The Best of The Internet 7-1-07

Unless we begin to pay more attention to what is happening to our boys the future looks grim. The special ed statistics are damning. Boys are falling behind in nearly every social category and we need to address it. Boys are boys… they aren’t defective girls.

Paul Buchheit makes a post about the insanity of job culture and how jobs are hardly an axiom. The idea of a job is less than 100 years old, yet so many people think it is the only way to live.

This is a statistical resource designed to help people without degrees find a decent income. It breaks down a myriad of professions and the percentage of people in those professions that have degrees. Near the bottom of the list it shows that 98.5% of Dentists, 97.9% of Judges, and 96.6% of Pharmacists have at least a four year college degree. Does that mean that 15 Dentists, 21 Judges, and 34 Pharmacists out of every 1000 never graduated from college? Is that even possible? How could one become a dentist, judge, or pharmacist without a degree? If someone has any information about this I’d like to know how it works.

I just found a fantastic Blog… Bloggrrl. She’s witty, irreverent, smart, and funny. She’s offering $50 bucks in an Online Cow Patty Bingo contest. I had to enter, it’s too funny to resist. I also have to mention her post 11 Mistakes your Blog Makes in Bed… it brought a smile to my face. Michelle is a school teacher and a single mom and I wish her the best in her blogging adventure. The thing I like the most about her blog, is that it’s a bit dangerous.

This is a great post about software development. Scott Hanselman tells us three things he learned about software development while NOT in college. It’s good. You’ll like this if you’re a geek.

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  1. I don’t know about dentists and pharmacists, but there are many places where a lower-level judge can be elected or appointed without a law degree, just like any other civil servant. They’d have a hard time getting recommended by the bar association, but that’s a different story.

  2. I love this: “The idea of a job is less than 100 years old, yet so many people think it is the only way to live.” Good point.

  3. Steve,

    If you think that blogger girl is funny, try this one:

    She’s a friend of mine and she cracks me up on a daily basis.

    (and I her btw :P)

    She’s into lolcats and technstuff. What more do ya need from a woman?


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