12-Year-Old Creates Game for iOS, Android, and HTML5 – Gravity Lines

Over 8 years ago I wrote a post titled 10 Things I Learned From My 4-Year-Old and it generated a lot interest and controversy on Reddit. Today my son Niklas is 12 years old and he still teaches me things everyday. Now he has accomplished an amazing thing that I promised him I would share with all of you.

At 12-years-old Nik has published his first app to iOS and Android! I’ve linked to it at the bottom of this post and I want to encourage you to download the app, rate it, and give it a review.

Gravity Lines

It is a simple game where a line moves along a platform and you tap the screen to flip it to the other side trying to avoid touching other lines. It was inspired from the games Geometry Dash and Flappy Bird.

Nik spent hundreds of hours programming this app and we had a lot of challenges and stress along the way. The first challenge was that Nik insisted that we publish it for both the major mobile platforms, iOS and Android. At first we thought he would have to program the app twice, once for each platform. The other challenge was that to build an app for iOS you must own a Mac and pay $99 to become a registered Apple developer. We didn’t own a Mac and neither of us were Apple developers, so Nik put his money where his mouth was and spent half his life savings purchasing and Mac mini and registering as a Apple Developer (which we had to register under my name since Nik isn’t officially old enough to register for anything on the internet). From there he found a library called LibGDX at BadLogicGames that allowed him to program his app in eclipse using java and publish to four platforms from one code base, iOS, Android, HTML5, and desktop.

Please understand Nik did ALL the programming and ALL the heavy lifting here, I helped answer a few questions, get him pointed in the right direction, and setup the Apple development environment, but Nik did all of the rest himself.

Over the last year or so Nik has started an after school programming club which sold out the first day it was offered as an official club. He has also started the Pizza Scripters which is a group of kids his age who love to code and want to encourage other kids to code by publishing their work online in the hope that showing what is possible will inspire other kids to take up coding and push schools to start offering coding as a core competency like reading, writing, and math.

So go ahead get Gravity Lines for your device!

Gravity Lines Lite (Free, Apple iOS)
Gravity Lines Full ($.99, Apple iOS)

Gravity Lines Lite (Free, Android)
Gravity Lines Full ($.99, Android)

Once you’ve played it, please take a few moments to rate it and review it.

You can also play Gravity Lines Lite on the Pizza Scripters website for free.

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