About steve-olson.com, the Personal MBA, and Spirituality Applied to Life

I’d like to update you with a few things that are going on here at steve-olson.com:

I updated the about steve-olson.com page. I mixed the old about me page with some information from a recent post and added some profile links. If you are interested, check it out.

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As an autodidact committed to lifelong self-directed education, I am working on my Personal MBA. If you are unfamiliar with the Personal MBA, jump over to Josh Kaufman’s PMBA blog and read the manifesto. Josh was also kind enough to interview me as a PMBA participant. As part of my PMBA work, I will be posting any valuable information I learn while working on it, so look for the blog to take a turn from politics and Zen and include more business, entrepreneurship, and economics over the next few months.

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As part of an interview a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity talk on the phone with Nneka from the Balanced Life Center – Spirituality Applied to Life. It isn’t often that you get to hear the voice of one of your blogging friends. We had a frank and candid discussion about race, politics, religion, blogging, parenting, and business. One of the reasons I blog is to learn from other people and connect with them in a way that goes deeper than just chatting about the weather. Nneka and I made that connection. We were able to discuss controversial issues with openness and directness. Nneka is an insightful spiritual blogger and I am grateful to know her. Click over and read her blog about Spirituality Applied to Life.

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  1. This is where you are fortunate living in the States that you can speak with your bloggers and build up a sound network with them. In Australia I feel blogging has not caught on as it should just yet. Sure as webmasters we interact all the time but I have never had a personal call from anyone just yet. I must admit only tonight I received an email from a Blog master and I felt quite good about the whole thing. Its great to be able to share advice and views.

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