A Reminder of Who You Are and How to Live

Just a reminder… In case you’ve forgotten who you are and what life is about…

To live a great life is to live boldly with courage and strength. Do not try to be fearless, just be aware of your fear and act in spite of it. Tell the bullies, worriers, and fear-mongers both inside and outside your head, to go to hell. Submit them with mental Jiu Jitsu. Choke them out of your mind. Remember that life is short, and that you need to live a confident, humor filled life. Not a life of anxiety and worry, but a life of action, fun, freedom, and intelligent creativity.

Don’t mistake any of this for recklessness. Recklessness leads to fear, anxiety, poor health, poor finances, poor relationships, and lost freedom. The bully, the worrier, and the fear-monger are the animals that try to trick you into reckless behaviors. Learn to hear them, identify them, and then crush them before their lies and tricks take root.

Live intelligently. When the bully in your head shows you a scene or hands you a feeling of shame, guilt, worthlessness, or fear. Shout it down. Clog the pit from which it rears its head. It doesn’t matter if the scenes and feelings were real in the past. Your past is gone. It is over. It is unchangeable. The only thing that is changeable is the decision you face right now, in this moment. Are you going to choose to live in fear and guilt and shame and anger or will you choose to live with courage and confidence in everything you do next? Your choice will determine your future. Your choice will determine how you feel, what you do, and the impact you have on others.

Don’t try to live in the past. The past is an imaginary place full of nightmares and fairy tales. Forget the past, and forget the people who remind you of it. Reminiscing is a fools game.

So right now, in this moment, let me tell you who you really are…

You are strong
You are loving
You are creative
You are intelligent
You are confident
You are capable of anything
You have honor
You have credibility
You are healthy
You are honest
You are wealthy (wealth is more than money)
You are fun
People respect you
People follow you
People love you as you are right now
People need you
You are a leader

Now go out and be who you really are!

9 thoughts on “A Reminder of Who You Are and How to Live”

  1. A lovely post. It felt good just reading that list of things, each of which would make an excellent affirmation too:

    I AM strong
    I AM loving
    I AM creative

    Will 🙂

  2. Thanks Steve! I’ll recommend this to my friend who really needed a dose of courage and strength with the circumstances she’s facing right now. We all need someone to remind us once in a while of who we really are and it’s a good thing that you posted this.

  3. Great ! Just great !

    To anybody who needs it, come to this post as often as you can and read it until you memorize it and use its powerful words whenever you need them.

    Thank you !


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