make even more money and spend more time with my family? How will I do it? I’m working on ideas and plans of action.

I question education. Is school necessary to be educated? Why do so many of us put our kids on a yellow bus to a monolithic government institution every morning? Is it the best way to learn? Should I send my kids there simply because most people do? Could they learn at home while Chris and I generate a decent income? Is it possible? I believe it is. Will it be a better education? I don’t know. But Chris and I both went to government schools and we are still trying to unlearn the lessons taught there.

Somebody once said to me when I was child, “You can’t just do your own thing, nobody can.” I believed that statement for over 20 years. Today I ask, “Why can’t I live life on my terms? Do my own thing? Why not?” Today I believe I can live life free.

I am a 44 year old father of two boys ages 9 and 11. We live in a suburb of Minneapolis Minnesota. I have been with my wife Christine (also 44) for over 25 years.

I am the Director of Technology at Ergotron, Inc and I manage one of the finest Oracle e-business teams ever assembled. Am I bragging? Yep. But they are that good! Several days ago Oracle called one of our developers to solve a problem. I am also in the early stages of a ground breaking cloud application for the healthcare industry.

During the dot com era, Christine and I founded, operated, and sold (no link – there is nothing there anymore) to

Some readers have asked about my educational background:
I attended a mix of public and religious schools for 12 years. It was a nightmare. Authorities threw me out of school several times and I barely earned a diploma. Every skill that has led to financial or personal gain I learned outside of the classroom. I am not a fan of traditional schooling.

Christine is an entrepreneur who started a home-based internet bookselling business that now occupies a 3500 sq ft warehouse. She has recently expanded outside the book niche and into collectibles and purses. She has realized 100% annual growth each year since she started the company in 2003. She sells her wares on eBay, Amazon Marketplace, Albris, ABE, and she has her own website at and recently set up a second website at When we started this blog, I hoped she would write frequent posts about her growing home based business, but she doesn’t have the time and passion for writing that I do, so her posts are infrequent, but I will keep you updated with any useful information about her growing company.

Christine and I have goals for our personal lives and for our family.

We plan to keep our children out of government school systems.

Over the next several years, Christine plans to expand her business into multiple retail locations and I plan to help Christine grow her business, grow Ergotron, and write.

This website doesn’t serve a specific niche like some sites. This site is about life and the reality I see around me everyday. One post may be philosophical and another may be about parenting. I have strong interests in business, entrepreneurship, personal/financial growth, personal/political freedom, mysticism, and education. Most of my posts are anecdotes meant to provoke thought. My posts will reflect things I am learning, studying, or accomplishing. Sometimes I make a post about something trivial but valuable to visitors, like the popular piece on automobile check engine lights. Many experts tell me to stick with a niche, but this site isn’t like that, it’s eclectic.

As passionate as I am about freedom, I am equally passionate about responsibility, so some posts are about achieving personal freedom by accepting responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Since I am working full-time and writing part-time, I only post 2-4 times per week (less so recently).

Thanks for visiting, reading, and supporting this site!

You can learn more by reading Why I Blog and visiting my profile at Josh Kaufman’s Personal MBA blog.

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