What Does Personal Freedom Mean to You?

How does personal freedom manifest itself in your life?

To some, freedom means driving a car 150 mph, to others it’s a million dollars in net worth. Not to me. To me, freedom is having enough slack in your schedule to be spontaneous. To move on a moments notice. To control your time. That’s freedom.

To me, personal freedom means:

Spending an afternoon teaching little boys how to skip rocks across Nine Mile Creek.

Showing little boys how a Beaver can drop a hundred foot tree with persistent effort. (And not to worry if you grab your crotch in a picture when you’re 3. It’s the only time you’ll get away with it.)

To me:

  • Freedom is the sound of a 1969 Dodge Charger.
  • Freedom is bacon and eggs fried over a campfire.
  • Freedom is smores and ghost stories.
  • Freedom is posting about your kids.

What does freedom mean to you?