10 Things I Wish I Had Never Believed

I’m writing this list for you because I wish somebody had sent me this list years ago.

  1. Money is the root of all evil *
    Money isn’t good or evil. It’s a tool like a hammer or a saw. You can create with it or destroy with it. People use it to build infrastructure, to build research facilities, to find cleaner sources of energy, and to create timeless art and literature. If you use your money to create value for yourself and others, your money will grow – and you will have all the money you’ll ever need. However, if you hoard money selfishly or spend it frivolously, you will never have enough. Don’t you think you could contribute more to society, the world, and other people if you had great wealth? So what’s wrong with intending to be wealthy? Do you believe you have the capacity to create value in other people’s lives? Those that think and act create wealth, so if you intend to become wealthy, don’t wait around for a government grant or the winning lotto numbers, get out there and start creating value for other people today.
    Why People Believe Money is the Root of All Evil
  2. Getting a good job is the best way to earn money
    Ask any entrepreneur if she’d like to quit and get a job. Then ask most people with a job if they’d like to quit and work for themselves. Most wealthy people will tell you a job is the worst way to make money.
    Why Getting a Good Job isn’t the Best Way to Earn Money
  3. Emotional people are weak, vulnerable, and easily manipulated
    It’s the exact opposite. Strong emotions are a source of strength and power. The stronger your emotions and the better your ability to focus your emotion, the more creative and powerful you are. Denying your emotions creates weakness and vulnerability.
    The Secret Great Leaders Know About Emotions
  4. Admitting a mistake is a sign of weakness
    If you aren’t making mistakes you aren’t learning anything. Fearing mistakes is the real weakness. Denying your mistakes, repeating them, and expecting different results is insane.
    Success is 99% Failure
  5. You can’t be successful without a college degree
    This one was drilled into my head for years and I believed it. The results of this belief were devastating. I didn’t earn a decent living until I was able to squash the belief. 85% 76% of Americans do not have a degree. I want to be very clear about this – I know I am on dangerous ground – so here goes – All of you with college educations are valuable and you have tremendous ability to create value in the world. This is not a criticism of your achievements. But I also must say – if you are one of the 85% 76% that do not have a degree, you are equally valuable and you are not inferior. You have equal potential to create value in the world, even if you never get a degree. People with and without degrees create amazing results everyday. If you hate flipping burgers or ringing orders at Wal-Mart don’t continue just because our culture tells you it’s your lot in life. Don’t listen to the voice in your head that tells you what you can’t do. Tell it to shut-up. Then start to visualize what you desire to be and you will slowly become what you visualize.
    10 Tips to Secure a Management Position without a College Degree
  6. Your doctor is the best source of medical or psychiatric information
    Medical information is expanding so rapidly doctors are increasingly using Google to diagnose patients. According to studies, 30% of patients are misdiagnosed and treated for a condition they do not have. Obviously, if you have a medical or psychiatric problem you should see a doctor, but question what they tell you. Don’t accept it on blind faith. Use your critical thinking. Ask difficult questions. Many people are afraid to question their doctor. Don’t be afraid! I believe questioning my doctor saved my life (I plan to do a post on that experience). Do research online about your condition and you may find that you know more about the condition than your doctor. If that happens, it may be time to find a new doctor. Remember there is nothing special or magical about doctors, they’re people just like you and me. Many of them are extremely busy, and they make mistakes – lots of mistakes. So be your own advocate. See your doctor, but do your own research in the library and online. And if you need to make a big medical decision, get a second, third, or fourth opinion. Your health is in your hands. You make the final decision.
    Always Question Your Doctor – Three Stories Why
  7. School is the best place for kids to learn
    It’s probably the worst place for kids to learn. I wrote this in my last blog post:Bob Proctor said that the problem with education is that it teaches us what to think, not how to think. Bob is wrong. It’s much worse than that. Our schools teach us to think destructive thoughts, which produce negative results in our lives and in the world. I know this sounds crazy and defies conventional wisdom, but it isn’t an attack on teachers or intellectuals. They are victims of the same monolithic government system as the students. Most teachers know intuitively how screwed up the system is and they know they are powerless to change it. So instead of explaining my position, I’ll let the New York State Teacher of the Year John Taylor Gatto make the argument in his essay The Seven Lesson School Teacher and his interview in Fast CompanyRead my follow up: How the Public School System Crushes Souls

  8. Personal Development or Self-Help is a left-wing hippy thing
    You may have a preconceived notion about Self-Help, but if you look closely I think you’ll find it is an inaccurate stereotype. When some people think of a ‘hippy’, they think of a bunch of scruffy unshaven kids in tie-dye shirts tripping on acid at a Grateful Dead show. When they think of ‘left-wing’, they think of socialism, communism, and atheism. All the Personal Development gurus I’ve seen are clean cut, positive thinking, deeply spiritual, entrepreneurs awash in wealth. Hardly a bunch of scruffy, atheistic, drug abusing, socialists. I highly recommend a Personal Development program regardless of your political or religious beliefs. My program has created amazing positive results.
  9. I should ignore my feelings and make decisions with hard reason and logic
    This is a lie I used to tell myself. You buy the house you buy because of how it makes you feel. You bought the car you drive because of the way it makes you feel. You eat the food you eat because of the way it makes you feel. You choose the relationships you have because of the way you feel. You choose a career because of how it makes you feel. There is no such thing as an emotionless rational decision. All good marketers and sales people know this. Accept the role your feelings play in decision-making. So if you are getting lousy results in your life, it’s probably because of the decisions you are making. You can only change the way you make decisions by changing the way you feel. Hard reason won’t change anything. Trying to plan your life with hard reason and logic results in inertia.
    Give me 3 Minutes and I’ll Make You a Better Decision Maker
  10. That I Should Put Political Opinions on This List
    Big mistake on my part. See #4. I used to have a political opinion as #10 and it tainted this list. This isn’t a political blog. My goal is to help everybody, regardless of political opinions. I apologize to anyone I alienated. I’ll view it as an opportunity to learn.

Read the 10 part series on the 10 things I wish I had never believed:

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#2 Why Getting a Good Job isn’t the Best Way to Earn Money
#3 The Secret Great Leaders Know About Emotions
#4 Success is 99% Failure
#5 10 Tips to Secure a Management Position without a College Degree
#6 Always Question Your Doctor – Three Stories Why
#7 How the Public School System Crushes Souls
#9 Give Me 3 Minutes and I’ll Make you a Better Decision Maker
* I realize the original biblical quote is “The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil.” But many people, me included, misunderstood the quote, and that’s why I wrote it the way I did. The belief was rampant in my working class subculture. People looked down on you if you wanted to achieve wealth. Many people viewed you as a sellout or a crook. They believed in the virtue in being poor. They also believed that most wealthy people were unethical crooks that became wealthy on the backs of the working class. In some cases, this was true, but in most it wasn’t and the belief trapped the working class into a life of servitude. I plan to do more posts on working class culture.

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  1. I can’t bear to read all the comments and get mired in the left/right political thing or my head will simply explode. I just wanted to say that’s a good list, and I pretty much have righted myself of all those faulty beliefs over time as well. Good for me! 🙂

  2. Money isn’t evil, and regardless what the Bible says on the matter, love of money isn’t evil. Placing money above all else may be stupid, but I’m not sure it’s evil.
    Hating oneself is probably the root of all evil.
    After reading your entry about how public schools crush souls, I’m sure you know this, but society works hard to keep people level. It is an active effort to squash success since the only way to keep people level is to cut down the overachievers. There are a few good Ayn Rand books about this. One short, simple one to read is Anthem, which I highly recommend. It’s sort of a futuristic, extreme version of what you’ve noted in schools.
    On a different note, I wouldn’t have discovered your blog if it weren’t for the political part. Sure, politics can be very divisive. But as you’ve stated above, you should use emotions and feelings to your advantage. This must be important since it merited two items in this list of ten.

  3. Oh when I was reading this it was like tick a box every time you say YES and I think I filled my boxes in. What a great article and site you have here.

  4. Can you please explain to me how schools teach us to think destructive thoughts? I’m currently in school, and that is most definitely not the case.

  5. The Fraud of American University Accreditation
    By Dominic Jermano

    There is a major problem in the United States with Accreditation. They claim they are legitimate but our current social condition and results have proven how really false that is. With the most recent University massacre at Virginia Tech killing 32 innocent Students and Teachers, not to mention the many other school shootings and killings across the United States; in which I personally witnessed a student gunned down at Weber State University in Ogden Utah, is proof in my mind that Accreditation in America’s Higher Education Institutes, with just this one issue, the gun debate, has always lacked any creditability!

    What is Accreditation and when did it begin? According to this site: http://www.acpe-accredit.org/edcenter/sitevisits/accreditation/overview.htm

    {Definition and History:Accreditation is the public recognition awarded to universities and academic programs that meet established criteria and educational standards. Accreditation decisions are based on evaluations whose purpose is to provide a professional judgment about the quality of a university or academic program and to promote institutional improvement. In other words, accreditation’s main goals are to assure and enhance quality.

    Accreditation in the United States has a long history that has developed into a voluntary system which is unique in the world. The first regional accreditation agency started in New England in 1885; the first specialized accreditation agency was founded in 1907 by the American Medical Association; and the first accreditation standards were developed in 1910 by the North Central regional accreditation agency.

    Today, the Department of Education reviews all accreditation agencies every 5 years to make sure that they meet core requirements, but in all other respects, every U.S. accreditation agency is unique and free from government control in its day-to-day operations.}

    Given that the Department of Education reviews Accreditation Agencies and is part of the Government goes to prove that Government does control Accreditation; despite their hypocritical claim that Agencies are free from Government control. And since the Government is employed by people who come from Accredited Universities, and those so called people are a product of Accreditation, why then all the scandals, the lies, the stealing, the murdering, and the idea that Democracy and freedom is a treasure, when in fact it has tarnished into a mass of National Trash.

    The myth of Accreditation being able to give graduates its stamp of recognition is a fraud. In reality Universities merely sign a few papers, and make a payment or a bribe to an Accreditation Agency in order to give them the authority to be listed as an Accredited School. The prize is that they can get Federal money for students. The University with its broad stroke authority is left with the responsibility in providing legitimate education that should include ethical conduct and correct principals toward education. In fact Universities don’t care, because their boys are elected in Office and no one is going to challenge them if they don’t follow Accreditation guidelines.

    Accreditation has no authority to enforce its standards, has no authority to tell Universities what to do, and is basically nothing but a good ole boys network with no oversite organization requirements for Accreditation Agencies to adhere to. This is how the government and military establishment forces it will on the public.

    One only needs to mention the numerous scandals: Enron, Arthur Anderson, Harken Energy, WorldCom, Halliburton, Fannie Mae, Exxon, Phar-Mor, Xerox, Epicurum fund/Parmalat, AIG, Royal Dutch Shell, Compass Group, Adelphi Communications, AOL Time Warner, Bristol-Myers Squibb, CMS Energy, Duke Energy, Dynegy, Global Crossing, Homestore.com, Kmart, Merck, Mirant, Nicor Energy, Peregrine, Qwest Communications, Reliant energy, Tyco, Credit Suisse First Boston, Martha Stewart, HealthSouth Corp. And this is the small list.

    And so people who do these scams are not University graduates from the so called American Accreditation System?

    What a sham it is when the US Government will use Accreditation to control the schools that represents their ideas. While there is no law that schools have to be accredited; non-accredited schools are not eligible for financial aid. Their non-accreditation comes because they do not want to be controlled by the Government, and they believe in teaching things that are really creditable, while Accredited Schools prohibit such teaching. The accusation that non-accredited schools are not real schools couldn’t be more from the truth.

    America’s Constitutional idolization of the gun sure has not proven guns stop wars, stops massacres, stops drive by shootings, stops domestic violence, stops bank robberies, stops police from murdering blacks, stops assassinations, of our Presidents Abe Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, John F. Kennedy, and later his brother Bobby, stops the killing of our Civil Rights Leaders Malcolm Little, also known as Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, or stops anything for that matter except the victims in their tracks.

    What kind of an Education system do we have that honors the right to have guns, while claiming Accreditation authorizes them to do so while people pile up in the county morgues? Something is morally wrong with that! And let’s not forget assassination attempts to kill Presidents, Andrew Jackson, Theodore, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan.

    Should we be surprised, that Accreditation began with the early big time Universities such as Columbia, Princeton, Yale and Harvard, who really got their start from trafficking opium to China, with this really being the cause to the start of WWI which proceeded to WWII? Accreditation in America is to authorize the legal right to be crooks, drug dealers, and murders. It is far from being an Accreditation that is honorable and ethical.

    Instead Accreditation means to educate from a hypocritical point of view, instead of recognizing that there is a right way and a wrong way. In America freedom is the elixir in which getting away with doing bad is OK, while doing good is boring and humdrum.

    Our Government leaders are as incompetent, and they are suppose to hold the letter of the law and bar of that legitimacy, since they are products from those so called Accredited Institutions.

    There is a huge list of so called graduates from Accredited Universities who have broken the law, broken their own rules to infringe upon the American people.

    Donald Rumsfeld resigns for his bungling of the Iraq War and his torture authorizations at AbuGhrab Prison in Iraq , Paul Wolfowitz resigns as President of World Bank for giving his girl friend a raise from the World Bank after she was assigned to work at the State Department. He stole money claiming she still worked at the bank., Jack Abramoff – Pled Guilty – Sentenced to Minimum of 5 Years, 10 Months, Claude Allen- Arrested for Theft – Pled Guilt, Richard A. Berglund – Pled Guilty – Sentencing to One Year of Probation and Fined $2,500, Ed Buckham – Named by Prosecutors as Unindicted Coconspirator, Lester M. Crawford – Pled Guilty – Sentenced to Three Years Probation and Fined $90,000, Duke Cunningham – Pled Guilty – Sentenced to 8 years, 4 months incarceration, Tom DeLay – Indicted – Trial Pending Appeals Decision, Brian J. Doyle – Pled No Contest – Sentenced to Five Years in Jail, Kyle “Dusty” Foggo – Indicted – Trial Pending Appeals Decision, Robert Fromm – Named by Prosecutors as Unindicted Coconspirator, Shaun Hansen – Pled Guilty – Sentencing Scheduled for April, Vernon Jackson – Pled Guilty – Sentenced to Seven Years, Three Months in Prison, Representative William Jefferson (D-LA) is being investigated for bribery, wire fraud, bribery of a foreign official and conspiracy to bribe foreign officials, according to a May 21, 2006, Adam Kidan – Pled Guilty – Sentenced to 5 Years, 10 Months, Thomas Kontogiannis – Named by Prosecutors as Unindicted Coconspirator, Scooter Libby – Convicted- Sentencing Set For June 5, 2007, Chuck McGee – Pled Guilty – Time Served, John T. Michael – Named by Prosecutors as Unindicted Coconspirator, Bob Ney – Pled Guilty – Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison, Brent M. Pfeffer – Pled Guilty – Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison, Allen Raymond – Pled Guilty – Time Served, Tony Rudy – Pled Guilty – Status Conference Scheduled for August 3rd, David Safavian – Convicted – Sentenced to 18 Months, Michael Scanlon – Pled Guilty – Status Conference Scheduled for June 5th, Roger Stillwell – Pled Guilty – Sentenced to Two Years Probation and Fined $1,000, James Tobin – Found Guilty on Two Counts – Pending Appeals Decision, Neil Volz – Pled Guilty – Status Conference Scheduled for April 26th, Mitchell Wade – Pled Guilty – Status Conference Scheduled for September 10, 2007, Brent Wilkes – Indicted- Trials Pending Appeals Decision.

    It is such a disgrace to think these government officials have committed these acts, while bigger fish are still being reeled in namely Dick Cheney, George Bush, Marvin Bush, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice, Rudy Guiliani, Larry Silverstein, Andrew Card, Donald Rumsfeld, William Kristol, Douglas Feith, and others who are connected to this organized crime administration.

    There is a huge divide in the American culture, in which many who authorize the Accreditation are supported by the Government Agencies in the US that represent the Republican Party, or Military Establishment. And then there are the anti-war people, who normally are non-military supported by the Democratic Party. Many people disagree with the military establishment. And many Democrats also support the Military despite having a divided tent of votes in their party.

    Many of the Universities support the military establishment because they promise them money. And how they get their money is by raising student tuition fees. Many very good students do not attend the Universities afraid their money is going for bombs to kill people. Tuition profits are used to support the military, along with appropriation bills from Congress for higher indebtedness.

    Republicans will give you a tax cut in one hand and load up the debt in the other. In reality you don’t get a tax cut, you get a long term financial burden. So much for their taxing lies! Am I Right? Of course!

    In 2003 a sudden change in eligibility for Pell Grants was announced by the Department of Education. It would cut some 90,000 students from the rolls of recipients and affect more than 1 million others. The timing of the War was just underway, so it is obvious where the money went. And since the money was cut, how do students get to pay their tuitions?
    They have to borrow the money.

    With the crunching for money for the War several Federal Government Officials are now under the scope in a developing investigation into the $85 billion-a-year college Student Loan Industry.

    A handful of major Universities have suspended top Financial Aid Officials as the investigation continues by the Office of New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. The investigation now has linked a current Education Department Official with stock holdings in a leading student loan company.

    Matteo Fontana, the General Manager of the National Student Loan Data System, a Central Database for Student Aid, including the Federal Direct Loan Program and Pell Grants has been linked to banks with ties to Corporate America that support the Military establishment. As these hotshot Financial Aid Officials trade loans for profits to support the War, students are caught holding the bag, because they were cut from the rolls in receiving Pell Grants, and they have to pay the higher interest on the loans because of the constant upward movement in University tuition fees.

    How does Accreditation protect the rights of students to attend and pay for College, while they are being ripped off by the Government in schemes that hide their tracks in supporting the military? In fact it was a lie about going to War, exposing Valerie Plame when her husband proved Iraq’s Saddam was not buying Yellow Cake Uranium from Niger.

    You find a lot of propaganda that claim Big Universities turn down many applicants who wanted to attend their Institutes. In fact it is a lie. They create articles like this to build a false prestige in the world making people believe they are highly sought after when in fact they probably get less than average enrollment numbers. But they think their propaganda letters keep them in the game.

    I really think those Accredited Schools are frauds and liars from the get go. I have more trust that so called Non-Recognized Universities have more legitimacy than the Accredited Universities in the States.

    Consider the fact that I spend all that money in loans to get a degree to have to put up with drunken dorm parties that seem to go on endlessly, throughout the week, with drug users, and sex as the main course subject.

    Then to simply go to class, is a form of entertainment for a few laughs. To my ignorant surprise I discover I have a rowdy roommate who will steal my personal things like soap, clothes, and money is not enough. But then to take my work, to steal from me so they get my credit!

    What’s the point? When exam proctors are paid cash to allow students to cheat on exams, so they get the higher grade; so they can claim the status of scholarly achievement upon the cheating tradition Accredited Schools wink and nod at!

    Or to spend all that money at an Accredited University in which I did; so I can experience witnessing another student be shot down in cold blooded murder by someone in a well off Religious Community Campus!

    Have you considered that Sororities and Frats are nothing but fancy names for the local high tech bullies with their gangs? And how about those Universities who claim Accreditation is necessary who run our government today? Wouldn’t you agree that they are political liars, robbers, and murderers, especially the killing of little kids, mothers and grandparents in Iraq to protect my so called right to freedom in America?
    Then to have fathers who are trying to protect their families become instant terrorists and are gunned down and thrown in a sand ditch for burial.

    Seems to me Non-Traditional Degree Holders have a different message and a different method of measuring and doing things that Accredited Junkies refuse to admit or acknowledge.

    You know it is rather like comparing American Degrees to other Foreign Country Degrees. Would you call them fake? I dare say that those so called Non-Traditional Educators certainly have more knowledge and ability than a majority of Foreign Country Degree equivalents, and more upstairs when it comes to America’s Accreditation System. I think people should consider these truths before they assume that Accreditation means the shoe fits! Or Fake means that’s not a shoe it’s a sandal. I know that’s what Jesus would do.

    The numerous examples of Accredited Schools which have proven to be bad or incompetent are not difficult to find. The same goes with Corporations, and Government Administrations whom have graduates from those so called Accredited Institutions whom have brought national disgrace and many other calamities to America’s society’ and in the world while getting away with it now and in the past.

    We only have to remember history going back to Harry Truman who used the A-bomb by targeting innocent civilians in Japan instead of their military complex, thus wiping out hundreds of thousands of people, not once mind you but twice at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. One needs only remember the disgraceful bombing attack on Dresden Germany targeting innocent civilians instead of Hitler’s military headquarters.

    We have the Korean War which was Russia declaring War on Japan by invading N. Korea to later invade S. Korea which was also controlled by Japan, making the US enter the War in Korea to stop Russia despite the US getting Japan to surrender earlier. This was a Truman blunder for not negotiating with Russia in the first place, while McArthur wanted to invade China.

    Then we had the senseless war with Vietnam, the civil rights riots, Kent State, LBJ lies, Nixon Watergate, the Pentagon Papers revealed by Dr. Daniel Ellis, Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein, Jimmy Carter encouraging Iraq to war against Iran, Ronald Reagan’s Iran Contra Trading Arms for hostages scandal, George Bush invading Iraq to kick Saddam out of Kuwait because the US was not paying him enough to fight America’s war with Iran, to Bill Clinton and his sex affair impeachment, to George Bush Jr. with his bag of lies causing the killing of thousands of people over his false war on terror.

    And this so called Accreditation continues on its free fall with 911 in which everyone knows it was an American inside job except the brokers in today’s government who refuse to admit their involvement, while they continue the War in Iraq and Afghanistan to cover up their egregious crime on September 11th 2001.

    Let’s see any Ivy Leaguer go out and do things without the comforts of home most Accredited Universities provide. In fact the slumber of their high tuition prices prove how loathsome they really are. They do not do the real work, but are pampered from the beginning of their student experience to expect future rewards in life because they bought their degree at a high price. So money is supposed to prove their scholarly achievement? I really disagree.

    How many times have I seen in my life numerous high credentials of so called scholars from these Accredited Institutions who become homeless bums on the street with a cup in one hand and a cardboard sign in the other? Many times, in fact; and Accreditation does what to solve that problem? Nothing! Accreditation is supposed to be the stamp of approval for Universities who teach students legitimate and higher education.

    When gradates walk out the University doors and they commit crimes after their education, it sends a strong message that the University did not get through to that person, and questions the whole process and purpose of even attending in the first place. What went wrong? Universities and Accreditation go hand in hand with the responsibility toward making sure students are labeled a bonafide product from their said approval.

    But in fact we see how really false that claim is. It’s a reflection from our history as a nation and reflects the continued happenstance of today leading toward tomorrow.

    The things Non-Traditional Degree Holders have contributed to society as a whole, in many instances, Accredited Universities are unable, or unknowingly able to provide or comprehend. Foremost having money does not and is not the stamp of Accreditation of Authorization to grant peoples their degrees.

    Take for instance graduates from Almeda University. People have to prove what they have done to earn their degree. It is not simply mailing in a payment. If that was the case I could easily go down to the print shop and make my own Diploma, with name plate, and honors for a mere $25 US bucks, and save the rest without paying more to Almeda University.

    What really gets me, as we can all attest to, is the famous quote “Uncle Sam wants you.” Mind you this is Accreditation talking while milking the public system with their fraud.

    They promise to give you a G.I. Bill so you can go to college after you finish joining the military. You tell me how a student fresh out of High School has the ability to make such an important decision which will affect their lives for the rest of their lives, while dangling Education as a benefit and motive for joining the military?

    How many mine fields and people do I have to kill to be able to go to the Accredited University? It should be “Uncle Sam Wants You For Higher Education” with no strings attached.

    You know America holds this grand idea that the military is security. In fact it is quite the opposite. Education is the key. America moans and groans about not having enough education dollars domestically, while other people in the world outside the borders of America face the same problems yet worse.

    Instead there is cross border arguments about why the have people do not do more to help the have-not people. That does not mean using the military to persuade ideology on another culture to take their resources and their belief systems. Enlisted men are not given the chance for education before they go to war.

    Instead after the war they are so happy and proud they can go skiing on one leg instead of two?

    Why do you think they use education as a ploy to enlist men with the GI Bill? So they will join the Army and the US government might not have to foot the bill for their education.

    There is something morally wrong with that, and nobody seems to recognize it. If we had education systems that worked and provided funding properly not only in the USA but also in other countries; what need for a military? How much good could have been achieved with the trillions spent on killing in Iraq for the military, when it could have been used to educate and change the feelings and atmosphere of the situation? I think the answer is clear; much good.

    The military is a business. They can not hold onto their business unless they have customers. Those customers are created enemies. They need to kill people in order to produce arms, and equipment which is economics, forced to be paid by the American people from their taxes.

    They sell arms to other countries causing terrorism, while promoting their own cause for needing a military. How, is that legitimate?
    If I know the military is essentially the problem, why would I want to reinforce it? Why am I forced to pay a tax bill I did not create? Then to have them grandstand waving flags that they are patriotic in my great esteem is a fraud and crime to humanity. Think about it. A lot of people are uneducated when they fall for the military doctrine of lies and go into battle. They have no concept to right and wrong about life, because they have not been given the opportunity for higher education. Subsequently they lose their lives.

    It’s like having a cold frost kill your crops before harvest time. Some of the crops may overcome the shock later, but indeed the outcome or harvest from that frost is not as optimal.

    So to evade those bad feelings they proudly go along with the charade in their lives, as if that is/was the right thing to do. How can they assert that when they were not educated, and then come back to society to get an education? They really do not become educated because they were brainwashed in the service first.

    President Bushes military experience is proof his education afterwards was a fruitless endeavor.

    Yet the fake American System who claims their authority can’t seem to stop lying, know when they have lied, or admit they can not determine the fate of other cultures in the world.

    I would rather die for my country without a gun in my hand, and knowing it was done to promote education, values, and morality. That is the true fight. That is the Medal of Honor. That is the hero. That is legitimate.

    I will never accept hitting my kids or doing violence to anybody is a justified act. Stopping someone from killing my wife does not mean killing them. Stopping perceived dictators from another country whom I do not know the culture or language is really obvious, especially when so called accreditation perceptions created them in the first place, to fight our wars with other nations.

    Strange but true is the fact that people who go to Accredited Universities are the ones who set the tone and doctrine of who needs what in order to get an Accredited Degree. I need to study 101 law, and 207 Ethics in order to be a Lawyer.

    The same goes with many Professions in society, be it a Physician, Pharmacist, CEO, Scientist, Engineer. But you do not need a Professional Degree to be President of the United States. A person can have a Business Degree, or any Non-Related Degree for that matter to be President.
    You tell me how that is creditable? The man or woman who is in charge of world economic affairs and decisions of war which kill people has no Professional Presidential Credential? It’s like saying I can sit out on the beach for 3 days all sunny and hot and not get sunburn. Not real! Fake! Phony! I don’t believe!

    There is no curriculum for Government. They have classes in it, but there is not a Professional Criteria or framework of accountability for government. It is a party system! Nothing but a bunch of Republican Elephant Democrat Donkey anarchy that thinks buying office or casting votes from an educationally deprived nation is their permission and authority to invade the supposedly sacred office of the Provider of the United States . Notice I did not say president.

    The President does the dirty work by breaking the law, and then has an underling take the blame, and later the President pardons him! What kind of system is that? Or the President is caught red handed; his underlings fill in his shoes and pardon him! That my fellow Americans is Organized Crime.

    In America it isn’t about who scores the highest on the exam to reach the qualifications to be President or a Senator, or Congressman, it is about influence peddling, corruption, lies, and stealing elections that gain them power, and yet people in America are duped into believing their lies and forced to support that? I really disagree.

    It is not the matter of being accredited that counts, it is a matter that accredited does not disclaim others as diploma mills, or claim their way isn’t untainted, unspoiled, not rotten, or not infected by its disease, from its own doing, is the matter.

    Accreditation needs to change their ways so that it really reflects honesty, and transparency while bringing about the fact that education is the winner when it comes to domestic and foreign policy.

    Accreditation in America is a scam and fraud; and until American’s understand how they are being manipulated by this basket case education system, they will continue swimming in the dysfunctional American sewer hole that says getting a degree is worth it. In fact getting it with Accreditation is proving to be a major mistake.

    If the purpose of Accreditation is to be a scam operation legally and make a good living from it; I only need remind you of the continued anarchy that repeats itself over and over again, because of the lack of truth and integrity. The military can really go take a hike!

  6. Taking seven years to graduate was probably second to the enormous challenges to keep grinding away at a computer degree.

    If you play the game of learning be sure to remember it is a game; I became a lot more involved when I had to think fast.

    I’m still reminded of a bumper sticker by a smart simpleton: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” That person doesn’t know of the executives who gained wisdom with reading from the outside and intuition and enjoyed not being ruled by discipline of books.

  7. my thoughts! Frist off Love your site! you bring a lot to the table and a lot to talk about!

    Money is the root of all evil * i seen as some reply it is the love of money that is evil! over all money is just a way to barter easier… but those who hord it should be shot! the more money you make the more you should spend not save i mean do build a safty nest but don’t hoard it!

    Getting a good job is the best way to earn money
    I don’t know if i agree! a good job pays,, being your own boss will never happen if you have customers unless your to blindsided to see that! (not you personallaly) A “job” of any kind weather you created it or your just freelancing it is the only way to get money unless your wating for some sort of inharence! so a good job to me is something i enjoy doing and that gives me a nice pay check! now the hard part is finding the job that you like best!

    Emotional people are weak, vulnerable, and easily manipulated
    i must sort of disagree with you as well! sort of!
    I think emotional people who know how to control there emotions are strong! but take what your statement is and apply it to someone who has no self esteem or confence then that statement is true the hard thing to wrap your head around is most people don’t know how to control there emotions! having emoitons are normal controling them determinds if your week or vulnerable or easily manipulated!

    Admitting a mistake is a sign of weakness
    100% agree! it shows your not afaid to live life as well!

    You can’t be successful without a college degree
    Agree – success is something that is determind by one’s mind not by a group of humans!

    Your doctor is the best source of medical or psychiatric information
    sort of agree with the fast pasted new knownledge and stuff and more so I have always told my self what was wrong with me prior to any doctor! when they tell me i’m wrong i go get a 2nd opinion because i”m normally not wrong when it comes to my body! and how i feel!

    School is the best place for kids to learn
    maybe not every school but you can’t go judging the book by it’s cover… and its up to the parents and the child to take what they can from it!
    Life is the best learning tool but school will get teach you if you let it! and most schools are okay!

    Personal Development or Self-Help is a left-wing hippy thing
    what i never heard of this before! Self help is a great way to do soul searching!
    =is that why it has the label of Hippy??? because one puts thoughts into themself? if so i’m guilty!

    I should ignore my feelings and make decisions with hard reason and logic
    sometimes this is nessarray not always the best choice but it is nessarray! humans have feelings when you ignore others feelsings it makes them feel bad!
    agian you control how you feel if you can not make a logical choice between logic and feelings then you need to find out why and fix it!
    everything comes with moderation!
    you would hate to live with someone who is always going by there feelilngs! more so if everything upsets them! PMS for example!

    That I Should Put Political Opinions on This List
    honestly i don’t understand
    i just feel that if one does soemthing and it don’t effect another human directly it don’t matter do it@!

  8. Have to agree with you that having a degree doesn’t always guarantee success. Look at me. I’m 25 years old, B.S. in Psychology, and you know where I am? About $50,000 in the hole and living at home. Meanwhile, my friends without the degree are living happy, peaceful lives. They’ve got their own homes, some of them are already married, heck, a couple of them play in a touring band.

  9. Now why anyone believe that a man’s abilities are conditioned by his certificates, whether they are fake diplomas of real diplomas. The more and more common practice amongst employers is to test each and every new employee, no matter what credentials he has.

  10. This is a really good list. Most people believe these exact things, myself included. I don’t have a degree and have accomplished more than a lot of my friends that do have one. The degree is very helpful though if you do get a job.

  11. Pingback: mustsuccess.com
  12. Schools do teach destructive thoughts not in the sense that there is a book or class on how to go about doing it, but the system itself reflects destruction.

    1. Professors or teachers are not allowed to teach the abolition of the gun in society. It goes entirely against America’s Constitution, and if the school is in America, you can bet your bottom dollar the Professor will be removed, or discretely given some warning shots.

    2. Show me a school that teaches Religion in class, and I will show you a Religious School. It is against the law to teach religion in a Public School, or Public University. Not that religion stops violence, since I saw a kid gunned down on a well known Religious Campus. But given the idea that Religion supports violence and guns, goes to prove how out of touch society is in knowing ones religion.

    3. The stretch of American History in my book certainly shows and exhibits destructive thoughts. Wow. America dropped the Atomic Bomb on another country. The only country in the world to do that. America is ruled by the bomb, the gun. It is the power symbol of the American fabric. Don’t mess with US. The military holds the bottom line to power in the USA since its beginning. No matter if we believe the history and reasons from their line of thought, the fact remains that the military has the world as its hostage.
    Good or bad.. we have nothing to say about it. Those are destructive realities that schools unwittingly educate.

    4. There is no class on how to reverse the destructive traditions, and American customs. Should Black Americans be honored for their slavery in building America with their free labor in its first 100 years? Seems we owe alot to the black slaves, no matter if my grandfather fought against the Confederates or not. How about Native American Indians? Is it right to keep them on Reservations even today? How do we go about fixing that injustice? Oh! send them a check in the mail? Hardly. Native Americans should be honored as the Original Native Peoples, not tucked away in some undeserving place as an outcast prison reserve. Sounds more like a zoo for people, than an honorable lineage.

    Yeah there alot of destructive things schools teach ignorant students. Funny thing is we teach them ignorance, not education. I like the saying if you think education is expensive try ignorance. Well my comment to that is we are spending a ton of cash on schools and they give us ignorance. How about dishing out some education for once, and the first lesson is that it’s not going to cost me an arm or leg in getting it.

  13. I really found this post valuable, especially what you said about emotions not necessarily being a weakness. However, I have to agree with the other commenters who pointed out that #8 takes a stab at atheism. There are plenty of intellectual, clear-minded individuals that embrace atheism.

    Your stance on religion should not determine if you are valuable to society.

  14. Atheism is a belief that reality doesn’t exist, it clearly does and had to have been created with its order by the Master. Intellectual, clear minded individuals that embrace atheism are magicians, cons, unable to cope with the idea of the life of the spirit of Jesus shares your body with you. Religion definitely has no stance to value, only the relationship with the Master does. Atheists have no relationship so they are lamp posts with no light. They look nice lining up down the street during the day; but when night comes, they are dead, burnt out, an unlighted section to steal and to deceive. Then daylight comes and everyone is unable to locate the broken post, because they blend in with the reality.

  15. if this were a book (including the links), I would have bought it and a couple copies for my closet friends.

    Thanks for this-

    rob gruber

  16. you’re right about the second one, my mother used to say to me, find a good school, be a good student, so that you can earn money from a great job. Thank God, I don’t really like the concept of being employee for years, that is why I prefer to be my own boss instead of letting someone else to be my boss

  17. The first 9 are excellent, but you’d be better off leaving #10 off entirely rather than admit you changed it from something controversial (and therefore, no doubt, painfully truthful). I suspect before you neutered it, it was the greatest truth of all 10 and you offended a bunch of people who can’t handle the truth and then you retracted it.

  18. “questioning my doctor saved my life”
    I searched for it and found that your planned post on this topic didn’t appear. Please do it as it may be beneficial for many others. I tend to take my son to doctor for every small problem, and the doctor knows that just changing brand names for paracetamol, ibuprofen, nimisuilide, amoxicillin medicines cannot misdirect me. But I am not sure about anything else (no questions!) and depend on him.

  19. The saying is/ “The love of money is the root of all evil”, however, Evil comes
    from the mistaken perception of freedom being above all consequences and
    not subject to rules of conduct. It is a mistaken notion that money is power and that attachment to any material possesion brings security. However,
    When we pass on from earth life to the other side, all possesions disappear
    but our attachments do not. This creates the problem that we have the attachment without the possesion and have no way to resolve the issue of
    attachment in order to be allowed to progress to higher realms of consciousness. This makes it necessary to return to earth in order to repay
    the universe for our mistake of possesing it or part of it. Evil is ignorance of consequenses and a persistance in following a course of self gratification. Evil also is a perception that to seek power over others is
    power, however, what seems to be power is simply a lack of ability to
    see that such power is an illusion of superiority. In fact, no one is or can be superior to anyone else. Free agency sees to that.—Doug Rosbury

  20. So long as you try to attain what others desire, you will always be under someone else’s control.

    Only those that do not desire what you have can be trusted.

    In the end, our intentions determine how happy we are.

  21. You can’t be successful without a college degree…nope. Universities are a money making business, nothing more.

    Did you know you DO NOT need a degree to be an engineer or architect? It’s true. In Canada companies want you to have several degrees then pay you minimum wage. UNBSJ is the Educational Fallacy of New Brunswick

  22. I totally agree about the degree–I wasted my parents money. Don’t get me wrong, studying/learning is extremely imporant but what they make you pay for in Universities now is hardly worth it.


    In that order!

    This is all you need to lead a great life–the rest is just fluff!

  23. “Take for instance graduates from Almeda University. People have to prove what they have done to earn their degree. It is not simply mailing in a payment. If that was the case I could easily go down to the print shop and make my own Diploma, with name plate, and honors for a mere $25 US bucks, and save the rest without paying more to Almeda University.”

    Yes, it is simply mailing in a payment and precisely why ‘graduates’ have been fired when it is found out their ‘degrees’ are from the diploma mill that is Almeda ‘University.’

    You would do better to go to a print shop and make your own. If you’re going to be a lying loser with a fake degree you might as well save your money and do it yourself.

  24. I think that Drs. are a good first source of information. But they do not have final responsibility nor authority in regards to our health. I also think that we should listen to nutritionists and do our OWN Googling.

    A couple of years ago my Dr. treated me for pneumonia. It seemed to clear up and then struck again with a vengeance.

    Anyone ever hear of Legionnaires disease?

    MY WIFE made the diagnosis that we weren’t fighting simple pneumonia days ahead of the Dr., who never did take even a simple chest x-ray until after I collapsed in a parking lot.

  25. Steve- thanks for sending me this list as a 22.5 year old entrepreneur. Many of the things I saw, I knew however I believe they were reinforced.

    Doctors- I’m not one but usually what cures almost any ailment for me is water, sleep, bananas, and reducing soda intake for a while.

    School- I got a degree and I’m working on a blog. Wish I had started 2 years ago 🙂

    Politics- the influencers have all the power. Congress is useless a lot of the time and they are usually bought by influencers (sometimes tangibly and others intangibly due to being huge employers in their district). We have an electoral college for a reason…which, in my opinion, is the fact that the population hasn’t been intended to make the choices.

    Emotion= Weakness…one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard (I totally agree with your take). Sometimes I notice little things that turn into huge problems because the “rational” thing was chosen rather than looking at the ramifications of choices. This is why medicine is usually a scam (note doctor comment). I mean listen to any ad and you’ll see “side effects include” followed by 10 different things! I mean I want a cure for my sniffles and now you’re telling me to be careful driving b/c I took your medicine :).

    Overall, Steve I really appreciate your blog. It’s enlightening and very fun to read.


    Brad Spencer

  26. Thanks for a great list. The one that tugs at my heart the most is being successful WITHOUT a college degree. I currently do not have a degree. It is a total shame that many corporations will not even consider an applicant that doesn’t have one. I have always EXCELLED in anything that I’ve done for the companies that I’ve worked for. (5 total in the past 22 years) Many people will hire a college grad that can not learn as quickly as I can, that is not as dedicated to giving 110% and could not care about the company’s bottom line.

    There is a lot of talent out there that is often overlooked, but companies aren’t willling to get past that piece of paper, that many times, doesn’t even have anything to do with the job they are applying for.

    Thanks for all of your great articles! I really enjoy reading your blog!

  27. ”I should ignore my feelings and make decisions with hard reason and logic”… I wish i hadn’t ignored them, maybe a would have been in a better place now… but oh well, life!

    But this is a great post.. thanks for sharing

  28. “Hardly a bunch of scruffy, atheistic, drug abusing, socialists.”

    Beg your pardon? You vaguely had me going until you spat in my face by demonstrating wanton ignorance and trotting out despicable, completely misinformed stereotypes about people who don’t espouse a god belief. While atheists are frequently associated (with good evidence) with the political left because the political right tends to be so ferociously religionist and anti-Establishment Clause in America, this is by no means always the case – perhaps you’ve heard of Ayn Rand?

    I understand that these blithe insults (to athesits, socialists, Grateful Dead fans, etc) were incidental to your actual point – you were simply making your point by taking the easy (and loathsome) route of maligning the segments of society most agreeably and thoughtlessly maligned by most ignorant Americans. In doing so you have exposed a deep superficiality about your writing and entirely discredited yourself as a thoughtful individual.

    You would do well to wish you’d never believed the following commonly swallowed tripe – “All atheists are amoral, nihilistic lefties who don’t deserve full participation in American citizenry.” My moral compass and my empathy and respect for the individual, regardless of affiliation or background, are just fine. How are yours?

  29. Good list. I must say I do not have a degree and I was working as an IT contractor for nearly two decades. I made $90/hour because I could convince the other parties that I can do the job and there was a huge market what I was doing. Now I wish I had that degree because I am over 50 and I can hardly get a job anywhere. I could teach school until retirement, instead I work in a casino.
    On having a business. I have a business while I hold my full-time job because building a business takes time. Most people do not get this. Your business survival rate is low already but the two biggest obstacles for your success are no income while you build that business (as most people spend money like drunken sailors and huge overhead). So the trick is do that business part time while you still earn some money. Otherwise great article and I agree with most of it wholeheartedly.
    Andras Nagy

  30. I wish I knew that rational thinking is connected to emotions too. I have made the worst decision of my life because of reason and not emotion.

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