10 Reasons Target is Better than Wal-Mart

I feel ill visiting Wal-Mart – Am I alone? Target doesn’t have this effect on me. I feel great in Target stores. 10 reasons why…

Why did the 911 hijackers buy their box cutters at Wal-Mart? Why do serial killers featured on Court TV buy duct tape and rope at Wal-Mart? Because they feel comfortable there. They’re with their people. Did you know (according to this study) the average Wal-Mart has almost 450% more police calls than the average Target store?

Target Doesn’t Destroy Small Towns
My parents live in the lake country of Northern Minnesota. It’s beautiful; please visit sometime. They live near Park Rapids (pop 3,300) and Wadena (pop 4,200), two quaint small towns about 30 miles apart. Wal-Mart is building a box store in each town. These cities have vibrant downtowns with ice cream confectionaries, candy shops, coffee shops, theaters, dime stores, bookstores, restaurants, and hardware stores. We know what happens when a box store opens on the edge of town, the downtown dies. Economists say that the little shops in town are economic dinosaurs. Maybe the economists are right, but I will still grieve the loss of these special places.

Target doesn’t build stores in towns with populations of 4,200 or 3,300 and it isn’t on their agenda (as far as I know).

Target’s Prices are Competitive
See the Cockeyed.com Comparison

I’ve Never Seen Anyone Wearing a NASCAR Shirt, Purple Sweat Pants, and Pink Fluffy Slippers at Target

Employees (An Anecdote)
Sunday Sep 10th 10:00 AM
Wal-Mart: I smiled at the people greeter. She didn’t greet me or anyone else. She stood there like a zombie looking straight ahead scowling.

After spending 15 minutes looking for a lunch box, I asked an employee where the lunch boxes were. She led us aimlessly around the store with no idea where they were. Eventually she asked another employee working at the jewelry counter, “Hey ya know where the lunch boxes are?”

She looked up from the phone, chewing her gum, said “Nope”, and returned to her telephone.

We didn’t find a lunch box.

As I left, I saw 25 checkout lanes. Two were open. The lines were 15 deep. After 60 minutes, I walked out empty handed and nauseous.

Sunday Sep 10th 11:15 AM
Target: The people greeter smiled and asked, “Can I help you?”

“Where are the lunch boxes?” I asked.

She whispered something into a microphone on her chest, paused, and said, “Behind aisle 8 against the back wall.”

Target had ten lanes open and two with no line. In less than ten minutes, I found what I wanted and left with a smile on my face.

I don’t know if Target offers higher pay or better benefits but I can tell that they attract different employees; employees that care. Wal-Mart employees appear indifferent.

Happy Customers
At the Target store near my home, I see energetic customers smiling, visiting, and laughing.

At Wal-Mart I see people moping around with frowns, yelling at their kids, and everyone looks depressed.

In my experience, the difference in cleanliness between the two chains is dramatic, especially the bathrooms. I brought my son into the bathroom at Wal-Mart and it was so nasty I’ll never bring him there again.

Better Parking Lots
Wal-Mart: One way, narrow, and angled. I’d show you how bad it is but Wal-Mart could sue me if I post a picture of their store. Yet another reason to love ‘em.

Did you know that most Wal-Marts allow people to camp in their parking lots? Is that safe?

Target: Square, two way, parking lots which are safer and easier to navigate.
Target Parking Lot
Positive Atmosphere
Wal-Mart’s atmosphere is cheap and crass.

Target’s atmosphere exudes progress and style.

Go to each store and soak in the whole scene and you’ll know what I mean.

Wider Aisles
Wal-Mart: I’d show you how narrow, crowded, and disorganized their aisles are but…Wal-Mart could sue me if I post a picture of their store.

Target: Wide spacious aisles
Target Aisle
I have both a Wal-Mart and a Target five minutes from my house. There is no comparison in the shopping experience.

My first priority in life right now is to maintain a positive mental state. I’ve found it nearly impossible to maintain a positive mental state inside a Wal-Mart store. The place oozes negativity.

When I leave Wal-Mart I feel like I should go home and shower, like I’ve just visited a seedy porn shop or something.

When I leave Target, I feel energetic and I want to return.

For more on Wal-Mart watch this movie.

Positive thinking tip:
Visit Target frequently and stay out of Wal-Mart.

This is an opinion piece, based on my personal experiences. I don’t work for Target. I don’t even own any Target stock.

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  1. Steve,

    Wow, this describes how I feel about Wal-Mart perfectly. I swear to shop at Wal-Mart you must be 5′-0″ or less & over 350lbs, dirty shirt optional. Is it just me or is the entire staff always pregnant? (I never want to ask, I don’t want to offend them if they are just fat). Too be honest; I always find it dirty, crowded and the staff are all retards (actually there is more truth to that then me just being an ass, here they employ as many mentally challenged people as possible because when you combine that with the government incentive subsidy they receive it means they only pay them 3$ an hour). The other thing I hate about Wal-Mart is the door dings! Anywhere else I park this never occurs, yet Wal-Mart is pretty much a given I am leaving with door dings on both sides. The odd time I have been roped into going by other people I usually go park by the transient campers in the back, as long as you don’t leave food out they tend to leave your car alone. The homeless people that live in the tent at the front has added a nice touch lately too, they are much more friendly than the staff. I think the most humorous part about the one we have here is the guy who checks your receipts as you leave… I am pretty sure he can’t read or is just all together blind. He also smells he never showers, it is very terrible, if he insists on touching anything in the bag I usually throw it out later. Ok, sorry… it is humorous only in retrospect.

    Bad news though Steve, up here in Canada we don’t have Target, but it sure sounds like a wonderful place to shop from your description. I do try however to shop elsewhere, regardless of where I go… I can’t find anywhere that is as terrible to shop as that place.

    Oh and just a foot note for Cassandra; if you have only 2 places to shop and Wal-Mart employs 40% of your town… they have already turned your town into an armpit and you have just gotten used to the smell. This just proves how bad Wal-Mart is for small towns. Did you really aspire to work at a Wal-Mart as your life long career? FYI, Most NICE small towns are vibrant and full of small shops and local businesses.

  2. Very interesting comparison. I have always found it fascinating that “undesirable demographics” are more likely to shop at WalMart than Target, and I’m sure a small army of sociology students have written thesis papers on the topic.

  3. I prefer Target. All observations about Wal-Mart noted above are absolutely correct. To me, it’s quite sad that the Walton family lives on, but Sam’s vision doesn’t. I think Wal-Mart has brainwashed America with its “low prices”. Because you know, the American way of more is better at any cost mentality fits right in with Wal-Mart’s agenda.

  4. Will somebody please email me and tell me why they think I seriously feel sick when leaving a K-mart or Walmart? Is it the fluorescent lighting? I have heard that can make people ill. I have read through the above comments on how the store makes people ill because of the way it looks and how the people in the store look. The feeling is just depressing therefore, causing ill feelings. Well, I feel sick phyiscally. Nothing to do with what I am seeing or feeling emotionally about the place. I get hot, fainty and dizzy. I can never stay for very long. In 30 minutes, I start feeing ill. Tell me if I am the only one? BlessedFL@aol.com

  5. To each his own, if you don`t like wal-mart…DON`T GO! I live in a town of almost 7,000 and before wal-mart we drove 1hr to shop! Our store is very clean, everyone speaks, and I had someone help me for 30 minutes one day because I was having a hard time finding curtains I liked, she went above and beyond for me! I was at a Target one day and walked up and down the isles of half the store before I could even find an employee and then when I finally did she wouldn`t even stop walking long enough for me to ask a question, i had to ask as she walked past me! My whole point is I believe there are some really good wal-marts and Targets out there and some really bad of both!

  6. I had a Target associate nearly run me over with her car. I was so mad. I went inside, got bad service. I tried contacting someone to get a bike down for me. 2 different women associates could not help me, they had no make associates. So, as I waited for a manager, who happened to be female, she helped me and she was in no way more physically fit. Getting the bike down is something customers are not supposed to do, yet no one can help us.

    The bike broke… the derailer or something broke the second day using it.. They gave me a hard time about it breaking, when I barely even rode it. it just snapped when I was changing gears!!!!!!

    I hate Target. I am going to drive the extra 5 minutes for wal-mart or Kmart… and I will get better prices and I can buy food at the same time!!!

    Target sucks!

  7. Im sorry i disagree with the rantings you have given…walmart yes has crappy employees and customer service but they are AMERICAN owned… target is owned by a french corperation, who opposed us going to war.. screw them and they’re company, they condem us for our actions but they sure do want our money dont they? i say get rid of them and other companies that are owned by foreigners.. thats a first step in making progress other countries deal with the problems they have on their own its none of our business. This in turn would give our government time for the problems they should be trying to solve here in the country they were elected to lead. Shame isnt it, our leaders are more conserned with other countries, than the people they beg to put them in office……

  8. Great article! I’ve never been to a Walmart, believe it or not. But one of the things I love about Target is that there is NO MUZAK, in fact, no ambient music of any kind. I have trouble blocking out distractions while in a store, so this is a blessed relief.

  9. I loved the article Steve! I appreciate knee jerk humor…just points out the OBVIOUS, thus people should not be so defensive for these unfortunate truths and get all PC on everyone. America is the most PC about things and overdoing it just gets us into trouble. Being respectful and tolerant of others and respecting differences is one thing while being overly PC to the point of allowing others who are innocent bystanders to suffer for it is not ok!!! Those of you who know this do not need me to state examples-and we all know there are several. Get over it you hippie tree huggin freaks. I love being in a free country.
    Wal-Mart is dirty, filthy and although I do shop there to save money on certain items, it is always my last stop because I like my baby son to be content while in Target (I stop here first and the mall, etc when out running errands)because it is serene and peaceful. People are polite, clean, take showers, and will help you if you need it-employees and customers alike! Babies pick up on their environment. My son is calm and enjoys the ride. Then when I get to Wal-Mart, there are more slobs, rude, and filthy people to be found whose unkempt children are running around screaming and crying. By this point, my son is ready for home and we run through with the list as quickly as possible. If he cries, it is already loud, anyway and I can do my best to comfort him without feeling like the center of attention.
    I have nearly been run down many times at Wal-Mart by very unhappy slobbish and filthy people with carts who do not know the phrase “excuse me” or “sorry”. This before, during and after pregnancy. The worst was when I was waiting to pass by someone with my newborn sleeping son in the cart and a grumpy woman ran into my cart with hers to get by-it was very crowded and Thanksgiving timeframe. I was in protective mother mode and said “excuse me” and gave her a stern look. She moved back and allowed me to take my turn. I am a very accepting happy-go-lucky person who has come from a low income background as a child and even lived in a trailer (but we were still kept clean, as was our home and we did not run around stores screaming)my parents worked hard and so did I…so here I am as an educated military veteran, average middle class person, now-and I feel I can say that Wal-Mart is full of trailer trash.
    As for 24 hour stores-heard of Meijer? They are in Michigan and are all open 24 hours, yet they are spectacularly CLEAN! No excuses are acceptible for a store to be as filthy as many Wal-Marts are. Just pure laziness and they attract employees who feel comfortable in that environment…a vicious circle.
    As for the comments on political aspects of how Wal-Mart and Target do business-I say get over it because there is NO perfect corporation who is ALL love, peace, save the whales, hug a tree, kill your tv and hug a foreign sweatshop worker today. (I have to throw in my sarcasm here!) To find the info that you did on Wal-Mart vs Target when it comes to saving the planet, universe or dolphins was purely found (or shall I say stumbled upon as you were flipping channels?) through mass media, am I correct? So, was your research truly research or just something you heard on the nightly news or MSNBC along with what “Britney” is doing-important stuff, right!? Try and find a corporation that does not have some offense to someone or some cause-you won’t! Silly Liberals…you believe everything you hear in passing and think you are an expert…

  10. This was a very good read. I enjoyed hearing your point of view and agree with your every word. Part of the reason that Target does so much better is that it does not allow any union into its business. Wal-Mart and Target pay about the same and do not offer any other special benefits except for maybe tuition reimbursement and home equity benefits. I have shopped at Target and Wal-Mart in the same day and yes it is a different atmosphere. They both offer relatively the same prices on most items but most merchandise is bought from larger corporations and then sold at these locations.
    Some people like to get very “PC” on topics but seriously, lighten up. Sometimes people are so impressionable that they get offended at every little inconvenience in their life that they must take out their frustrations on everything that is around them. I don’t think that it is the corporations fault for having such diversities in their stores but how they train them and have their guidelines set up. Such as how they hire and fire persons that do not meet day to day requirements in their jobs description, or how they train people to deal with guests to the store.
    Everyone who reads this blog should take into consideration that it is JUST SOMEONES PERSONAL OPINION of where they like to shop. Why get so gosh darn irritated about what other people think. Yes I am being hypocritical but as so many people have said before me, “This is a free country, I pay my taxes.” And I will exercise my right to free speech as the first amendment states. The first amendment only protects you from the government and doesn’t protect you from the people who live within the government. That is why people can sue for degradation of character and demoralizing comments.
    I simply wanted to say that this was a good article in my opinion and that some people have way to much time on their hands, like myself. Haha.

  11. Walmart makes me psychotic, but look at how target treats its “best” employees!

    Choices: A Target Executive’s Experience

    Work over family
    Quantity over quality

    I’ve made some bad choices, but my worst was accepting the promotion which cost me everything. After 9-11 and the passing of my father, I chose to switch career fields. As a school business administrator, my summers were crazy and I never saw my wife—a teacher—and kids during their off time.

    I worked retail in high school and college and loved it, so I joined Target. In my six plus years with Target, I never once said “No” to a new challenge. I moved to four different stores, each position gaining opportunity and responsibility. My last move and promotion came with only three days notice in April of 2006 taking me from home to a new state to open a new store. Target was months behind getting someone into the store and needed me quickly. My wife and I had discussed the possibilities before hand and knew, eventually, my relocation would be necessary for promotion. Several of my peers had relocated with Target and told me Target’s policy was to buy your house if you can’t sell it. After speaking with the relocation company and my superiors, they confirmed the buyout situation, so off I went.

    Long story short, an egregious home inspector with a chip on his shoulder created a list of deficiencies which we corrected. A second, third and fourth inspector came, creating more lists and making new call outs. In the end, my house was not bought because of wording deemed exclusionary on the very last contract, on the very last day. This part of the story involves a blizzard and getting caught in the car for seventeen hours on the way to a Target meeting on the same day the contract expired. I digress.

    The purchase of my new home was based on the buyout numbers promised for the old house. Since we were pressured to buy immediately, I used credit cards to cover expenses for inspections, storage, and a host of other moving expenses, since the whole moving experience was a 90 day turnaround. We would have to cover the costs. Did I mention this entire experience occurred while my wife was trying to finish up the school year and inspectors, realtors, relocators and Target people frequently called her ten to fifteen times per day while she was teaching?

    When the buyout didn’t happen, my wife had to stay and keep her job to pay for the extra house. We switched to an interest only loan to afford the payments and my wife moved in with her family. Did I mention she had health issues, almost dying during this timeframe? Fortunately, I had my in-laws to care for her and my fifteen year old son since I could not leave my store, even when she was in the hospital. Again, I digress.

    We have survived all of this for two years now: two years of double house payments, the worst home market in decades and compounded interest on credit cards purchases which were supposed to only be short term and costly trips back and forth so my wife can see our kids once each month. Additionally, this part of the story involves the sudden death of my father in-law (Oct 31, 2007): a firefighter, United States Air Force NCO and good friend. Last time, I digress.

    Now, let me discuss my store which opened in a brand new Target market at 130% of goal even with up and down economy fluctuations, new staff, and all new management. Sometimes my team didn’t know what to do; our first quarter was crazy. After six months, things leveled out. My store is one of the top in the region with employee satisfaction, guest service, operational measurements and—for the past four months—one of only a few regional stores to achieve Target’s highest honor: “golden contribution” for financial measurements including sales, payroll, productivity and expenses. My sales were ten percent up in November and the trend should have continued.

    Today, three weeks before Christmas, Target fired me. Why? On very few and rare occasions, I had to bring my children to work. I would say my daughter went to work with me four times in two years and my son not significantly more. Combined, they were at the store for maybe two visits during the last eight months. These occasions generally revolved around sickness, someone picking them up at the store, or my wife coming into or leaving town during her monthly visit. They never involved my entire shift of work.

    I am not used to being a single parent and do not consider myself one. We are a family separated by Target’s false promises. My daughter is ten and my son is fifteen and ADHD. My kids want to be helpful. They visit with my team when they are in the store and generally stay out of the way. My son is getting close to job age and wants to help and show he knows where things go. He follows me around and tries to help whenever possible. When I catch him trying to stock the shelves or help in any way, my standard response is “Stop, do you want to get me fired?” which is exactly what happened.

    On this occasion he wanted to keep me company because he had been out of town visiting mom, our family and attending his Grandfather’s funeral. He was hanging around the store when she brought him back since I had to work during the ten hours she was in town. He would follow me and try to take signs out of sign holders as I was taking the advertised signs down, carry a box, etc. I corrected him several times.

    Understandably, as a leader, I need to insure no one works without being paid; my entire team can attest to the fact that I ensure that. I also understand if I brought my kids to work with the intention of having them perform labor or allowed them to work, I would suffer the consequences. Ultimately, I didn’t object strongly enough to my kids trying to be helpful. Now, I am $30,000 – 40,000 in debt, have no savings, no job, two house payments and I am 650 miles from home, with no way to get back. Did I mention I lost a substantial five figure bonus, medical coverage and my pension?

    Wish me luck; I’m going to need it. My family is going to need it.

  12. I totally agree!!! I even agree with your NASCAR/Dale Jr and Sr. analogy. I have several friends and relatives that do all of their shopping at Wal-Mart. I don’t even bother asking where they got their stuff anymore when they show it off; because I know the WAL-MART cuss word is coming next.
    Wal-Mart stores are scuzzy, and so are their customers and clientele. What sucks is its the only place I can get jeans that fit, and that I like. Targets are 100% cleaner, their customers and employees are too. I made it quite clear to my wife and my family that if they get me anything from Wal-Mart for Christmas; that they better save their reciept because everything is going back! I will not have anything that comes from Wal-Mart in my home; if I can help it!

  13. I live in Montreal Canada and do you know what I do agree it is the same here and Walmart will soon be able to open up their supermarket, but never forget that almost every big stores give no good things to their employees also so it is quite normal to receive a bad service from them and I cannot ask for a good service since they treat their employees like… employees have to feel good and earn much more money.

  14. I work at Walmart and I got to say this all rings pretty true. I WISH I worked at Target but they never called me back. These past 6 months Walmart is slowly sucking out my soul. It has made me hate people and pretty much the world more than ever and sometimes I feel like sticking clothes hangers up random people’s asses. Thanks a lot, Walmart!

  15. I think that this whole argument is based on upper class against lower class people. I would be considered to live in a higher class than most and I believe that it doesn’t matter what any one wears or what people act like in what ever store they happen to shop at. No Matter Where You Go you will have stupid people and stupid attitudes with funky styles and bad days. The whole argument is based on shaky ground and I believe to totally untrue. The town I live in the walmart employee’s are the same as the Target employees and the people that go to these stores are the same. There are bad people every where and you have to be completely naive to believe just because a store looks clean and the people look “clean” that you are in a safe environment. If I my front lawn was nice and well taken care of does that mean a thief is Not going to rob me? You can’t even shop online with out being in danger so maybe you should re-evaluate you point of view.

  16. Vanessa,

    There is empirical evidence that clean well kept places are safer. Simply cleaning the graffiti off the subway walls in New York City during the early 1990s led to a 60% reduction in crime. If you’d like to know more – read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. It is facinating social science.

  17. The saying, “Perception is reality” says it all. What people perceive is based on what they have historically observed in something or someone that has appeared or behaved in that way previously (usually many more times than just once). That is their perceived reality-hence cleaner does feel and typically is safer and Steve’s comment backs that up. Orderly environments foster orderly behavior, just as disorderly environments foster disorderly behavior. It’s common sense, really.

  18. While I agree with you 100%, the reason you see slovenly, poorly attired people at Wal-Mart and not at Target, is because that demographic cannot afford to shop at Target. I don’t own a pair of sweats, and wouldn’t dream of wearing slippers in public, but I shop at Wal-Mart. Not because I like to, but because not only is Target a 45 minute drive from my house, but because Wal-Mart is all I can afford. A 45 minute drive may not seem like much to you, but try making that drive with three children. You see parents that in your opinion don’t deserve their children, (and I’m not talking the child abusers here) but think for a moment that that parent may shopping with their children in a place they hate to be, trying to decide if there is room in their budget for real food this month instead of Ramen, after working a ten hour shift for peanuts. All while their children are whining for this or that new toy or expensive cereal that simply isn’t in the budget. It’s not that you don’t want to buy these things for your children, or that you don’t want to spoil them, it’s the knowledge that you couldn’t afford it even if you wanted to, and before you know it you are screaming at your kids to just settle down and behave for five minutes.
    The people you see at Target generally have a higher income, which generally equals less stress. Not always, but you don’t see people in Target looking at the per ounce cost of two brands of cereal. Of course they are smiling and happy.
    I’m not saying this makes Wal-Mart better than Target, I hate Wal-Mart, too. But please don’t judge the people that shop there. Even the disgusting ones (and yes, I’ve too wondered why they can’t bathe at least once a week) have a story, have had a day, and have worth.

  19. dude. i totally agree.
    the positive atmosphere totally draws me in.
    which is why i totally want to work there.
    walmart has that sort of dull look to it,
    it just doesn’t catch my eyes, and the employees
    don’t seem too up for assisting their customers.

  20. Wow, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    I thought I was just feeling uncomfortable because I was being a bit of a snob.

    Target is a much better feeling place to shop. I’m giving up a bit by driving a little further to Target, but it’ll be worth it.

  21. You know, I really never thought about it before but you are right. When I go to Target people do know where things are… you cannot find anyone in WalMart and if you do (on those rare occasions) they always seem really ticked off that you bothered them.

    Actually the Target store is closer – though to be honest they don’t have quite the massive selection here then the WalMart does, but… point taken!

  22. I went shopping for pants at Wal-Mart today. The woman by the dressing rooms said that I could only take in six items, and I would have to leave my package on a chair next to her. I asked to speak to the manager of the whole store. The manager let me go into the dressing room with ten pairs of pants and my “package.” My package is a sun umbrella that I always have with me. I told the manager that I thought that Wal-Mart’s rules were paranoid. From what I’ve read, most store thefts are by employees, but I didn’t mention that to the manager. I also think that Wal-Mart would save money if they didn’t have “merchandise guards” by the front doors of the stores. I was very happy with the special treatment that I got today!

  23. I wanted to add a comment to my previous post. I used to buy leggings at Target, but they stopped selling them, and they don’t have anything that’s similar to what I want. Wal-Mart has four types of pants that are similar to the leggings that I used to buy at Target.

  24. I went to another Wal-Mart today to buy pants. The merchandise guards by the front doors didn’t ask me if I had anything to return when I walked into the store, (which is always what they do at the other Wal-Mart). The woman by the dressing rooms asked me how many items I had, but didn’t count the items herself. She didn’t even notice that I had an umbrella. When I walked out of the store, I didn’t see any merchandise guards by the front doors.

    Employees at both Wal-Mart stores helped me find the type of pants that I was looking for.

  25. I agree with you totally that Wal*Mart is completely grungy and not at all helpful when you want to find something.

    But I worked at Target for 3 years and I am currently enrolled in college and now reading a book for my Econ class about Wal*Mart (Wal*Mart the Bully of Bentonville by Anthony Bianco, highly recommend it by the way). And I do have to say that Target has its faults too… I noticed that you made a comment about…

    “I don’t know if Target offers higher pay or better benefits but I can tell that they attract different employees; employees that care. Wal-Mart employees appear indifferent.”

    And the truth is they too pay you crap and if you don’t get enough credit cards they will put you under “corrective action” which means three more months in a row if you come up and your conversion rate is under like 1.7 or something they will fire you…
    As well as if they aren’t asking “Can I help you find something?” you can get fired… so its not necessarily sincere hospitality… try looking at their face the second you turn around if your the only “guest”… customer..

    They do treat you somewhat decent I’m sure compared to Wal*Mart and you feel a lil better about yourself for working there but for me once I had been working there for 3 years and was constantly going above and beyond what they wanted (including my “speed scores” and “conversion rates”) I realized that being a girl you are not very likely to move any higher then “entry-level”

    And yes their policy is if there is more then “1+1 service” you have to hit your “additional casiers button” so people from the salesfloor have to drop what they are doing and come up to ring.

    I completely agree Target is more prestigious and high class then Wal*Mart… but don’t mistake Target for their imperfections… they too are trying to turn a retail profit and push their employees to the max paying them barely above min. wage… I even took managers shifts and filled in opening 22 lanes in the morning putting out all the cash, setting schedules and doing their duties, being a completely knowledgable employee on the entire front end yet making the same as anyone who starts… and yes they give their employees or “team members” a max of $1 an hour raise every year depending on your score for your evaluation, but as I was told… to get that full raise you have to get an “Outstanding” and “No one gets an Outstanding, when we tried once the store manager refused it because he said that meant she deserved to be moved up” as I was told… so year after year I recieved an “Excellent” and my wage continued to move up along with min. wage… when a manager level position came up and I was told by all my associates that “[I] should apply!” and “[I] would be great at it”, I applied and the managers said they decided not to hire anyone… and that I was “groomed too much by the GSTL’s now” (Guest Service Team Lead… or front end manager) and the ones now weren’t doing a good job… as if that was my fault they had people teaching me for 3 YEARS… the “wrong way”…

    I also became really close with my immediate managers and when one of them decided to go back to school the same time I did… she was told either to step down and take a pay cut or quit… So much for being “all for education and bettering yourself”… They even started giving her like 4 hours a week because she didn’t quit… she’s married and has a house how can she afford that… And not to mention the only way you get rewarded there is if you eat, sleep, and breathe Target… seriously some of the workers there are just tryin to get through school.. so once it wasn’t “my entire life” anymore… they were pissed

    So Target in short is not exactly perfect…. All retail stores need some serious value reviewing… pushing good loyal workers to the max that you can while still paying them crap is never a good practice and it comes to be the result of our insistant low prices.

  26. i hate wal mart with a damn passion i was let go there for no good reason. over a fight i didnt even start and i was made non rehirable at any wal mart and they wont reverse the descision which was made in 1988. oh did i mention the fight wasnt started by me someone else started it. and i got hit in the face and then let go because i got angry. i never struck the guy back but i still got fired. and i cannot for at another wal mart again. My mother shops at this place still even though they screwed me. and the guy hit me in the face because another employee was horseplaying around and popped my hand making me squirt him with a water hose. they fired me because i supposedly destroyed company property it was a filing cabinet and i never made a dent. had they done something with the guy that hit me i would have calmed down if they got rid of him instead. im with u to hell with damn wal mart.

  27. im sorry i meant 1998 on the year my bad but im still pretty damn furious with them on that matter i agree with u about target and again wall mart sucks almost makes me sick to even say the word

  28. On this subject, Wal-Mart vs. Target, let’s look at why Wal-Mart has this reputation. Customers with children, for the most part, treat Wal-Mart as a 24-hour a day babysitter. Dad and mom drag “Johnny” and “Janie” to Wal-Mart to do some shopping. At the door, dad and mom point them to the Toy department, unsupervised, while they shop elsewhere in the store without distractions of noisy, whiny children and their “banter” of “Gimme this!!!!”. We know dad and mom don’t want to hear ear-splitting screams, so they pawn them off on Wal-Mart, enduring other customers to the deafening screams, as well as the employees of Wal-Mart. Little do dad and mom know, the kids are running amok in the store, riding bicycles and skateboards inside of Wal-Mart, putting other people at risk of getting hurt. Or they are turning up car stereos with excessive volume and bass, forcing others to listen to vulgar “rap” lyrics and evidentually blowing the speakers out. Sometimes, the kids are seen “grazing” through the food aisles, opening bags of food and eating like they never ate in a month. Or they are stealing something or are in the restrooms vandalizing them 5 minutes after Wal-Mart maintenance cleaned them. Have you walked in a restroom that was just cleaned spotless, just to find that someone urinated all over all the toilets seats and the toilet paper and all over the floor or has intentionally overflowed the toilets or have drawn artwork in magic marker all over the place? Have you ever had to clean a ladies’ restroom after a filthy customer had back pressure released and sprayed their sickness all over the place? Love digging through the soiled tampon box to recover stolen merchandise? None of this is visibly seen at Target. I have personally verified this. The answer isn’t that Target customers don’t eat better than Wal-Mart customers, or that they have to deal with “grazers” eating unpaid food and leaving it on the shelf or anything else I mentioned. Target attracts a better class of clientele. Wal-Mart customers MUST be responsible for their children and to keep them “under wraps” at all times! 35-40 years ago, I was their age and if I EVER thought of misbehaving in public or actually do so, I was severely punished when I got home and at Christmas, if I was like so many kids today, I got no toys, just clothes. As punishment I would make do with clothes that looked like mom shopped at Goodwill! Then we feared authority and punishment. Today, kids F-U and give them the middle finger. Don’t be quick to label Wal-Mart as a bad influence, parents need to instill fear in their kids lives, not shove a toy into their hands and need to be more responsible over their kids.

  29. I was going to fill out an application at walmart for extra xmas $$ I couldnt believe the questions! go check it out. they only hire ex cons, those with visa work permits and those who used to be on welfare!!! They ask that you submit your entitlment number to prove that you may be eligible. You see walmart gets specific tax breaks and bonuses for hiring this class of people.

    I have a college degree, no criminal record at all and in fact, a pretty good work history. When I completed the application and it immediately came up “sorry you are not qaualified” I was at once shocked and relieved that i wasnt!!!! I running out of room.see next blog for more…..

  30. target has a strange smell, like somethings burning
    I do tend to favor tar-zhay, although there was one in columbia SC
    that was nasty.

  31. Do you see your selves? Can you see what you are saying? You can speak for your town and the store you happen to choose, but you can’t put them all in the same category for you are not god and you can not see every single store in the whole world. You judge but you have no full backing for your judgement only that the store you went in. Just like the author judges the people he sees with out knowing the person. Judgement like this and sites like this and people like you are the problem with the world. You think you are so much better than every one else. That is a breed of hate and I feel so sorry for the children and the persons who have to be around you all. You are helping to spread evil and hate for others and you proudly showcase it here. How can you look in the mirror and be proud of yourselves????? It’s one thing to have a dislike for something but its completely different when you start categorizing and placing judgement on people. Did your parents raise you with any manners? Always ready to point the finger, but never ready to admitt you were wrong right.

  32. Holy Moly! You hit it Steve. I actually bought some pink fuzzy slippers to wear on the rare occasion I have to enter a wal-mart. I don’t feel like I stand out as much. And what is up with all you people getting all defensive over wal-mart. My goodness, oh, you must work there. Hey, someone has got to do it.
    I live in a small town. Wal-mart came in, K-mart went out. So did our little sportsman shop. Everything IS always moved from the last time I was there or it is just not there. The store is disgusting and the employees are rude. (I have told management this several times)
    I have to say that I did find your comments funny and entertaining. Stereotypical yes, but hey if the pink fuzzy slipper fits……..

  33. I really think that these statements are based on the specific stores since in my hometown the exact opposite is true. Target is this dingy little place that looks just one step up from “this is my first time trying to do the store thing” while wal-mart is a gleaming well organized store that screams planning. Also It took me a full hour to get a customer service rep in my local target but I can always find someone within minutes at my wal-mart. As for the being greeted at the front door, frankly I wish wal-mart didn’t have that. I’m sick of havng to stop for a good 20 seconds to respond to a “how are you doning today” everytime I walk in. At this point I’d prolly be happier if they actually said “Welcome to wal-mart. et your s*** and get out.” (actually I’d prolly laugh like crazy) Anyways getting back on track here. Really my point is that it’s the employees that make a store and no two stores will have the same employees. Even among a chain of stores each one will differ. Therefore saying all wal-marts are better than all targets, or visa versa, is a bit of an over generalization…

  34. Customers wonder why Walmart employees are rude, ill, and not helpful… the environment makes you that way. I worked at Walmart for about four years while I was in college. When I first started working there WalMart was great. I always smiled and went out of my way to help customers. But after a year or two, WalMart changed. Management changed. They started making threats to employees. They would tell us that if X amount of work didn’t get done that we would be coached, or if we missed over three days of work we would be coached and possibly fired. They installed salary caps so that people who had worked there for several years could no longer receive the price of living yearly raise. They required that we open our work availability to almost 24 hours a day so that we would have to work any time they wanted us to. If we didn’t open it enough we were threatened that we would not get any hours and if we had no hours for more than x amount of days we would be fired. They began hiring people who had no work ethic and little experience so that they could pay them less and make more money. They reduced the amount of employees required to operate the store. Which forced us to strain ourselves to get work done. (Hence the reason there are never enough registers open). It became ridiculous.
    I began working as a cashier but eventually became a customer service manager (CSM) on the front end. I got cussed out on a regular basis by customers because there were never enough registers open. (Something I had no control over because the Walmart gods never scheduled enough cashiers for me put on registers). It became ridiculous. I ended up hating going to work. At my college graduation, I was so excited…. not because I finished my four year journey and was about to start a new career… but because I got to leave Walmart!
    So if you ever are in Walmart and you are angered by an employee, know that they are just as miserable as you are because they are there. They are being treated like slaves and criminals. I sometimes wish Walmart would be forced to close because they are so evil, but then again… you can never find prices cheaper than Walmart. And if I have to suffer through some long lines and white trash to find what I want for a decent price– so be it.

  35. I’m not sure about everyone else, but while in school, I worked for both corporations, and my time at Target was terrible. Sure, Target looks better, but it comes at the cost of the employees. I can’t tell you how many times I was forced to work 3 or 4 hours after my scheduled time to stay and straighten everything, or else be fired.

    Luckily for me, I live in a fire at will state, so there wasn’t much I could do about it.

    Sure, the Wal-Mart in my town sucks as much as all of the other ones, but at least there I got paid MORE and was much happier, which in turn made me nicer to customers.

  36. I have tried to shop at our local Wal-Mart three times, twice I turned around and walked out. I feel like I am in a foreign country when I go in there. It is dark and just gives me the willies! And our store is brand new!!!! I think Wal-Mart is just gross.

  37. Funny, if you swap out the names “Wal-Mart” and “Target” in this piece only then it would be an accurate representation of my experience. Maybe you should shop at my Wal-Mart and Target for the opposite view.

  38. Target is the worst place to be employed. Reasons? read bellow

    Raises: You could be the worst employee but if the team lead(yes we are a team???sure) likes you you get the highest raise above everyone else. The raises are suppose to be determined on your performance but it really isnt. Ex: I worked there longer and I worked in different sections(sales floor, cart attendant, food ave, and cashier) and guess what, the people who got higher raises than me that I know of worked only in sales floor and nothing else. They got more than double of what my raise was??? BULLSHIT and more bullshit the Target store manager is the one who actually determines the amount of money available for raises so his pay doesn’t go down. BULLSHIT

    Red Cards: Almost every customer(nope they tell you to call them guests but they are customers dumbshits) you check out you get a prompt to ask them if they would like to save 10% by signing up for a target credit card. So much for customer service. The team leads love the foreign Hispanic people who cant speak too much English because they say yes and sign up for the cards but guess what happens to them a few weeks later in the mail??

    Team leads(mini managers spread throughout the store): Joke around with each other, hang out at the front lanes eat and chill with everyone, watch the check lanes pill up and just call for someone under them to get on. That is a days work for a team lead at target. Never Mind I mean the sales floor team leads, the front lane team leads are the only ones that do there work. The stores ratings rate the team leads score at around 73% every time it is rated. hahaha but if it is the people below them getting a bad rating guess what they do?

    Hours: They try to cut down on the hours(the manager to save money) so you go in at 5:30 6:00 every day and its not even worth it. It wastes your day and your paycheck sucks. Always have weekends. Ive had maybe one Sunday off. Here is the biggie I was getting 5 hours a week yes 5 hours for a few weeks. Guess what while I was getting those 5 hours they where hiring for sales floor positions???

  39. I totally agree with you. Target’s cool because they have aisles that you can actually fit a shopping cart through, they donate to charities, and everything there is just wonderful. Wal-Mart…not so much. A few months ago our family was looking for a Wii, and we wanted it then…so we called other places and they had none. But Wal-Mart was the only store with the Wiis. We (no pun intended) had no choice but to call a Wal-Mart. The manager said, “Yes, we’ve got Wiis…hold on a sec…Nope, I guess you’re gonna have to wait for it until Sunday.” We were outraged, but there was nowhere else to go, so we bought the Wii on Sunday, then we had to return it because it was defective. Then, we had to go get another one. And their customer service was lousy. 😛 So, we shop at Target when we can, but if we have to go to Walmart, we have to go there (in an extremely rare instance only).

  40. Wow.. Your Wal Mart must really stink. Over here in Texas, or more so my city, our Wal Mart is way nicer than our Target. I guess it varies. Yeah, given that Target has more clothes in style, I still love the friendly people at my Wal Mart. It seems as though the Target by my house is run by snooty rich people. Its lame where I live. The city I live by thinks that life and the world and goal of life = money. Boy will the be upset. haha.

  41. about target that doesnt build stores in towns w/ populations of 4200… Arden NC which is just to the south of Asheville NC, has a target store (pretty nice one too) and only has a population of about 3000 people.

  42. I am a wal-mart employee and i feel the same way, wal-mart seems to absorb your soul as you enter and never let go of its demonic grasp even as you leave. I have found that the prices at most walmarts has gone up and now it seems that walmart expects employees and customers alike to give up more income for the better of the store. another thing to finish my rant :)… If walmart is such a fantastic and profitable business wouldn’t you think that it would spend more money on its employees than on pay increases for its corp. heads.

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