7 Keys for Successful Public Speaking

Here are a few tips you can use to become a better public speaker.

1. Don’t begin preparing for a presentation by building Power Point slides

Begin with note cards or a legal pad. Most corporate presenters build their Power Point presentations and then read the slides verbatim to an audience with a few anecdotes sprinkled in for filler. This practice has damaged public speaking. At best, Power Point has become a crutch for people that are capable of more; at worst, it has become a hammock for the lazy. The core problem with being overly Power Point centric is that you will focus too much on fluff and too little on substance. Remember YOU are the communicator, not the slides. For now… Close Power Point. Continue reading 7 Keys for Successful Public Speaking

The Best Stuff of the Week

Learn to Understand Your Own Intelligence – This insightful post details different learning styles and how they may affect you.

When to Not be Frugal – Wise Bread posts about the risks of being cheap – more often than not you’ll up with junk.

Steve Jobs on Doing What You Love – I’ve never owned a Mac but I love Steve Jobs just the same. He is a very cool man.

Think And Grow Rich PDF – Steve Johnson is converting a classic book to a readable online format.

The Real Story On Digg.com – Presented at John Chow dot com.

Is Blogging Passive Income? – Not Really…. Darren Rowse explains…

Do Rich People Really Give Less? – The Silicon Valley Blogger Calls out the rich in the valley.

Making Every Day a Summer Vacation Day… Tony Clark gives me yet another goal to shoot for!

What Everyone Ought to Know about the Law of Attraction – Wendy posted a video that will make you think.

The Heart of Violence – Rick makes a great post about violence. What bothers me the most is when we ask our government to initiate violence against other people we want to control, whether it be another nation or a pot smoker.

This video brought more thoughts to mind than I could write in a year. Please watch it! It touched my soul.

Do you know what is real?

Do you ever think about consciousness? I mean your own consciousness? How weird it really is? What is it? What powers it? Where does it come from?

Can a simple thought or perception change reality like it can change a dream?

Did you know that the Indigenous culture of Australia teaches that the time you spend dreaming is reality and the time you spend awake is imaginary? This is the complete inverse of western beliefs. Did you know we don’t have any scientific way of proving that they are wrong and westerners are right? What we believe about reality is nothing more than a simple leap of faith. Continue reading Do you know what is real?

Real World Careers

In 10 Things I Wish I had Never Believed – I said I wished I had never believed a person couldn’t be successful without a college degree and went on to post the follow up 10 Tips to Secure a Management Position Without a College Degree.

A new book on this subject was released this month – Real World Careers – Why College is NOT the Only Path to Becoming Rich by Betsy Cummings.

I read the 180 page book in single evening (easy read). The first half of it is excellent, but after that, some of it seemed like filler. The author could have condensed this to 90-100 pages without losing anything. But I would still recommend the book to anyone that is considering skipping college and jumping directly into a job or entrepreneurship. Continue reading Real World Careers

One Huge Reason Reddit is Better than Digg

Okay this is little off topic for my blog, but…

One reason I write is to provoke thought and emotion in readers that may compel them to action. I can’t imagine writing any other way.

A lot of great content is provocative.

That is why Reddit is better than Digg.

Digg is in danger of creating an environment that stifles provocative and compelling content. IMHO – It’s already happening. To avoid getting buried on Digg you need to write in a way that doesn’t anger even a small minority of passionate users. This isn’t the case with Reddit and I’ll explain why. Continue reading One Huge Reason Reddit is Better than Digg

How Do You Balance Creativity with Profitability?

Steve Pavlina Recently Posted 10 Business Lessons From a Snarky Entrepreneur, and take note of #10 – Do What You Love but Be Damned Sure it’s Profitable.

I’ve written a lot about passion being required to be great at anything, but I’ve never mentioned profitability and there is a reason.

Focusing on profitability is distracting for creative types. I know… I know… Steve Pavlina is right… Profitability is critical but… Continue reading How Do You Balance Creativity with Profitability?

How Jealousy and Envy Destroy Happiness

Do you ever think about how connected money and self-esteem are?

Many of our interpersonal anxieties and social problems revolve around a dysfunctional belief that money is a measurement of fairness, equality, and human value.

I read this article from the Naked Economist last week and this section jumped out at me:

There’s a very interesting strain of economic research showing that our sense of well-being is determined more by our relative wealth than by our absolute wealth.

In other words, we care less about how much money we have than we do about how much money we have relative to everyone else. In a fascinating survey, Cornell economist Robert Frank found that a majority of Americans would prefer to earn $100,000 while everyone else earns $85,000, rather than earning $110,000 while everyone else earns $200,000.

Think about it: People would prefer to have less stuff, as long as they have more stuff than the neighbors.

The point — and this is still a nascent field — is that a nation may be collectively better off (using some abstract measure of well-being) with a smaller, more evenly divided pie than with a larger pie that’s sliced less equitably. Reasonable people can and should argue about that.

Why are we so obsessed with measuring ourselves against everyone else? Continue reading How Jealousy and Envy Destroy Happiness

Some Links for the Week of Jan 8th 2007

All Is Not So Bad in the State of Denmark – New York Times – I love the Danes. My great grandfather was from Denmark.

JCPenney Christmas 1976 – a photoset on Flickr – I found this on Flickr. Man this brings back memories. I’m a sucker for nostalgia. He has other catalogs from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s at Wishbookweb.com.

On Leadership (Part I) » hopeisnotaplan.net – All great leaders care for their followers. It is a must.

Debunking the Happiness Myth « Meditations on Meaning – I really like where this blog is going.

Violent Acres » Archives » A Peaceful Marriage is Not Always 50/50 – Caution this has some strong language, but she has a great story.

Online Education Free – A great resource for the autodidact.

The Decline and Fall of the British University – A fantastic piece about education in the UK.

I have two from Guy Kawasaki…
“How to Be Creative” by Hugh Macleod – book review

The Art of Visualization – Cool graphical tables

Is There a Relationship Between Early Failure and Future Success?

The other day when I was eating lunch alone I thought of these questions:

  • Is failure a prerequisite to success?
  • I mean do you have to fail first to succeed later?
  • And if you do have to fail, how bad does the failure have to be?
  • If you succeed the first time, have you learned anything?
  • Is the term failure subjective?

So that got me asking more questions –

My Escape from the Culture of Fear

I am about share with you a powerful discovery I made about myself. I write about it with the desire that this self-discovery will be as valuable to you as it was to me.

I think there is something strange about the way I learn. I just began to figure this out in the last three years. I learn subjects in detail through long focused obsessive immersion. I find something captivating, and I immerse myself in it obsessively until I either burnout or reach a level of knowledge and ability that satisfies my desire. And I get angry or depressed when I am forced out of this hyper focused state.

They use the term hyperfocused in ADHD circles. I’m not saying I am ADHD – I don’t know, and I don’t really believe it’s a “disorder” anyway. – See footnote

My learning style doesn’t allow me to learn something I am uninterested in. I know, I know, I’ve heard it before, “don’t give me that crap you narcissistic ass. Just put the pencil on the paper, do the work like everyone else, and quit thinking you are so effing special.” But for me this is real – I can’t just snap out of it – I would have if I could have. Continue reading My Escape from the Culture of Fear