10 Reasons Target is Better than Wal-Mart

I feel ill visiting Wal-Mart – Am I alone? Target doesn’t have this effect on me. I feel great in Target stores. 10 reasons why…

Why did the 911 hijackers buy their box cutters at Wal-Mart? Why do serial killers featured on Court TV buy duct tape and rope at Wal-Mart? Because they feel comfortable there. They’re with their people. Did you know (according to this study) the average Wal-Mart has almost 450% more police calls than the average Target store?

Target Doesn’t Destroy Small Towns
My parents live in the lake country of Northern Minnesota. It’s beautiful; please visit sometime. They live near Park Rapids (pop 3,300) and Wadena (pop 4,200), two quaint small towns about 30 miles apart. Wal-Mart is building a box store in each town. These cities have vibrant downtowns with ice cream confectionaries, candy shops, coffee shops, theaters, dime stores, bookstores, restaurants, and hardware stores. We know what happens when a box store opens on the edge of town, the downtown dies. Economists say that the little shops in town are economic dinosaurs. Maybe the economists are right, but I will still grieve the loss of these special places.

Target doesn’t build stores in towns with populations of 4,200 or 3,300 and it isn’t on their agenda (as far as I know).

Target’s Prices are Competitive
See the Cockeyed.com Comparison

I’ve Never Seen Anyone Wearing a NASCAR Shirt, Purple Sweat Pants, and Pink Fluffy Slippers at Target

Employees (An Anecdote)
Sunday Sep 10th 10:00 AM
Wal-Mart: I smiled at the people greeter. She didn’t greet me or anyone else. She stood there like a zombie looking straight ahead scowling.

After spending 15 minutes looking for a lunch box, I asked an employee where the lunch boxes were. She led us aimlessly around the store with no idea where they were. Eventually she asked another employee working at the jewelry counter, “Hey ya know where the lunch boxes are?”

She looked up from the phone, chewing her gum, said “Nope”, and returned to her telephone.

We didn’t find a lunch box.

As I left, I saw 25 checkout lanes. Two were open. The lines were 15 deep. After 60 minutes, I walked out empty handed and nauseous.

Sunday Sep 10th 11:15 AM
Target: The people greeter smiled and asked, “Can I help you?”

“Where are the lunch boxes?” I asked.

She whispered something into a microphone on her chest, paused, and said, “Behind aisle 8 against the back wall.”

Target had ten lanes open and two with no line. In less than ten minutes, I found what I wanted and left with a smile on my face.

I don’t know if Target offers higher pay or better benefits but I can tell that they attract different employees; employees that care. Wal-Mart employees appear indifferent.

Happy Customers
At the Target store near my home, I see energetic customers smiling, visiting, and laughing.

At Wal-Mart I see people moping around with frowns, yelling at their kids, and everyone looks depressed.

In my experience, the difference in cleanliness between the two chains is dramatic, especially the bathrooms. I brought my son into the bathroom at Wal-Mart and it was so nasty I’ll never bring him there again.

Better Parking Lots
Wal-Mart: One way, narrow, and angled. I’d show you how bad it is but Wal-Mart could sue me if I post a picture of their store. Yet another reason to love ‘em.

Did you know that most Wal-Marts allow people to camp in their parking lots? Is that safe?

Target: Square, two way, parking lots which are safer and easier to navigate.
Target Parking Lot
Positive Atmosphere
Wal-Mart’s atmosphere is cheap and crass.

Target’s atmosphere exudes progress and style.

Go to each store and soak in the whole scene and you’ll know what I mean.

Wider Aisles
Wal-Mart: I’d show you how narrow, crowded, and disorganized their aisles are but…Wal-Mart could sue me if I post a picture of their store.

Target: Wide spacious aisles
Target Aisle
I have both a Wal-Mart and a Target five minutes from my house. There is no comparison in the shopping experience.

My first priority in life right now is to maintain a positive mental state. I’ve found it nearly impossible to maintain a positive mental state inside a Wal-Mart store. The place oozes negativity.

When I leave Wal-Mart I feel like I should go home and shower, like I’ve just visited a seedy porn shop or something.

When I leave Target, I feel energetic and I want to return.

For more on Wal-Mart watch this movie.

Positive thinking tip:
Visit Target frequently and stay out of Wal-Mart.

This is an opinion piece, based on my personal experiences. I don’t work for Target. I don’t even own any Target stock.

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  1. Steve,

    I know this comment is only 656 days after you wrote it on 10-6-06.

    Nonetheless, it must hit a chord with people that they are still commenting on it.

    I thought you did a great job. I also encourage everyone who hasnt read the book “How Walmart is Destroying America”, to go buy it and read it.

    Personally, its quite disturbing and makes me sick. Also, when I read things, I try to absorb the material with a good dose of common sense, knowing some people have an agenda with their writing.

    The good news is maybe these types of information are what we need TO MAKE CHANGES. We as Americans need to be careful, or companies like Walmart will have us outsourcing EVERYTHING and no one will even have a job to be able to shop there, or anywhere for that matter. We as the comnsumer have the ultimate say where we CHOOSE to spend our hard earned dollars.

    Just one mans opinion. The book, however, is eye opening. I’ ll bet if you read that, you will not shop there ever again, no matter what the prices.

    Timothy A Smith
    Creator, http://www.Smile-Therapy.com

  2. I for one despise both Wal-Mart and Target stores. I have never exprienced such idiotic encouters at any other store like I have those two. Wal-Mart bulids on green land when they can very much afford old commercial property to re-bulid on, their stores have assinine return procedures, they out-source to China and God knows where else, they offer terrible benefits to their employees… the list could go on. AS FOR TARGET—> Where do I begin?? I have always liked Target, convenient, great selection, nice atmosphere, ect… An all around fun shopping experience! Until that fateful day when my debit card got DENIED! So I opened a Target Red Card Visa, and why not? Well let me tell you why not…. A 20%+ variable APR to start out, a 3 month interest deferment (thanks a lot), a customer service line complete with Indians fresh out of New Delhi, India, where English is their 2nd language, a $29 fee for a key stroke error (I got a new bank account and set it up on-line to pay my bill with and input the last number as a 7 instead of a 9, so for that error my payment was returnd and I was assesed a $29 fee, that was not given back to me, even though it was a simple mistake, an accident), and multiple headaches. So, when my payment got returned I was redirected to India 5 times and each time was told nothing. At this time I wasn’t sure hy my payment had been returned and when I got off the phone nothing had changed.(1 hour of my life gone, never to be lived again) Mind you that when I input my account number it had to “verify” it and said everything matched, no error mesage came up to warn me or even just to notify me of my mistake, meaning everything wa fine, or not. So I called and was told that NOTHING could be done, even though I have been on time paying every month, I pay $30 in interest every month and I would feel a little better about it if I knew my $30+ was going to American families, but sadly that is not the case. I am an American, I spend Amercan money in American stores and I expect to speak with an American who I can understand completely the first time I call for any problem I have. NOPE. I understand that it was soley my decsion to get this card and to rack up a $1500 balance, I know that it s only I who is going to pay it back and I am completely fine wth that, but when I have a issue I expect i to be resolved, and NONE, I kid you not, not one of my problems has ever been satisfyingly solved. I called to see if my intrest rate could be lowered and I was denied, and why? I’ll tell you why, because my balance was too high in comparison to my available maximum, fair enough whatever, but around the same time they raised my available from $1500 to $2000! No inquirey needed! So Target will give me more money to spend and not make it even a little easier to pay back. SCUM OF THE EARTH. PLEASE use caution when opeing any credit card, especially a department store, there are so many hidden fees and most importatly, hidden aggrivations. I could go on but I should focus on something positive before i get too much more aggrivated!

  3. yes,wal-fart sucks! If you want to see ill-mannered kids running amok,go to wal-fart,if you want an occasional door-ding on your vehicle,go to wal-fart,if you want to buy crappy produce and food,go to wal- fart… target is way better and the clientele is somewhat more… “civilized” would you say?

  4. I’m sorry that you feel this way about Wal-Mart. I’ve been working at one for over two years now, and I can tell you that mine is nothing like the one you described. It is in a small-ish town, with a grocery store right next door that has not been put out of business. It’s not even a super center. It is unfortunate that you have had such awful experiences with yours, but you’re being too harsh on Wal-Mart. Sure, I like Target too, but they’re just as much a big-business box store as Wal-Mart. And I’m sure you can find a Target somewhere with just as surly employees or parents screaming at their kids (that I know Ive seen at EVERY store… even a food co-op). So even though I realize you’re trying to be funny about this, I just wanted to say that you are being inconsiderate to those of us who are tired of the people who make us feel like crap for taking our pay checks from this company.

  5. I LIKE WAL-MART, but I do have to agree with you especially with CUSTOMER SERVICE being a large part of my background. I like the prices that Wal-mart has to offer especially with the way the economy is at this stage. Target prices are a tad bit higher than Wal-mart, but Target’s product are on a higher scale so that is why. I shop for small items at Wal-mart; detergent, soap, deodorant etc etc… So it works for me, but when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICE they SUCK! I’ve shopped at quite a few Wal-marts and I must say they hire crappy people, it’s the truth. Like you said Steve, I’ve asked some of the associates where are certain items and I’ve gotten the same response as you or worst. I had this one clerk say ask someone over there I’m working this section. I just had to laugh, but then I said look at where I’m shopping. Once again, they work for me for the small items that I go in there for.

  6. I’ll always choose Target over Wal-Mart. The comparisons you wrote are in fact true, and can be clearly seen when you visit either store. I just prefer Target hands down, and don’t mind paying a bit more for a better shopping experience.

  7. You haven’t researched the other side. Wise and educated leaders hear, research, and investigate both sides of such controversial topics before publicly announcing their opinion, as do well-renowned authors. Your encounters and experiences exemplify a small statistic that is but of your own. These instances, which could have been influenced by things such as a new employee having a bad day, as well as your own mood, are irrevelant and could never be set as “reasons” or “facts”. People don’t see the side of Wal-Mart that provides such good for everyone, such as sponsoring a new area of wild-life protected land equivilant with every square-foot they use to build upon! (which equals an area the size of Rhode Island.. oh, and they sponsor for life.) They provide health benefits for ALL employees, yes(gasp!), even part-timers. They make it mandatory for management to donate into a fund for associate relief in case some tragedy occurs and associates need help. They offer plenty of benefits that are, believe me, more generous than any company I’ve heard of. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars from every store annually in donations to local charities and of course they main charity, CMN. I too have been brought up hearing about the Monster Wal-Marts and how they are going to take over the world, but until you really ask and look into the positive of their organization, you won’t know. This is because Wal-Mart was created by a modest man, and that culture and policy is still implemented today. CEO’s don’t drive convertibles to work or have penthouse offices. They don’t call the news when they donate to a charity, they just do it. It’s karma.. and this is part of why they are the largest and most successful retail company in the WORLD. =)

  8. I agree with amanda. Walmart is NOT all that evil, you only done half of the research homework!!! Walmart looks out for the enviroment, have you seen the newer prototype of walmart??? It looks a whole lot better then target!! Who cares about if walmart is overseas in china, mexico, europe, russia, etc. So is other stores that we care about. Look at the fattning fast-food mcdonalds, they have more stores then walmart. I mean come on, target doesnt have environmental prototypes, and plus they dont care what the world will become!!! Walmart does help our community. Only the poor small mom and pop stores that dont do well before walmart comes in WILL go out of buiness. Its their fault and not walmart.

  9. Target’s employees are put through two interviews to decide if a person is “brand.” Target trains it’s employees on a “subculture” of guest service. “Team members” are taught “Target Lingo” Thats why you’ll hear customers called “guests” employees are called “Team members” Assistant Managers are “Team Leaders” and Managers are called “ETL-Executive Team Leaders” They are all taught to say “Can I Help You Find Something?” and go through training to recognize the look of a guest who is trying to find something, and what great guest service looks like. The Cash registers are equipped with scores of speed, amount of transactions and amount of target cards sold. This is tallied into a score, and team members are given positive or constructive feedback based on their scores. They also have a recognition program, where if you notice a team member giving great guest service, or driving safety culture, they get a great team card. They also have “huddles” twice a day to go through what needs to get done to keep the store “fast fun and friendly” and this keeps everyone in the store feeling involved with their jobs.
    I think most of the reason why Target parking lots are considered safer is because Target buys the land it uses to build it’s stores. (Walmart rents the property from the town) Target is on company owned private property so they are more inclined to care what goes on. Their security dept. takes their job very seriously, and cameras are ALWAYS on. Although I have seen some “stuff” going on in Target’s parking lots, Walmart’s level of crime (abduction, rape, theft, etc.) is far more frightening.
    And just fyi, Target is a company that started as a small town business in Minnesota, it is NOT from France!!! hahaha

  10. I used to be a cashier at two different targets for a while in my teens. It was a great place to shop! I really did enjoy working for them, they paid me well compaired to the other companies I had worked for, and were VERY respectful of my breaks and lunchs.. I also love to shop at Target then, and now.. Although some how into my twenty’s I’ve started shopping at Walmart.. I don’t know exactly why, because I agree with everything you said here, I absoluely HATE Walmart and I feel sick everytime I leave there. My new goal is to stay away from Walmart. I don’t want to support them as a company and who cares about the small price difference, your right!

  11. Well, I can see I am a little late to this article. But I will say you were a little accurate. Coming from my experiences from many different places. Me personally I prefer Walmart over target B/c to me Target is way to expensive on things I know shouldnt cost that much. I think walmart is accompanied by those certaim people you stereo type for the same exact reasons I shop there. It’s AFFORDABLE. And I have seen the Pajama wearing people at Target as well. Me personally I dont give a damn what someone else has on. It clearly states as long as you have on clothes and shoes you can enter. So until they change that there will be the ones that decide to wear what they want. But hey, whatever floats your boat. I can say I have only been to target a few times and every time I went they never had what I was looking for in stock. It’s hard as hell to find what you are looking for sometimes. They are neat and clean. As well as the walmart here. Sorry for you guys who have had such “horrible” experiences at Wally World.

  12. The True Cost of Things- Why Walmart S.U.C.K.S.
    (Senseless Uneducated Consumerism Killing Society)
    By Richard Baynton

    The day Wal-Mart came to town, the townsfolk were downright joyful about it. A huge, brand new, job-providing, property tax paying mega-store planting itself on the edge of the community. And did I mention huge? And amazingly low prices, too! Get the kids! Let’s go shopping!

    And they did. Suddenly that $25 widget at the downtown hardware store could be had for a mere $14.95. Incredible! Film developing at the local camera shop was way too expensive now. Prices at the market down the street? Forget about it! Too high compared to the brand new superstore. And the convenience! Food, car batteries, electronics, books, beer, clothes, jewelry, and more, and more, and more… The local unemployed lined up for the new jobs, thrilled at their fresh prospects for a steady paycheck and the self-respect society confers on those with a job. So what if it pays only minimum wage, with minimum benefits . . . it’s a job!

    The vast parking lot overflowed, the “deals” crowded like cornucopia in consumers’ carts, and all was well in their world.

    Well, sure, there was that “Going Out of Business Sale” sign that appeared in one of the downtown store windows. But only one . . . well, maybe there were two or three after awhile. But no worries. It happens, you know, very sad to see them go, but after all, their prices were always a bit high, so it’s no wonder they went under. The independent bookstore, a fixture for 30 years—the store that people had deeply woven into their life stories—gone. The owners–your neighbors, your friends– moved away, disheartened and disillusioned. The hardware store, that ancient edifice, the old paradigm of personal, knowledgeable customer service—gone. Same with the sporting goods store. One by one, the downtown core, the heart and soul of the business community, dying away. And gradually, as stories of fear and financial failure from friends and acquaintances spread through the town, people finally began to wonder. How did this happen? Why are there no jobs anymore with decent wages? Why are the lines at the unemployment office growing even longer? Why have I lost touch with so many people I used to see downtown every week and share the local news with? Why do I have to drive all the way to the edge of town on a busy stop & go street just to buy something I need?

    Too late. This town, this community of decent, hard-working people, was addicted, and they didn’t even know it. Having sold their souls to Wal-Mart’s company store for a cheap consumer high, their fate was sealed. They never realized they were degrading themselves, their friends, their families, and their community—just by going shopping.

    The mega-store, the so-called Big Box store (Wal-Mart being the biggest of them all) comes to town with a Big Plan. The plan usually works because “consumers” (known locally as “people”) are so predictable. They want to buy things cheaper. What could possibly be wrong with guaranteed lower prices? Let’s shop!

    The Shadow of Low, Low Prices

    Almost every dollar spent super-shopping immediately leaves town for corporate headquarters out-of-state, never to re-circulate again in the local economy. Life blood lost.

    Wal-Mart is so powerful, it usually gets its way through sheer economic force. It can under-price local businesses because it coerces suppliers to cut their costs in order to get the contract with them. As a result, manufacturing jobs fly to places like China, where girls and young women in sweatshops slave under horrific conditions for next to nothing, so Americans can buy cheap clothing & widgets 10,000 miles away. What a deal! The local hardware store, bookstore, sporting goods store, bakery, electronics store, music shop, toy store, food market—all closed through lack of local support because Americans chase those guaranteed lower prices. The local factory—you know, the one that used to manufacture widgets, that used to employ 100 local people at family wages with benefits; the one that was part of the town’s identity? Closed. More life blood lost. Money is the blood of a local economy, and this community is bleeding to death.

    And guess what? Your job at the local supermarket is about to be sucked dry, too. You see, Wal-Mart doesn’t pay its employees what you get paid, nor does it give the benefits you receive. So, to remain competitive, your employer has just lowered your pay and cut your benefits! Don’t like it? Not gonna stand for it! Fine, they say. Go try to find anything better in this dying town.

    The cycle affects everyone in the community. Everyone is sucked into the downward spiral. And that sound you hear? Yes, indeed, it’s a sucking sound. Wal-Mart is a parasite on the town body. Like a giant tick, it attaches itself to the side of a community, digs in and begins to suck the money out. It entices local folks with goodies at prices unheard of. Like innocents entering an opium den, people succumb to the illusion of prosperity, not realizing the enormous price to be paid soon after. Everything sinks to the lowest denominator (or is that dominator)—wages, prices, products, and services. Until most people have to shop there, because either they can’t afford to do otherwise, or there’s no other widget stores left.

    Maybe that $14.95 widget wasn’t so cheap, after all.

  13. Target has been around for many years. Decades, I think. I come from a large town in the mid-west… Target showed up and immediately was in competition with K-Mart. Probably between the 2, Target was a better shopping experience. But, it wasn’t that much better… and was on the same par with K-Mart. It’s probably been only the last ten years, that Target has changed to more upscale.

  14. Wow! Awesome! I totally agree, once a couple of my pals and I went to go get some Magic Cards at our local Wal-Mart since it was closer (We aren’t nerds or geeks =P). When we got there we saw the Magic Cards weren’t restocked as we were promised 2 weeks ago. We asked a employee when they would and if they would restock. She just stopped and started chewing her gum and said, “Duh, why won’t they restock?” We just went to Target after that, much friendly, also they actually restock on the cards! Two thumbs up for Steve.

  15. Couldn’t disagree more. Wal Mart brings great things to small communities including jobs for people who may not be qualified to do much more.

    Plus, Wal Mart….American company. Target…..French company!

    I do prefer shopping at Target….there is never any crowds.

  16. Well I guess if you had a camper and stopped at wal-mart you would be camping. But isn t it nice that they care to let you stay. And Target well we have one in our town tey are very rude and act as if they could care lee about you buying from them………. I guess I am a red-nect I go to say money.

  17. Target has its issues and isn’t perfect either, I actually have worked at a couple of Targets. I think the biggest difference with Target and Walmart is the hiring practices, Target’s focus allot on “Brand” and wants people who fit into that “Brand”. I have heard that health insurance is easier to get and cheaper at Target than Walmart from some former walmart employee’s no clue if this is true. Personally I try not to shop at either place if I can help it but prefer target. Most of the walmarts in this area are SuperWalmarts and dirty and not well taken care of. Target does take cleaning the floors and bathrooms in the mornings very seriously.

  18. How spot on you are re: Target vs. Wal-Mart. I live three miles from either store. They’re directly across the street from each other. After years of enduring the crap treatment and abject filth/disorganization at Wal-Mart, I go to Target each and every single time for the exact same reasons you stated. You can actually feel your emotional well-being declining when you walk into my local Wal-Mart. It is absolutely filthy, the employees know less than I do about the location of the merchandise, and the lines are just horrendous. I have actually had to CLIMB over items crowding the aisles. The apathy is palpable. It appears that the only qualification for working at Wal-Mart is to have a pulse.

    Shopping at Target is like entering a completely different world. It’s reasonably clean, there are employees bustling around (asking if they can help you find something and directing you to open registers!) and the bathrooms are not in biohazard levels of disrepair and filth. All I want when I need paper towels or shampoo or a CD is just to go into the store, grab it, pay and get back on the road with a minimum amount of drama, hazard, rudeness and inconvenience. The prices at Target and Wal-Mart are very, very similar, save for *maybe* an $8 difference on the total bill. That’s not too much to pay for a bit of sanity and decent customer service.

  19. In my town Walmart and Target are next door to each other. I aways find it hard to shop at Target when I know that I can go right next door and get the same products cheaper. There is also the added benefit of rubbing shoulders with less fortunate people in that it may help to prevent you from becoming a social snob.

  20. It is sad when one set of people will allow themselves to talk about another set of people as if they were less than human. I always feel like I need a shower after coming into contact with people who are willing to do that.

  21. Has anyone ever been stampeded to death in a Target? Steve, I have tried in the past to limit my shopping at Walmart as much as possible. The few times I’ve gone to Walmart I have felt as if I had had an affair or something-I just felt dirty. Then, this Thanksgiving, there was the gentleman working at Walmart in New Jersey who was trampled to death by over-zealous customers. I don’t think Walmart has said, “We’re sorry,” publicly. Then they run these delightfully warm and fuzzy holiday ads with suburban moms much like myself, whose lives with their children are so much better for having found Guitar Hero for super cheap. Hurrah! Now Mom has an excuse for spending time with the kids! What about that gentleman in New Jersey who doesn’t have the chance to spend any time with his family, just because people needed some useless plastic crap for Christmas?

  22. Yes…walmart does have problems, and yes we do have our issues…but, every store has issues needing to be addressed. You cant judge i whole company just by a store or two. I can agree that yes, alot of walmart employees can’t or won’t help and arn’t friendly…I have been to other stores around the nation that have that problem..even some here in Iowa…cashier wise…we arn’t friendly sometimes because we deal with complete and absalute idiots from the beginning to the end of our shift…or maybe its because america is to impatient for us to be able to perform our tasks in a resonable but orderly fassion. Most of the walmarts I have been to are very friendly. The walmart I work at has a very upbeat and happy attitude. Also…walmart hires people with physical problems like vision loss(I have severe vision problems and no other store would hire me because they didnt think i could do it.)they didnt even give me a chance. At our walmart…we have 3 people with vision problems, 1 or 2 with CP. Others SAY they are EOE…but are they really? I really enjoy the diversity of the people I cashier with because people who come from different backgrounds are a little more interesting…when I go anywhere else…its alot of one culture. I agree with they person who discribed what a cashiers day is like….its completely true…and BTW…most people who work as cashiers are highschool and college aged kids trying to make something of themselves. I dont think alot of people reolize what kind of things walmart does for its employees. We get benefits like everyone else…but we arnt a number, we are individuals with oppinions. They ask us what works and what we can do better…and have us set goals…YOU think they Dont care, but they do…I care about every person that goes through my line except the idiots who think they are above athority and refuse to talk to me when i ask how their day is or get mad at me when i tell them to have a good days instead of saying thank you…the ones that think we can go above and beyond our rules as cashiers, just for them.


    I can’t say i dont shop at target because i do…but most of the time i do shop at walmart and if something is lower somewhere else, walmart can match the price…other stores wont do that. I do belong to a lower income family and so we do shop at walmart…but guess what? Ive seen the rich side of town all in walmart too! and we have Hyvee, target, Aldees, and walmart all within walking distance of eachother…they sit right next door to each other!


    Store Messyness? Guess who is to blame for this one….customers…at the store i work at, we are so busy doing things for costumers that ask for help, when something is spilled and we dont know about it, the common thing to do would be to tell someone that works there…even a cashier as your checking out…geeze..but that would waiste your time…riiight? And not knowing where things are? its not the stores fault…walmart is constantly hiring new employees to fill gaps of ones that retire or transfor or move on to bigger and better things…these people are new and have no idea where things are, I still dont know where everything is in our store…thats what CSM AKA Costumer Service Managers are for. And from what ive seen…targets isles are way more narrow then walmarts…about twice as wide…maybe there should be a

    1. Small isles
    2. Less Variety
    3. Fiewer Employees
    4. It takes 30 Minutes to get a shoppers assistant
    5. It seems to goody goody
    6. You see girls in skimpy skirts and strapless tops there…
    7. You actuially have to GO to target to get alot of stuff….their online selection isn’t very large
    8. They arn’t open 24/7 for the convience of the costomer
    9. What do they mostly sell? nonfood items…I dont make short trips somewhere when i need something…I like being able to get it all in one place.
    10. Prices can be very high at times, especially on electronic items…

    But anyways…
    Just…you cant judge a book by its cover…just because of one bad experience, you shouldn’t get all angry about it. As for associates from walmart…when you get agrivated, put yourself in their shoes…if you were standing there helping someone being polight and then your next costumer was as rude as could be and didnt say a word, how would you feel…take one persona dn multiply it by 500 and then youll get why they arn’t so friendly most of the time. I have had my moments when i am not friendly as a cashier but it all has a cause…it really helps if you go into it with a good attitude even if you are slightly annoyed that they dont know anything or that they are slow as can be. We are all human…

    walmarts career prefrences are so wide that you can always do what you like. how about targets? I like the saying they told me in my orientation…that is quoted from Sam Walton “You don’t have to change companies to change jobs.”

    just curious…does target do that? Bakery, Deli, car repair shop AKA TLE? If theirs one thing ive learned from working at walmart its that people like convience. having a restraunt, food, cosmetics, toys, electronics, pharmaty, vision center, hair salon, photo center, photographer, clothes, fitting rooms, autoparts, and an auto repair shop all in one building is very very fast and easy.

    Did you know that while every other companie chain lost profits over this holiday season…wlmart still made more then its usial…its a real store for real people…they try to fit with the economic crisis…

    and sorry for my spelling…ive been a bad speller since elementry school…but i know most are going to say its because of walmart just to blaim something on them.

  23. Smith,

    I feel for you. I understand what it is like trying to get a job with a disability but whenever you say other stores woudn’t give you the time of day, I dont’ think that is because of their ploicies or anything. I think it was because of the moron who thinks you can’t do a good job if you are handicapped. Where I live, there are many stores who hire people with handicaps. I can think of one grocery store chain who hires autistic people and they do as much as they can and I see them there for years and years and they even get enough skills to outperform many “normal” people (mostly because the “normal” people are lazy).

    I need to say this: I do hate Wal-Mart. But I hate Home Depot and Target and Lowes and Stapes and Office Depot and all those other box stores as well. Whenever you look simply at the lowest price, you are missing the boat. Whenever all those small businesses go out of business, you lose much more people to unemployment than those box stores hire back. And you lose tax revenue. And you lose choice (no matter WHAT the Wal-Mart people say). The reason is that t he box stores buy oodles of the same thing and none of the other things. You need to buy what is on their shelves, even if the other 23 stores they put put pf business had a lot more to choose from across the board. Now I understand a little mom-and-pop store cannot carry a boatload of different items and they are sor tof in the same boat as Wal-Mart int hat they will get discounts if they buy a certain amount of a widget at the expense of not having a lot of different widgets. But the other mom-and-pop store will have a different selection of widgets. Sometimes you go to the first one, sometimes the second one, depending on the widget you want.

    We need to start looking at more than low price, people. We need to start looking at how these huge box stores actually exploit and destroy communities and make us all dependent on them in the long run. Sure, they al do some good things and may even have good intentions but the road to hell is paved with good intentions and a lot of sugar-coated lies.

  24. I couldn’t agree with you more! HaHa. I was wondering if I was the only one that noticed that a trip to Walmart could ruin even the best of moods. And the idiots in the parking lot will run over you, because they run right through the crosswalks like they aren’t even there.

  25. Yes. Target is a wonderful store… BUT please never ever ever accept their credit card…. It is the absolute worst nightmare I have ever had in my long credit bearing life. High fees, neglect to send statements, harassing phone calls day and night (literally) if you are 2 days late, and if you are late more than once (seriously, even 2-3 days) they lower your spending balance to a number lower than what you just paid so that you get slapped with another fee. AND worst of all …. your credit report number tanks….

    I am an older woman, have a business, a house and a (previously) perfect credit rating. And on that basis, I warn you … please, if you value your credit rating, forego the Target Visa.

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