Five Little Known Facts About Me

I’m IT in a game of tag going around the Blogosphere. Nneka tagged me yesterday. In this game, the IT (me) reveals five little known things about themselves so visitors can learn a little more about the blogger and then I tag more bloggers IT. So here are my five.

  1. My wife and I have been together for over 18 years. We met in October of 1988 at 19 years old. Statistics say our relationship should have never lasted. But I think beginning our lives together at a young age is one of the biggest strengths in our relationship. We grew up together and it was difficult at times, but today we understand each other in a way that few couples who meet at an older age will ever know. She’s my soul mate and my old war buddy. I’m very grateful for that.
  2. I am a pilot. I earned my Private pilot license years ago. I have about 400 hours and have completed about half of my Instrument Rating.
  3. I spent years as a political activist. I even ran for state office in 1996 and lost 35% to 65%. But I did manage to get 45% of the vote in a major suburb of the twin cities. I’m glad I ran because I learned a lot, but I am also grateful I lost because I am not a politician today. Thank You voters!
  4. I am a history buff. My most recent obsession is African history. One specific interest is the Second Boer War.
  5. I love Heavy Metal. Almost all genres of metal. Speed, Glam, Classic, Nu, Thrash, Death, Black, Hair, Classic, and Power Metal. I played in 3 metal bands when I was younger.

So you are now IT, Tomas, Chris, Curly Tree, ww-success whoever you are, and Seth (can I get this lucky). It can’t hurt to try.

Always Question Your Doctor – Three Stories Why

These three stories may help save your life someday and I hope they will help you make the best possible medical decisions.

Gall Bladder Surgery

12 years ago at age 25, a doctor diagnosed me with gallstones and she recommended that I have my gall bladder removed. The first inaccurate thing they told me was that the procedure was safe. It isn’t. They didn’t tell me that Continue reading Always Question Your Doctor – Three Stories Why

Success is 99% Failure

Sochiro Honda – founder of Honda Motor Company said – Success is 99% Failure.

What did he mean?

When I first read this quote I thought – what a pile of BS double talk. But as I grew, I understood consciously and intuitively what Mr. Honda meant.

To understand Mr. Honda, I turned my attention to my own life. I’ve spent my entire life failing at important stuff…

  • When I first walked, I fell
  • When I spoke I stuttered
  • When I wrote a d it looked like b
  • When I wrote a b it looked like a d
  • When I sprinted I puked
  • When I rode a bike I crashed
  • When I played football I fumbled
  • When I was a student I failed more classes than I passed
  • My first three girlfirends either dumped me or were nuts
  • When I ran for political office I lost – Thank God!
  • When I started a dot com in 1997, I worked 90 hours a week for two years and never made a dollar
  • When I drove a truck, I dumped 2,000 gallons of paint (by accident) in a parking lot and created an environmental hazard (we cleaned it up)
  • When I first drove, I totaled 4 cars
  • When I first used Windows 95, I trashed the entire file system
  • When I first administered data I deleted an entire customer database without a backup – and I lived to talk about it

That’s just a few of my failures. Believe me, I have a lot more. My failures used to haunt me. They used to inhibit me from trying again.

But today I believe…

The day you quit trying and concede to your demons is the day your soul dies.

Read the 10 part series on the 10 things I wish I had never believed:

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This post was entered in the Personal Development Carnival at the Balanced Life Center. Thanks Nneka.

Links I Clicked This Week

I’m stealing an idea from Will at Each weekend I’m going to link to some of the stuff I’ve been reading this week adding a few comments.

I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did.