Find the Time to Transform Yourself and Your World

Both these items are outstanding.

  1. Healing our World: In an Age of Aggression by Dr. Mary J. Ruwart may be the most important book written in the last quarter century. If you struggle to stay positive in a world which seems to breed endless war, poverty, and violence, read Dr. Ruwart’s free book and you will see the world in a new light. You’ll see how aggression creates the very things it promises to destroy. You’ll see how change can only begin with you. A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle has recently grabbed the imagination of millions and Dr. Ruwart’s book complements many of Mr. Tolle’s ideas. But Healing our World is more important because it explains how and why we will transform our world. It is a song of hope. It is a fantastic resource for both personal and social transformation. Oprah, if you read this blog, please have Dr. Mary Ruwart on your show. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. This is captivating. Watch Clay Shirky explain how to find the time to transform ourselves and our world. This is one of those videos that slaps you in the face and says quit being a passive spectator and get out there and contribute.

FYI about this blog: I haven’t posted in 20 days and I apologize for not posting more often. However, time and commitments required other priorities. This blog will continue on, and when I do post, I hope you will find the content among the best on the web. My goal isn’t quantity but quality. Thanks for your patience.

Why is it so Hard to Change?

I wrote a guest post for Craig Harper titled, Why is it so Hard to Change? Hop over to his site and read it. I put a lot of time and research into this so I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s one of the better Personal Development posts I’ve written.

I want to thank Craig for the opportunity to reach his audience. Craig has one of greatest audiences on the internet. They are engaged, intelligent, and (most of all) motivated.

I haven’t had much time to write this week…  so stay tuned… I appreciate your patience.

Ego and Breaking All the Rules

The War on Ego – By Steve Pavlina. Speaking of egos, before I write anything about this post, I want to say that I haven’t linked to Steve Pavlina in over year. It isn’t because I don’t like his stuff. I love his stuff. I noticed that he rarely links to any of the bloggers in his niche so I decided not to link to him. Maybe he’ll read this. Anyway, his post about ego is right on. Your ego is an essential part of your personality. Don’t attempt to abandon your ego or you’ll drive yourself mad. Just refrain from being an egomaniac.

Personal Development as a result of Ignoring the Rules – Aaron Potts nails the truth with this post. I try to tell this to people every day of my life. I want to grab them and shake them and say, quit following like a lemming, dammit! I’ve done some really stupid things in life… One of those things was ignoring the rules. I won’t even tell you the jams I’ve been in breaking the rules. But I don’t regret one minute of it, because it made who I am today. And that is why I have tolerance for kids who make mistakes and I believe society has gone way overboard with zero-tolerance laws. I’ve also done some really smart things in my life… one of those things was ignoring all the rules. It teaches you about calculated risk. It teaches you that there are new ways… even better ways of doing things.

5 Reasons to Go Through Life Lazy, Drunken, and Stupid – The Best April Fools post of 2008. But do you know why it is funny? There’s an element of truth in it, isn’t there? I know people who have chosen this path in life, and they claim to like it. When I smoked cigarettes I used to say, “If I quit now, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and die a miserable death all while going through nicotine withdrawal.” And you know what? There was some truth to it. But you have to ask yourself, “Are you likely to die tomorrow?” You could justify anything with that logic.

16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School By Henrik at The Positivity Blog. This one of the best “What they should teach in school” posts written. Henrik put a lot of thought and effort into this. I’d like to add one more thing I wish they taught in school… To Delegate. But unfortunately, if you delegate your schoolwork it’s called cheating. In real life it is called good management.

The Incredible Power of Contentment – Leo Babuata’s Zen Habits is arguably the best positive thinking/self-improvement blog on the net. This post showcases his talent and insight. I chuckled as I read the part Leo edited about happiness being a personal choice. There are always people telling us about other people who find it impossible to be happy or content. Okay, Okay, enough, we aren’t talking about them, we are talking about you. So quit making excuses and choose to be happy already!

Steven Aitchison wrote a fantastic series about making true friends. This is great advice, because many of us discover as we grow older that the people we thought were our friends are not true friends at all and our relationships evaporate because there was nothing of substance. Steven gives us an intelligent four part series on building quality friendships. Read the series here:

20 Tips to Survive When You’ve Overloaded Your Schedule – By Scott Young. I love Scott’s stuff and this one is golden advice when you are over committed. However, like I posted in the comments, in my experience it is best not to go overboard scheduling your life. I know this is heresy in some personal development circles, but time management is a crock. GTD is much better. Better yet… delegate, like Tim Ferriss, outsource the grind and live your passion.. IMHO in order to enjoy your life and be creative, you need unstructured free time to be spontaneous.

Some say writers should avoid sarcasm… One commenter recently told Marc Andressen that he was becoming too sarcastic and should read Ben Franklin and learn to be more persuasive. So Marc took his advice and read a bit of Mr. Franklin and his response was classic. There is a lot to learn from Marc’s post. Remember folks… the rules were made to be broken!

A Simple Way to Improve Your Life Everyday – Donald Latumahia writes an insightful post about the four facets of prosperity, material, spiritual, physical, and social. We need balance and endless improvement in all four areas to be truly prosperous. I use a similar method as his already, but I plan to add a few facets of his plan to mine.